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Another Day


There were so many images that I took while interviewing Day Kornbluth for FLAIR Magazine of both her home and her closet—including her collection of Lela Rose frocks—but it was tough to capture it all as she was running after her two year old son (pictured below in her favorite Emerson Fry flats). These are just some of my favorite scenes that didn’t wind up in the magazine.


Day Kornbluth in Flair


One Woman One Style – Day Kornbluth


Day Kornbluth on flair


I’m so excited to announce that my first article for Flair Magazine’s feature of “One Woman One Style” series is finally out! The magazine asked me to scout for stylish New Yorkers that not only had a great sense of style in their closet, but in their home as well.

I immediately thought of one of my clients, Day Kornbluth of One Kings Lane, who is always effortlessly put together—despite being a new mom—and has the best taste in home style. It doesn’t hurt that she’s one of the first employees of what’s become one of the most influential resources in home decor, One Kings Lane.

Check it out and stay tuned for another stylish New Yorker (and one of my favorite designers!) to be featured soon.

My Last Name in German

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 11.44.48 PM

When the popular magazine in Germany called FLAIR asked me to be a contributing editor, I jumped on the opportunity, but after I cautioned them that the only thing I know in German is my last name “Teich” (it means “pond” in case you were wondering).

Luckily, they were cool with everything being written in my native tongue and you will be able to see my contributions soon enough.

In the meantime, check out how fun this magazine is online—I love how they focus on both fashion and home together, which are my two loves in styling!


Keepin’ It ‘Reel’

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 5.20.42 PM

If you haven’t already, mosey on over to my portfolio site, LizTeich.com. You will see there’s a new “Reel” section on there, featuring some recent videos that I styled, now that video is the hottest thing since sliced bread—move over Instagram, all of the cool kids are doing video apps like Vine and Qwiki (find me on both of those as “Liz Teich”).

Stay tuned for another major and exciting video that I worked on and am featured in!

Have a great weekend stylistas!


Featured Favorite

When Marshall’s hired me to style the Ambush Makeover segment on Good Morning America recently, I was fortunate enough to work with the fabulous TV host/stylist/lifestyle expert, Alison Deyette, who of course had amazing taste.

She immediately eyed what I was rocking on my arm candy, the etc… braided watchband bracelet, and not only wore it on camera, but she then featured it on her blog’s “Friday Favorites” this past week.

I feel so honored that someone that’s regarded an expert in the industry with years of experience was loving my own repurposed vintage, as well as eco-friendly designs, that she regarded as “eye-catching.”


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