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Madonna Flashback Friday

Sketch by your favorite stylist, circa 1980′s 

I recently found this drawing I did as a kid of a fashionable Madonna still Vogue-ing when she’s 70. I wasn’t far off—Madonna may be more fit than I am right now and she’s 54 years old.

While being glued to the hurricane coverage this week, I completely missed that Madonna was on Ellen, showing her Vogue moves, looking as stylin’ and gorg as ever. As you can tell by this drawing, I’m was HUGE fan of her then and even now.

If only we could all pull off a cone bra like that…

Ellen and Madonna on ellentv.com this week

Happy Friday!


Flashback Friday!

Bird Swift circa 1963

I had a quick trip for a shoot to Boston again and ended up staying with my agent right outside of the city to save time. She not only has the most amazing bungalow style home filled with interesting pieces from antiques and artists that is so my style, but has old photos and mementos galore that are just so inspiring. She even showed me a stack of old letters that her husband’s grandparents wrote to each other and kept neatly bundled with a ribbon. Who does that anymore? With the prevalence of email, will love notes be a thing of the past, just dedicated to home decor?

What struck me the most was this photo and the story behind the woman with the incredible name, Bird Swift. (Yes, that is her real name, and in fact it was her mother’s as well). I loved finding this photo hanging in her stairway, showcasing Bird’s cotillion as a debutante in Chicago. Other than the white gloves and the sepia-toned image, her graceful style looks like it could be either in the 60′s or today with her natural-looking makeup and understated elegance.

What image of the past inspires you style-wise? Send it this way at dearandistyle@gmail.com and I may feature it on an upcoming Flashback Friday!


Oh and the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

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Vintage Andi Friday – Bridal Costume

Your favorite stylist, circa 1980′s (can you tell by that makeup?)

I’ve been styling Boston Weddings Magazine all week—and working on it for about a month now actually—and with Halloween approaching, this image of me dressed up as a bride one Halloween is only apropos for this week’s Vintage Andi Friday post.

After working with about 30 bridal gowns and a zillion bridal accessories—some of which costing more than my life—I have to give my mom (a.k.a. “Andi”) kudos for pulling my costume off so well. She purchased a communion dress from a thrift store and probably made my bouquet and veil.

You can’t see the velcro kicks in this picture, but I’m sure they really tied the look together.


Vintage Andi Fridays – Pinned


I love this image from an old Simplicity sewing book from the 50′s—especially because the accessories still hold up for today. It’s brilliant how the pin on the collar makes a statement. I’ve been waiting for the brooch to make a comeback…and by waiting, I mean sneaking into my wardrobe for the past couple of years, hoping it will catch on.

This season it’s no longer for old ladies or fuddy duddies; the brooch is back and going strong, as you can see from the gorgeous brooches out there now that you can shop for in my recent post.



Vintage Andi Fridays – Gatsby Style

Vogue cover circa 1920′s, image courtesy of Conde Nast

This image from an early Vogue cover was always one of my favorites. I think I was born in the wrong era for sure and the 20′s was one of the most decadent as far as fashion (and all of the jewelry!) goes. Even jewelry I wear every day comes from that period.

Speaking of this decade of great taste, I just found out—maybe I’m the last to know—that the Baz Luhrmann highly anticipated (3D!!) version of ‘The Great Gatsby’ will no longer be released for the holidays this year. With styles coming out this season inspired by the era, it’s kind of a let down that we have to wait until possibly the summer of 2013.

On the bright side, we can continue to rock those cute beaded drop-waist flapper style dresses and opulent jewels for another season or two!


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