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Clothing Swap With My Closet Right Here!

Liz Teich invite on Bib and Tuck

What’s better than shopping from a stylist’s edited closet?

Swapping your clothes for new pieces from said closet!

That’s where Bib & Tuck comes in. You can essentially “bib” or sell your designer and unique pieces that are just taking up space in your closet and you can let someone else “tuck” them in exchange for virtual “bucks” that let you buy from other closets on there, including well edited ones from famous fashion designers, fashionable editors, designers, and even stylists. Basically it’s like a never-ending clothing swap with your most stylish friends.

Brilliant, right?

In my first week on there, I tucked a pair of Nanette Lepore culottes that I only wore once because I realized I’m not actually a size 0. I then got some bucks to score a pair of Lanvin sunglasses.

Picking up what I’m putting down here? Try it for yourself and start swapping with me.


Bib and Tuck featured closet Liz Teich

While you’re there, check it out…Bib & Tuck featured my closet this week and interviewed me on everything from my first crush to products I can’t live without.

Follow @bibandtuck on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to find out who’s closets they’ll be featuring next. Maybe even yours!


I’m Famous In Brazil!


Rag & Bone blazer // Vanessa Mooney necklace (c/o) // Beth Lauren necklace (c/o) // etc… bracelet

photo by Ehren Joseph // makeup by Maria Scali


Check out my cover and interview for EVA Magazine in Brazil (hopefully you can read Portuguese) that just came out!

#FridayFavorites / Fashionable Things That Aren’t Fashion

New York Fashion Week is just weeks away, so before you get sick of me taking strictly fashion for a while, I thought I’d give y’all a break and talk about some of my favorite fashionable things this week that are not…wait for it…fashion. Enjoy these #FridayFavorites and let me know what you think of them.



This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Ball jar and like a good Brooklynite, I’m celebrating. The company released a vintage style blue edition of these all purpose jars. I just picked up a pack and am using them to carry my iced coffee in the morning and even store nuts and dried fruit. You can get them here from K-Mart for just $10 for a pack of 6… and join me for the next “Secret Cool Things In Brooklyn” meeting. Just kidding. My friend Lindsay swears I attend those.


Speaking of all things cool, I hereby declare the indie song of the summer “Psychic City” by Yacht. This song will make you forget about “Blurred Lines” and that Daft Punk made a comeback this season. I guarantee we will see models strutting down the runway to the Portland-based electro-pop duo,  Yacht at New York Fashion Week coming up. Even Marc Maron just interviewed the founder of this group on his podcast, WTF this week. If you haven’t been listening to these beats yet, I apologize that you will have a bubble pop sound in your head for weeks, but you won’t regret it.


Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 11.21.07 PM

Okay, well I guess this is kind of fashion-y, but I’m excited to share with you that Fohr Card has featured me as one of the select blogs to follow and get inspired by during Fashion Week s/s 2014! For those of you that aren’t familiar with Fohr Card, it’s basically a resume of stats that companies can look up to see a blog’s followers and influence. It’s a powerful tool that’s now being prevalently used in the industry and I’m pretty honored to be in the spotlight on there among some major sites at the moment.

View my Fohr Card here and sign up if you have a blog yourself and if you’re a company in fashion, let me know if you would like to work together!

One Woman, One Style: Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam


As you may remember, I’ve been working as a contributing editor to Flair Magazine, interviewing fabulous women in NYC that have amazing style in both their wardrobe and in their home.

When I styled Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam for a TJMaxx video, I knew she would be perfect for this feature. Her new home just north of the city reflected her great taste as much as I was impressed by her own closet. She kindly invited me up to spend an afternoon with her, as she chased after her son.

Check out my interview here.

My Date At TJMaxx With Quarterlette

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 3.15.09 PM

I’m so excited to share with you this video I worked on with the lovely ladies of Quarterlette to launch their “STYLE STORIES” series featuring professional young ladies that want a little help from a pro in the style department.

When the editors Emily and Rachel (pictured above) approached me to do this video, we discussed that the typical Quarterlette girl—usually around 25-35 years old, going through the “quarter life crisis” thing—doesn’t have the budget to go shopping like other professionals would, but still want to look like they do.

We all agreed that TJMaxx was the best place to do this, as we all love to shop for those special designer pieces there without breaking the bank. Even the cashmere Cynthia Rowley sweater and Elizabeth & James pants I wore in the video were from there!

Watch how I helped these ladies get out of their style rut and get all glammed up for their industry event in their video shot by the talented Joe Pioggia.

You can even write to Quarterlette about your style dilemma and you may appear on their next episode of STYLE STORIES!

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