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How To Keep Your Socks Up


Maybe it’s the resurgence of 90′s fashion, but it seems that the knee high and over-the-knee sock trend are making a huge comeback.

Are you like me and love the look, but remember spending all day trying to hike them back up or look down and you look like you like a hot Pippi Longstocking mess?


Not to sound all infomercial on you, but now you can solve that problem with this easy styling trick.


All you need is a little bit of this stylist go-to product in your back pocket (or closet or clutch). I prefer the super-strength, which I can almost guarantee to last all day/evening, but you can get the every-day version as well.


Step 1: Fold over the edge of your sock.


Step 2: Apply tape close to the edge, leaving a little space.


Step 3. Fold back over and press to secure. Repeat on back side if needed.


Voila! Now you can do a little dance and dare I say, knock your socks off!

This trick also works for your pesky peds (thanks Janet, who reminded me about this…and now I’m going to have to get some peds instead of going sock-less in the summer!).

Chaser LA top // Zara vest // Geren Ford skirt // Anthropologie booties // Free People socks // vintage hat and pin // Sorial clutch (c/o) // Sophie Hughes knuckle ring // E.Kammeyer tassel bracelet // etc… watchband bracelets // Nashelle necklace (c/o) // all other jewelry, vintage


Pack Like A Stylist


If I look sleepy in these pictures, it’s because I was up at 4am to catch a flight to New Orleans the other day. I really can’t complain though. I escaped the never-ending winter weather back in NYC for some sun and warmth—not to mention, some good sights and eats.


This trip I vowed to pack less than I normally do. What can I say? I’m a stylist that likes to play dress up for every occasion. Lucky for me, OpenSky told me about the most amazing new product that helped me pack only a carry on for my trip for the first time ever.

That scarf you see me wearing by the ingenious company, Hipknoties, was sent to me by OpenSky to try out for my trip. It’s the softest cotton, which made for the perfect scarf/wrap to transition from airplane air to my destination, but it also can be worn a million different ways thanks to the clear elastic bands it comes with.




tee: James Perse / scarf: Hipknoties scarf c/o OpenSky / jeans: J.Brand / hat: Lucky Brand hat (at Marshalls) / bag: Cambridge Satchel Co (limited edition at Bloomingdales, similar online) / sneakers: Converse /charm necklace: etc… / watch: Nixon / bracelets: etc…, Hathamade, Baublebar

Stay tuned for how I wore it different ways on my trip like a dress and top. I think I had too much fun with this garment.

After seeing all of the colors of NOLA, I kind of wish I got it in one of the bright colors it comes in!

Check them out.

Shhh. My New Styling Secret.


I came home the other day from a long day of shooting to these fun goodies in my mailbox sent from Tide to try out.

Man, did I wish they came a day earlier because one of the talent in the video I styled wore a white jacket and it was a challenge to keep it looking clean for the couple of days she had to wear it!

Still, I couldn’t wait to test these products out on both my shoots and my own wardrobe. I’m already a Tide detergent user and always carry a Tide-To-Go pen in my styling kit, so I had to see what could be even better.


As you can see, my wardrobe is usually pretty dark during the cooler months (no, this is NOT separated), so I was psyched to hear that the Tide Pods brightened AND kept darks from fading in the wash.

Not to mention, for my busy schedule, I loved tossing one (the little swirl on the top left) in without the mess of pouring and measuring detergent into the wash. I also couldn’t stop smelling my shirt after!


The klutz that I am, I’m constantly getting stains on my clothing. My new shirt (see above) got a food stain on the first wear so I tried out one of the new Tide To Go Stain Erasers before testing it on set on a shoot.

The problem I used to have with the To Go pens was that they tended to dry up after a few uses and a friend mentioned she even put a hole through a shirt from pressing too hard.


This stain removal was a SNAP with the Tide To Go Eraser. Literally.

All you do is snap the cardboard and the stain remover is released onto the pad attached. The stain was gone without much elbow grease. It also worked for me when a model got self-tanner on the wardrobe on my shoot the other day.

STYLIST TIP: When applying a stain remover, make sure to pat instead of rub, otherwise the stain can go deeper into the fibers of the fabric. Also apply cold water after using stain remover, that way the stain remover will not leave residue. Remember, cold water is best for stains because hot water will set the stain into the clothing.

Behind The Scenes at K.Belo Swimsuit Shoot

Meet Melissa Baker, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and the body that made my job easy for the day.


Not only did I do the styling for K.Belo‘s recent swim shoot, but I helped produce and art direct their editorials and look book as well, so it was a relief to have an amazing model to make my job easier.

Normally I have to put something like a water bottle or toilet paper roll *STYLIST TRICK ALERT* in the bikini bottoms to smooth out the other side when the booty isn’t filling it out enough, but not with Melissa!


Ever since I stumbled upon Flavor Paper in Brooklyn when they opened their doors to the public for an art walk, I knew I had to plan a shoot in there. They’re a unique wallpaper showroom and printer that have incredible wallpaper that they design there or collaborate with talents like Mike D. of the Beastie Boys.

Only a few years later, it occurred to me that it would be the perfect venue for K.Belo’s “Havana Nights” themed shoot. Check out the tropical black light elevator that we shot in!


Mindy Dulberg of K.Belo and I caught ourselves in the bathroom during this gorgeous shot.


The designer/owner of Flavor Paper lives in the amazing building in Cobble Hill. Check out one of his pop-art hallways!


This was one of Melissa’s favorite looks.

It’s also something that The Style Darling would wear, as she’s often seen in these stripes!


The photographer, Ehren Joseph, chose this background, which was one of my favor papers at Flavor Paper.


(Turban made from swim fabric remnants, necklace by Beth Lauren and earrings custom made by me!)

Adjusting boobs is part of my job. Sometimes I use something like these to help fill out the top.


The lovely ladies of the shoot including myself, Diane Belgrod of K.Belo, makeup artist Maria Scali and hair stylist Corinne Tucci.


Mindy Dulberg of K.Belo and I had fun checking ourselves out in the black light elevator of the Flavor Paper building. We were ready to move in!


I’ve been working on so many exciting projects lately with clients, like K.Belo, that gave me permission to share with you before the final images come out, so stay tuned!!!!!

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