Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Jason Wu for Target top and skirt / J.Crew belt / vintage Coach bag / Worishofer shoes / Ray-Ban sunnies / Nixon watch / etc… bracelet and custom necklace

Don’t call the fashion police on me, but I just can’t get enough of my Jason Wu for Target purchases I made this past season, so you get to see me wear another incarnation of the outfit. C’mon, even Kate Middleton’s doing it.

STYLIST TIP: If you must recycle an outfit in your wardrobe—and most of us who aren’t princesses often can’t afford not to—switch it up with your accessories. You’d be surprised how a belt, shoes, necklace, scarf, hat, bag, etc. can completely update a look in a new way. 

I recently saw a friend for the other night and realized that the past 3 times we went out, I wore the same dress. I confessed my fashion  “gaffe” to her, but she said she had no idea because I wore the dress in a totally different way each time (on its own, tucked into a skirt, topped with another top over it, all with different accessories). 

On a side note, my fun—yet sensibly comfortable in an old lady way—Worishofer shoes were complimented on at my new favorite shoe store (The Tannery) that I was pulling from in Boston yesterday. I then realized that in a sea of Prada and YSL, there were my fancy orthopedic shoes, aka Wushofer. I guess they’ve made it beyond my Brooklyn bubble!


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