The Glamorous Bag Lady

While I don’t have some style candy for you today, I want to show you the real behind the scenes of being a stylist that you rarely get to see—the shlepping. This is just a few of the dozen giant bags I have loaded up and ready to go for a shoot upstate today. Glamorous, right?

And you thought it was all of the yoga that made me so diesel…it’s really from a workout I like to call “the shopping bag shuffle.”

INSIDER INFO: So the amazing accessories line I’ve been telling you about for a while now, E.Kammeyer, is doing an insider sale on where much of her pieces (which make great gifts, especially for friends getting married) will be marked down—but only if you sign up to be a member. The sale is actually going on a day earlier than announced, so you can start shopping now! 


A League Of Their Own

bandeau and bolero: vintage | bralette: Urban Outfitters | skirt: French Connection | shoes: Bass | bag: vintage Coach | sunnies: Free People | belt: H&M | bracelets: H&M, etc… | watch: Nixon

It may be because I found an old album of my grandmother in the 40′s (as seen in Friday’s “vintage Andi” post) that I was totally inspired by the fashion from that era. I would wear just about everything I saw on her including, to my surprise, a cute outfit with a high waisted skirt and cropped top, similar to what I’m wearing here.

I’m not going to lie, but I’ve been apprehensive to rock the midriff baring trend this summer—but then I saw my hottie grandmother do it with class back in the day, so I was sold.

STYLIST TIP: When pulling inspiration in your own look from decades past, make sure to mix up your vintage piece with some items that are current or other eras—otherwise you could look like you’re wearing a costume! While my shoes, sunnies, and skirt all had nods to the 40′s here, they’re all fresh and especially when paired with some chunky jewelry. 



Vintage Andi Fridays – Hottie Grandma

Mary Teich circa late 1940′s

Every time I look at this picture of my grandmother (pictured with my father and aunt), I do a double take—she looks just like Madonna’s character from “A League of Their Own.” My grandma was a hottie.

Most notably, she was quite fashionable back then…and still is. She’s always dresses in cute outfits, even if she’s just going to the store. Of course she’ll never leave home without lipstick on too. I have been told by her that I could use “a bit more rouge” from time to time.

As summer is nearing an end, this picture of Grandma Mary transports me back to Florida in the 40′s. I love how she completed her swimwear look with a great pair of wedge sandals. Looks like I know where some of those style genes come from.

Who/what inspires your style? Send your vintage photos to and you may be featured on an upcoming Vintage Andi Friday!


Clothing Swap Success

I’m a big fan of the clothing swap. Yes, I’m selling a bunch of my pieces from my kit or my own closet on, but there are just some items that I’ve loved for years and it’s good kharma to get them to your friends (and friends of friends), who may love them even more than you did.

Tonight I cleaned up at a clothing swap hosted by my friend Rachel of Nona E. Rose in the East Village. I scored with a Lauren Moffat dress, a Vince top,  Sam Edelman heels, American Apparel maxi dress and a rad oversized-shawl sweater that’s Olsen-worthy from Calypso, care of my friend also named Liz that used her employee discount but fell out of love with it—and now it’s love at first sight for me.


1. Gather a group of stylish friends (5-12 usually work well) and have them each bring a bag of clothing/accessories they don’t want anymore. 

2. Supply snacks and spirits, and gather everyone in a circle.

3. Each person goes through their pile of clothing and tells a story about the item, as well as why they don’t want it anymore. Be honest about holes, stains, fit, and even if it’s from an ex-boyfriend.

4. If someone wants it, they must speak up…but if more than one person wants it, it goes in the center of the room to the “hot commodities” pile, where people can try on the pieces at the very end. 

5. Whatever is not claimed goes into the donation pile, which should be taken/picked up by a local charity. I’m partial to HousingWorks and The Opera Thrift Shop (which picks up for free in NYC!). 

6. Enjoy your new items and the satisfaction of giving your old ones a good home!


Beauty Secrets From The Pros

1 - Fresh Sugar lip treatment in coral - I’ve been a fan of Fresh’s lip treatments for a while now, but was skeptical about the new coral color they came out with. Well, the makeup artist on the E.Kammeyer lookbook shoot, Elise Giannasi, proved me wrong. This shade seems to be flattering on everyone—and it’s good for your lips.

2 - Tarte Cosmetics emphasEYES inner rim eyeliner pencil - If you go home with one trick that I’ve learned from just about every makeup artist, it’s to line your inner upper rim of your eyes. Sounds weird? Hold the pencil at an angle under your eye and fill in the gaps between your eyelashes. You will instantly look like you have fuller lashes and you won’t have that fake eyeliner look (for extra oomph, then line the lid and top with eyeshadow to hold the line). This pencil is made just for this little beauty secret, so it’s all natural ingredients won’t irritate your eyes! 

3 – Oscar Blandi dry shampooThis trick I actually learned from one of my favorite tailors, Louise Wallis, that’s too busy to fuss with her hair every day: she taught me to revive hair between washings and add body with a dry shampoo. I’ve tried everything from baby powder to spray dry shampoos, and this one seems to be the lightest feeling without making my hair feel flat and greasy by the end of the day. You’ll thank me for all of your good hair days later.

4 – Smashbox “Eyebeam” double ended brightener - This was given to me by my friend and talented makeup artist, Maria Scali, who pulled this out of her makeup closet (yes, she actually has an entire closet in her apartment devoted to makeup!!!!!!!!!) for me without much instruction. When I told her I was clueless what to do with this, she replied, “there are no rules in makeup…just to have fun with it…try it out…” So, I’ve been using it to wake up my tired eyes but using the chubby side in the inner corners of my eyes. It definitely came in handy for the overnight shoot that I styled a couple of weeks ago!

5 – Clairol “Shimmer Lights” – Yes, I know this looks like shampoo from the 70′s, but hear me out here. If you’re a blonde or dye your hair with shades of blonde, you’re going to want to listen. My hair stylist and friend, Liz Morache, who I met on a photoshoot about 5 years ago and has been doing my hair ever since, specializes in blonde hair and turned me onto this product. The purple color of the shampoo balances out the complimentary color of yellow, or blonde, to keep the color bright and vibrant. You may see other purple shampoo products out there, but trust me, use this once each week and you’ll get your money’s worth from your color.


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