Tricks of The Trade – Double Duty

  1. Rainbow Braid Thread - This is not only functional (and not to mention quite pretty), but it’s a big space saver for the not so serious sewer. I keep this guy in my sewing kit and just pull out the color I need when I need to re-fasten a button or add a stitch quickly on set.
  2. Ironing Board Cover Fasteners - It seems very few people iron anymore, so if these clips are going to waste, you can repurpose them for stirrups to keep jeans nicely in boots.
  3. Dritz Small Seam Ripper - Duh, it rips seams. Though this is handier than you think. Keep one on hand to get those itchy or often obnoxious labels off of clothing without putting a hole in it.
  4. Papermate Sharpwriter #2 Mechanical Pencil - Okay, it’s a pencil, so what? Well not only can you use it as a writing implement, but that handy dandy eraser actually can fix a pesky zipper! Rub it on the area that is stuck and it should glide over it easier.
Tools all can be found at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply online. 

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