What Do Denim + Art + Brooklyn + Your Weekend Plans All Have In Common?


As you probably know by now, I’m kind of in love with my home, Brooklyn.

I love that it’s a beautiful escape from my days spent running around Manhattan. I love that everyone here is creative in their profession, hobbies and even their style, not to mention all of the great shopping. There’s always something to do, new restaurants to try, local events and celebrations, and a lot of hometown pride. It’s no wonder that Brooklyn has had quite the renaissance the past few years.

It’s perfect that one of my favorite brands, Mavi, is making their comeback in an area that’s also having a resurgence. Mavi asked me recently to ask all of you “What’s YOUR Brooklyn?” and the winner’s art would be turned into a mural by the flagship Mavi boutique in Park Slope. I didn’t get to select the winner, but coincidentally my extremely talented artist friend/college roommate/neighbor, Kate Wilkes, won this competition.


This is just a small example of the artist’s work, which you may recognize from around Brooklyn and even hanging in my apartment. Check out #WHATSYOURBROOKLYN @MAVIUSA @BROOKLYNBELLTOWER on Instagram to get a sneak peek and join me for this fun weekend event below.

I’ll be wearing my favorite Mavi overalls and will see you there!


Mavi denim jacket  (c/o) // C&C California jumpsuit // Rebecca Minkoff bag // Vans sunglasses

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