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How To Throw A White Party (Brooklyn) P. Diddy Style


My good friend Kate of Brooklyn Belltower asked me to join her for a white-themed pop-up dinner party in Prospect Park, Brooklyn this past weekend and I nearly scoffed at the idea of paying for a table to picnic and bring all your own food and decor.

Then I found out the proceeds went to the NYC Parks, to improve our beloved park and one of my favorite songwriters of all time, Ben Folds would serenade us after dinner. We also got to get creative with our table, so I was sold. Did I mention, we were front row to see Ben Folds perform because there wasn’t a bad seat in the house?dear_andi_white_party_2

Kate and I got crafty and hand-made our center pieces. Kate collected sticks in the park earlier that day and painted them white. We painted bottles white to place them in for a monochromatic look.


Kate found our linens and plates from various affordable stores like Target and I scored white fans for only $1 from Pearl River in SoHo. I also collected jars and various candle holders from my backyard to paint white and put battery operated tea light candles in, also from Pearl River. Kate cleverly painted our Instagram names on charger plates en lieu of place cards.

dear_andi_white_party_5 dear_andi_white_party_6 dear_andi_white_party_7 dear_andi_white_party_9 dear_andi_white_party_10 dear_andi_white_party_11dear_andi_white_party_11

My truffle oil popcorn is always a big hit at parties and worked nicely with the white colored theme. It also happens to be VERY easy.


1 cup of popping kernels (NOT microwave popcorn!)

safflower oil, or another cooking oil

truffle or truffle-infused oil

fine sea salt

-Fill the bottom of a large pot with a layer of kernels

-Coat with a layer of cooking oil

-Heat on high heat and wait until the pops go from pop, pop, pop to pop…pop…

-Remove from heat and let cool

-Drizzle with olive oil, a few drops of truffle or truffle-infused oil and add sea salt to taste.

-Enjoy and let your friends marvel as they can’t stop eating this delicious snack!


White beans and potatoes were in line with the white theme, but we couldn’t resist having some greens and a yummy salmon cake (from Whole Foods).


I made white sangria to go with the theme, which was also easy to make and a big hit. Here’s my recipe:

1 bottle of white wine (ideally Spanish, but any dryer wine will do)

Triple sec

white grapes


1 Green Anjou pear

Sparkling water or club soda

Combine wine and 1/4 cup of triple sec. Wash fruit and mint. Slice grapes in half, dice pear, and remove thick stems from a handful of mint and add to the wine. Let sit in the refrigerator and add 1 – 2 cups of soda water (to taste) just before serving.


Desserts from Steve’s Key Lime Pie and Larry’s rugelach from Court Street Grocers went quickly and shared with other guests we met (spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way!).


TJMaxx dress (see below for similar) // Zara bag // Chloe & Isabel necklace (c/o) // Tom Binns earrings (sold out, but similar here) // Essie nailpolish


How To Make Faux Silhouette Paintings

With Chanukah arriving earlier this year (December 8th to be exact), I planned out all of my gifts by Thanksgiving!

This portrait DIY that I made for my nephews was one of the most fun I’ve ever gifted and I think it will be something they will enjoy for the rest of their lives—not to mention, their parents too.

I saw these custom gifts being sold in a magazine for a “discounted” price of $125 and thought, what a brilliant idea…and I can do it for much less.

Holiday Silhouette Portrait Gift DIY

Materials: camera (camera on phone is OK), computer, printer, mat, frame

optional: pencil/ink/paint/brushes/high quality paper

my cost: $12/mat and frame 

STEP 1: Take a picture in profile against a white wall with no flash. Make sure you get the entire head in, unlike what I did here. 

STEP 2: For an accurate and advanced technique, upload into Photoshop and trace the outline of the profile by creating a path and using the pen tool. Then fill in the outline with the paint tool.

You can skip the rest of the steps and print this on high quality paper or you can do it the hand-made way like I did in the next step…

STEP 3: Flop the image in the computer for an accurate profile and print out the portrait (whether just the photo or the one you may have created in Photoshop). Then trace the outline with a thick line in pencil. 

STEP 4: Turn over the print out and place on top of a good quality drawing paper or canvas. Then trace the contrasting outline on the back, resulting in a transfer of the first pencil outline you created. 

STEP 5: Trace the pencil outline with ink and carefully fill in with either a wash of ink, gauche, marker, or as I used, a light wash of acrylic paint.

STEP 6: Make sure to label the name and date of the image, so they can look back on what they looked like in years from now. 

STEP 7: Mat and frame the paintings or printouts (these mats and frames were only $12/each at Michaels). Then gift and watch them guess who each portrait is of!

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