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I’m a bit behind on posting about this, but there are just too many things to report during NYFW—especially when there’s a show featuring all of Australia’s top new designers S/S 2013 collections!

Unlike how I mentioned in my recent post about how Fashion Week is NOT as glamorous as you think, I somehow managed to end up in the front row of this show at one of my favorite photo studios, Canoe, when some PR person grabbed me to sit in front—in the company of Kristin Chenoweth and Kelly Bensimon. It was a total fluke, I swear.

So, I had a great view to recap the highlights for you:

AKIRA felt like you were transported somewhere between Asia and St. Tropez. The caftans and kimono-inspired garments in bold colors and Asian prints were wearable enough that they didn’t seem costume-like. For me the highlights of this show was the amazing styling of it, including two-toned wedges and colored feathered and circular headpieces, which made the designs more high fashion than beach-wear.

BOWIE may sound like it should be androgynous glam rock style, but there were more romantic gowns fit for a bride (or an exhibitionist that wants a sheer gown). The attention to detail and intricate construction of the garments could be appreciated by anyone, even if it wasn’t for everyone. The capes and bauble details were nearly breathtaking as they strutted by, but then upon closer examination, you see—or hear—that they were actually hundreds of jingle bells. There would be no need for “hear comes the bride” or announcing one’s arrival on the red carpet with any of Bowie’s show-stopping designs.

NOMIKI GLYNASTIS made me want to get married all over again—or at least excited to work on a wedding editorial I’m styling in a few weeks. The gowns had that old Hollywood feel mixed with modern bling and details (the peplum trend is here to stay it seems). These designs were elegant enough that anyone could wear them, but pretty much pre-accessorized for the woman that doesn’t want to be bothered with doing it herself.

BETTY TRAN and her designs have that je ne sais quoi every woman strives to have. The looks were one part 70′s Halston era and one part 90′s minimalism, with a refreshing bold color palette mixed with summer whites (which are going strong for another yet another season it seems). The emerald green low-back glistening gown was a striking finale to the tailored chic pieces.

Other designers featured in this extensive show include: MATICEVSKI, BETTINA LIANO, PIJU, JATINE, & SAMANTHA WILLS


Fashion’s Night Out (or #FNO ) Recap

1 – Fashion’s Night Out at J.Crew with Spindrift sodas
2 – Liz Teich (in Moschino top and E.Kammeyer bracelets) with designer, Emily Kammeyer drinking some coconut water concoction in a honey bear jar
3 – It’s a shoe-off with my Miista metallic brogues
4 – Hearts and bears galore and Alexa Chung DJ’ing at the Moschino Fashion’s Night Out event

This recap is better late than never, but I’m so excited to share it with you. It was the first Fashion’s Night Out that I actually had an opportunity to enjoy and not work at.

It sure beat the time I worked for a popular retailer, where customers could win a styling session with me…every 10 minutes…all night…in heels…on multiple levels of their store. 

It also beat last year when I sold etc… jewelry until late at night at the Artists & Fleas Market—which was a cool event and even the hottest rapper of the moment, A$AP Rocky, stopped by and picked up a watchband bracelet for himself and his whole crew—but I was wiped out from talking to customers by the end of the night.

This year I made the mistake of checking out SoHo, to see what all of the fuss was about. BIG MISTAKE!There were more people there than New Years Eve in Times Square. I fought my way through rowdy crowds, even topless women!

Thankfully I ended up to a slightly more civilized Meatpacking District to the Moschino event, where I was happy to hang out for a while to avoid the masses.

Check out this amazing performance by Caitlin Moe that I caught while I was there:



You may associate Christian Siriano with his success on the show Project Runway or by his “fierce” persona, but other than the appearance of Heidi Klum at his first boutique opening in NYC during New York Fashion Week, he’s beyond his reality TV roots—his talents are on par with some of the top designers out there. Make no mistake, this petite person is a major force in the fashion world.

I had the pleasure of being one of the first to check out Christian Siriano’s new shop on Elizabeth Street on the Lower East Side the other night. While expecting to see his over-the-top gowns with intricate appliques, fit for the fashion elite and red carpet, instead, everything was wearable by the average fashionista—down to the evening maxi one event-goer paired with a breton t-shirt. The new direction of Siriano’s work is proving that he has the talent of McQueen with a sense for what women want like Kors. 

I already made my shopping list, as I sipped on some kind of concoction that included ginger beer and listened to tunes mixed by the Misshapes. (I was in the same room as Leigh Lezark. I’m officially cool). Of course, I went straight for the shoes, being he is the designer that has revamped the Payless brand by creating designs specifically for their customer, but still with a high fashion touch. In an era where $600 shoes are the norm, I actually was happy to see that his shoes were more attainable at $250 for a pair of pony hair stiletto booties. While much of the shop consisted of wearable pieces, there were a few stand-outs featured on mannequins that could have easily come straight from the “Savage Beauty” exhibition.

Welcome to the big leagues, Christian!  


This was a big week for Christian Siriano, he also unveiled his spring 2013 collection which is beyond anything he has ever shown. Not only were there more wearable pieces in his collection, like tailored blazers, flowing pants, and even the everlasting trend of a peplum, but it showed a softer side of Christian.

