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How To Wear White


White isn’t always the easiest color to wear and it tends to have a bad rep. I hear and have been guilty of some of these excuses:

1. It stains easily.

2. It looks terrible on fair skin.

3. It makes me look fat.

4. It looks like a uniform.

5. It’s boring.

It’s all not true and so I found this summer, as I boldly tried a white pant for the first time since, well, spring break in Cancun.

Here’s how I can debunk these myths above:

1. Bleach is your best friend when it comes to wearing white. Dilute it in your washing machine and let the water fill about a 1/4 of the way and THEN add your whites to the wash and wash like normal. Stains are no longer an excuse, especially if you treat them right away.

2. Case in point, above, this is false. Yes, white looks amazing on dark skin because it pops, but if you ground your whites well with accessories and makeup, it won’t wash you out.

3. I honestly avoided wearing white pants because, I always didn’t want to look wider by wearing a light color on bottom. The trick is a monochromatic look of the white on white like this will create longer lines and not draw attention to one section of your body.

4. Fit and again, accessories can help solve this.

5. Clearly it’s not. It’s a great basic pallette to get creative with the rest of your look.

Have fun and let me know how you wear white in the summer.


dear_andi_white_on_white_2 dear_andi_white_on_white_3 dear_andi_white_on_white_4

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