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Pretty Little Multi-Functional Things


top: Ted Baker // ring: Giles & Brother // compact: c/o Sulwhasoo


It’s thisclose to spring, right?

It doesn’t feel like it this week while I’ve been in Wisconsin for a photoshoot (no more snow!), so these floral pretty little things are giving me that seasonal optimism, knowing it’s just around the corner every time I pull them out from my purse.


powder compact: c/o Sulwhasoo (similar here too) // perfume pin: c/o Marc Jacobs Fragrances (similar ring here  and necklace here too)

As a stylist, I love anything that not only looks great, but is also multi-functional. Even yesterday, I picked up a necklace at an antique shop—because I have always had a bad habit of buying jewelry when I travel—and only for the reason that it can be worn maybe four different ways.

I can’t resist beauty products the same way. It makes me feel like it’s okay, if not proper, to apply them while I’m out when they look this good. There goes the “I have to go to the ladies room to powder my nose” excuse. Flaunt these beauties in public!


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