Inspired by the ballet, as a former dancer himself, he curated his collection to look like right out of the American Ballet, including actual ballerinas as models, according to Christian. The pastel colors were dreamy and the tulles, mixed with a little bit of sparkle on other pieces were everything a girl ever wanted for her Barbies, but not mistakenly were created for the modern woman. 

Even the hair and makeup were dreamy and fresh. Just when I thought I was sick of yet another top-knot at a fashion show, these seemed fitting and effortless. The beats of Siriano’s adorable boyfriend, Brad Walsh, made everything feel even more fresh.

A collective gasp among the audience came out as three models came out for the finale looking like they stepped out of a Degas painting. I spoke to Sam Bennett, Siriano’s evening wear designer, who said he was working on perfecting the details of some of those until the night before. Those details paid off, as they were meticulous, in true Siriano fashion.

photo credit: Arun Nevader/Getty Images for Payless

Most notably, the shoes that Siriano designed for each look were show stoppers. From metallic brogues (my current favorite shoe of choice) to pastel pumps with bow details on the heels, each shoe got some attention. As I marked off which shoes I could only dream to own, I looked at my show papers and noticed that they all will be available in February 2013 for the Christian Siriano for Payless Gold Collection. That means I can afford each one…and all of them together.

 Emily Kammeyer, Christian Siriano, Lauren Young, & Liz Teich at The Vault for Christian Siriano’s after-party. 


When Fashion Week WAS Glamorous

The first NY Fashion Week in 1943, image courtesy of Conde Nast

The original NY fashion week was created in 1943 to bring the latest fashions of the major Parisian houses to the NY press, after the war made it difficult for Americans to travel there. Additionally, American designers became more notable thanks to the glamour of Hollywood, and so the event of NYFW is still going strong today.

This image makes it look so much more glamorous than Fashion Week today is. I’m sure the models strolled down the catwalk (with both smiles on their face and after an actual meal), each meticulously curated look was probably inspected by the press for longer than a 20 second strut (thanks to the power of the internet, I think models are picking up the pace when they walk) and there weren’t 12984785792 different events that the press have to cram in during the week.

From my experiences from being both behind the scenes and as a spectator during the Mercedes Benz NYFW events over the past decade,  NYFW today is not as glamorous as you may think.


1) It makes you feel like you’re a “persona non grata.” Unless you’re a major player in the press or celeb world, you won’t be sitting (or in most cases, standing) in the front row.

2) There is rarely food in sight. Yes, there will be plenty of coconut water and maybe a cupcake somewhere if you’re lucky, but for some reason, people forget about meals during this week. Well, unless they’re dining at Cipriani or The Standard, which I am pretty sure I will not be. I remember while working back stage at a show years ago, I was sent to go get food for the designer—but she was too busy to eat it, so I’m pretty sure it was just for show.

3) It’s a lot of waiting around. You can wait 15 minutes to over an hour just to see a show…that lasts for 5 minutes.

4) It’s actually work for some of us. Yes, we get to look at pretty clothes, but for someone like myself or a journalist, we’re taking notes (or at least mental notes) the whole time of what we like/dislike and will want to remember.

5) The backstage of a fashion show is like a zoo with uncaged animals: there are models everywhere, along with basically a hair/makeup artist and a dresser for almost every one of them, not to mention a team of people orchestrating the actual show—oh and they’re all getting interviewed at the same time. It’s kind of the nuttiest couple of hours you’ll ever see.

6) The prep of a show is probably the least glamorous thing you may ever see. I’m pretty sure people pulled all-nighters right before a show I once worked on.

7) Fashion’s Night Out is not fun for everyone. I once had to work an event for a popular retailer, where customers could win a 10 minute styling session with me…every 20 minutes…all night. It was the most exhausting night and a terrible choice to wear heels in their multi-level store.

8) Your ticket to get in is a receipt. What happened to the days of handwritten invites? Now it’s so impersonal that you tell the employees at Lincoln Center your name and they give you a receipt. A receipt! Not even a ticket. Where’s the glamour in that?

9) There’s a ton of running around from shows to events (not to mention standing online, unless you’re someone like Anna Wintour)—and in not your most comfortable shoes. I stupidly made the mistake one year of wearing a pair of Marc Jacob sample shoes that were straight from the runway. Trust me, they were only meant for the 20 second runway strut…or the power players that get town cars to shuttle them around. Instead most of the real people I know will be taking the commoners’ version of transportation, the subway, and switching into their Louboutins before they get inside. I even know one famous stylist (who shall remain nameless) that showed up to a show I was working on with an entourage of men carrying her back-up shoes!

10) There is now less socializing and more about the immediacy of reporting on everything. It’s almost scary to walk into the courtyard of Lincoln Center and just about every person is on his or her iPhone, iPad or Macbook, Tweeting, Instagraming, Facebooking, blogging, YouTubing, Livestreaming, etc. Then you get inside and there’s a whole section devoted to just that…and I’m sure I will be sitting in there at some point, if I can get a seat.


New Work Alert – Boston Magazine



Who said girls have all of the fun in fashion? This season the guys can too—at least on their feet. I recently styled this colorful editorial featuring bold kicks for men in Boston Magazine’s September issue. I think I have a weakness for shoes, because even though I can’t wear any of these, I had a tough time narrowing it down to just 7 pairs to feature!!!!!

Let’s hear it for the boys!



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