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#FlashbackFriday : Call Me Blondie

photo by Richard Creamer circa 1979

photo by Chalkie Davies circa 1977

When you think of Blondie, you not only think of front-woman Debbie Harry, her catchy hits, and of course that platinum blonde ‘do, but her infamous daring style has always comes to mind.

She was able to go from rock chick to glam effortlessly and wasn’t afraid to experiment with fashion from perfectly mixing prints like above, making menswear her own, or even with futuristic-like pieces that made her ahead of her time. That’s what makes Blondie one of my favorite #FlashbackFriday style icons.

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#FashionFlashbackFriday Athletic Style

Vogue cover circa 1940′s via Conde Nast

I remember coming across this Vogue cover back when I was an intern at a fashion company and studying graphic design at the same time. The image has stuck with me since. It was definitely was ahead of its time, with not only making a visually graphic image with minimal type, but it also showed the beauty of women being athletic and simultaneously looking good.

While styling athletes on a shoot for Reebok this week, I was blown away at how the female athletes managed to look great as they were breaking a sweat—and still smiling. Somehow they even managed to be conscious of the wardrobe (tugging down on the shirts, moving the hair away from the logo), which was the focus of the shoot of course.

Unlike the women on the shoot, the male athletes looked like they were in pain the whole time and I seemed to have to keep an eye on their wardrobe the most, which I ended up basically taping them into.

Not to be all Spice Girls on you, but um, girl power!

Shopping At Home

1 – I went “shopping” in my father’s closet over Thanksgiving when I went home. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

2 -He hung onto this shirt from the 70′s “just in case he had a Western-themed party to go to.” Good thing because I’ve been drooling over the Isabel Marant version for a while now.

3 – I scored this sweet belt also from circa 1970′s-80′s in his closet too. I love that he showed me that there’s a zipper inside the leather to store money and whatnot.

4 – Of course I still had to look cute while cooking up a storm. I found this handmade apron at The Market NYC years ago and it’s not only saved my wardrobe, but looks great with my mixed patterns.

Flashback Friday – Sweater on Beach

Marilyn Monroe in Sweater on Beach (The Last Photos), 1962, by George Barris

This is one of my favorite images of Marilyn Monroe, where she traded in her glamorous persona for a casual look that makes wearing a warm sweater look so cool. As the temperatures begin to drop once again, I will be breaking out those cozy sweaters and can only hope that they look this good. There’s nothing like a good sweater that makes you feel AND look good.

This image also reminds me that so many people were devastated by hurricane Sandy on the beaches of NY and NJ and are still without power, heat or even homes. Please donate your blankets to Occupy Sandy to keep these people warm. They currently have NONE, so even if you just ship one, you will make a difference. Find out more at http://interoccupy.net/occupysandy/



Flashback Friday / Style Icon

Janis Joplin circa 1971 | image source: janisjoplin.com

I finally have to admit it: there’s a part of me that’s a Brooklyn hipster.

The other day, I found myself wearing a plaid shirt, skinny jeans, listening to Grizzly Bear, and drinking homemade seltzer out of a Ball jar. Looks like living in Brooklyn really has rubbed off on me.

To top it all off, I own a record player. Don’t worry, I’m not that bad that I only buy my music on vinyl, but I have a ton of albums from the 60′s and 70′s that just sound so sweet played through a turntable.

I play this particular album, Pearl by Janis Joplin, often when I put records on and the cover always catches my eye. She had such an effortless, free spirited style that is tough to recreate. The mixture of textiles on everything down to the furniture on this album cover are so rich and beautifully textured—which hold up today, especially with all of the guilded fabrics on the runway this fall/winter.

Take another little piece of my heart Janis.


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