The Glamorous Bag Lady

While I don’t have some style candy for you today, I want to show you the real behind the scenes of being a stylist that you rarely get to see—the shlepping. This is just a few of the dozen giant bags I have loaded up and ready to go for a shoot upstate today. Glamorous, right?

And you thought it was all of the yoga that made me so diesel…it’s really from a workout I like to call “the shopping bag shuffle.”

INSIDER INFO: So the amazing accessories line I’ve been telling you about for a while now, E.Kammeyer, is doing an insider sale on where much of her pieces (which make great gifts, especially for friends getting married) will be marked down—but only if you sign up to be a member. The sale is actually going on a day earlier than announced, so you can start shopping now! 


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  1. Let the shopping begin!

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