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What To Wear As A Wedding Guest For ALL Weddings This Season



I have a few weddings to go to this summer and need dresses that I can not only wear to the wedding but possibly recycle and wear to another. One is a beachy wedding, so I’m thinking a maxi but I don’t know where to look. Please help!

-Diane, Queens, NY


Dear Diane,

Ah, wedding season. It’s the time where we all scramble to find the perfect dress that you may only wear once…5 times if you’re lucky that people haven’t caught on thanks to social media these days. I’m not sure why we torture ourselves and spend hundreds of dollars on a dress that’s hardly worn but shelling out $200 on jeans that you’ll wear every week seems crazy.

You’re actually not the only one that’s been asking me where to get a dress that’s unique and you’ll want to wear again and again. Of course you all know I love my sample sales and discount stores, but I’m not opposed to shopping online in the comfort of my own home where I can try on the dress in MY lighting with my own shoes and accessories.

I put together some of my favorite dresses this season at all price ranges, but mostly ones that won’t break the bank. You’ll be ready for every kind of wedding with these dresses below and some can cross-over to other categories, so when you dress it up for black tie and dress it down for a beach wedding with your shoes and accessories, it will look less like you’re wearing the same ol’ dress.

You can also shop through my stylist picks on the toolbar above. Consider this your private boutique!



Casual Daytime Wedding Attire

1 - Ann Taylor dress // 2 – Alice and Olivia dress // 3 – Milly dress // 4 – Peter Jensen dress


Wedding On The Beach

1 - Diane Von Furstenburg maxi  // 2 – Cameo dress // 3 – Clover Canyon dress // 4 – Blaque Label dress


What To Wear To A Cocktail Attire Wedding

1 - Lela Rose dress // 2 – Bec and Bridge dress // 3 – Kate Moss x Topshop dress // 4 -  Clover Canyon dress


What To Wear To A Black Tie Wedding

1 – Jenny Yoo gown // 2 – Alice and Olivia gown // 3 - Parker gown  // 4 – BCBG gown

How To Dress For A Destination Wedding

How To Dress For A Destination Wedding

1 – Mara Hoffman dress / 2 -Lulu Frost for J.Crew earrings / 3 – Modcloth fan / 4 – Vince Camuto chain handbag / 5 – Schutz d’orsay shoes / 6 – Alexis Bittar cuff bangle


I’m wearing this dress to a wedding in Mexico. What kind of jewelry/accessories do I wear with it? Since it’s a little loud, I am just not sure. Also, it will probably be a hair-up situation. HELP ME, STYLE MAVEN!!

-Mindy, Brooklyn, NY

Dear Mindy,

I think you did quite well already with the dress, which is so perfect for a Mexican wedding. Hair up is probably a good idea in the heat and humidity. In that case, you can show off some earrings with it and it won’t compete with the neckline and pattern. If you’re not much of an earring person, I would do some bangles for a casual daytime wedding or a statement cuff if it’s an evening wedding.

Metallics are a great way this season to take an outfit to another level and especially to take an otherwise daytime dress into evening. Try this through your clutch and shoes, which almost become like jewelry to your dress when done in a metallic. Of course if it’s a beach wedding, flats or wedges are the best option so you don’t have to take off your shoes or wear horrid flip-flops that are doled out at the ceremony.

The most underrated accessory at a destination wedding could be a fan—and a stylish one of course. Sweating your makeup off in the sun at the ceremony could ruin your perfect wedding look. You’re totally going to make the other wedding guests envious when they’re fanning themselves off with paper programs.


How To Decode The Wedding Dress Code


How many times have you gotten invited to a wedding and you call all of your friends that are going because you don’t know what the heck is appropriate to wear to it?

I had that moment this past weekend when both Risa of Really Risa and I were attending a fall beach wedding that called for semi-formal attire.

The term “semi-formal” seems to be thrown around loosely on wedding invites and a beach wedding can totally contradict a fall evening wedding. What’s a girl to do?

STYLIST TIP: Here’s my little cheat sheet to break down what your wedding dress code really means

  • BLACK TIE: This call for formal attire usually is intended for evening weddings where men where tuxedos, so you should look equally as formal in an evening gown in a dark or neutral color.
  • FORMAL OR BLACK TIE OPTIONAL: This is less formal, so while tuxes and gowns aren’t required, they are still appropriate. A dressier dark or neutral color cocktail dress dressier in fabrics like silk or chiffon would work as well. Dressy separates are acceptable.
  • SEMIFORMAL: A cocktail dress in darker colors for an evening wedding and lighter colors, less formal fabrics for a daytime wedding (before 6pm). Dressy separates and floor-length or maxi dresses are okay, but be mindful of the fabric/embellishments, as you don’t want to look too formal.
  • CASUAL: This is usually for beach, outdoor, or destination weddings and means business casual (no jeans!), but usually a sundress or a dress you would wear to a nice dinner is standard. Once again, be mindful of the fabric that it is not too formal.
  • NO ATTIRE LISTED ON THE INVITE: My motto is that it’s always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed, so if your invite doesn’t call for a specific attire or you’re still not sure, dress for the venue, time of day, season, and you can always wear a more casual dress formally (like I did here with this jersey knit dress). *Whatever you do, do NOT wear white or anything you would wear to a club.*

Don’t forget that for a fall or winter wedding, you’re going to want to stay warm, so make sure you wear something over your dress. A tuxedo style blazer in black is always a safe bet to throw over your shoulders. Stockings in sheer black are always acceptable for evening weddings, as long as you wear closed toe heels.



Hipknoties in long, worn as a maxi dress (c/o) // Nona E. Rose belt (c/o) // Theory blazer (scored at HousingWorks sample sale) // Deepa Gurnani headband (c/o) similar online // Topshop shoes // Sorial clutch (c/o) // vintage cuff // etc… bracelet

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