Instastyle: Louboutin Sample Sale Recap

I was one of the few fortunate ones that got into the press preview of the Christian Louboutin sample sale on Friday before the sample sale madness really begins this week—that is, for the lucky ladies to have gotten an invite.

If you’re looking to get in, better befriend someone there before the next season!

If you do manage to know someone, get on the list, wait in the cold for an hour, then wait inside for another hour, get a “confidential stamp” on your wrist, check everything you own—including your cell phone—at the door, then you better pray there’s something left in your size in the 20 minute limit they give you to shop around.
Here’s the inside scoop:
When I entered the small room of stacks of boxes, everything was neatly organized by size and prices color-coded with stickers ranging from $150 (good luck finding those), with most starting at $250 and running up to $500. Trust me, that’s a steal compared to the heels that typically run from $600 to around $2500.There was even a table of “exotic” heels going for $900, as well as clutches and hobos ranging from $100-$200, which I bypassed right away. I had my eye on the red soled prize.

What started out civilized with only about 10-15 women allowed at a time quickly turned into women on a mission and boxes flying everywhere. The employees of the sale quickly grew frustrated at women not returning the shoes to their boxes after trying on and flipping open boxes to see what came in their size. My size 11 friend lucked out with her section fully stocked and hardly a soul searching for those soles—which was not the same for my more common size was pretty depleted with the classic heels in a more chaotic section of the sale. There was a plethora of espadrilles and heels for the more adventurous, including ones with fur on them, in all sizes.

Also be prepared for a surprise in sizing, which you may need to size up. I picked up a pair for a friend that’s a size 6 (pictured on the bottom right) and the 36.5 I got for her fit perfectly. However, my size 8.5 foot ranged from a 39 to a 40, depending on the style of the shoe.  I went up a whole size for the gorgeous copper colored pointy pumps I scored (pictured top right). Hopefully the patent “shooties” (pictured bottom left) I found for my sister actually fit her, or else I’ll have to just own another pair.

Note to dudes: don’t bother looking for yourself. Some poor guys drove up from Baltimore only to find out that they weren’t carrying mens at this sale.

HOWEVER, you will score major points if you are looking for a holiday gift for your girlfriend/wife/mom/sister/bff/etc.

I’m always accepting some red-soled shoes as well.


Flashback Friday / Style Icon

Janis Joplin circa 1971 | image source:

I finally have to admit it: there’s a part of me that’s a Brooklyn hipster.

The other day, I found myself wearing a plaid shirt, skinny jeans, listening to Grizzly Bear, and drinking homemade seltzer out of a Ball jar. Looks like living in Brooklyn really has rubbed off on me.

To top it all off, I own a record player. Don’t worry, I’m not that bad that I only buy my music on vinyl, but I have a ton of albums from the 60′s and 70′s that just sound so sweet played through a turntable.

I play this particular album, Pearl by Janis Joplin, often when I put records on and the cover always catches my eye. She had such an effortless, free spirited style that is tough to recreate. The mixture of textiles on everything down to the furniture on this album cover are so rich and beautifully textured—which hold up today, especially with all of the guilded fabrics on the runway this fall/winter.

Take another little piece of my heart Janis.


New Product Alert AND Shop For A Cause!

After a rough couple of weeks between hurricane Sandy and a Nor’Easter to follow, I finally can report some great things happening this week in Brooklyn—besides it going from snowy to sunny and 60′s this weekend!

I am debuting my new design for etc… (these skinny stackable bracelets handmade from vintage watchbands, $30 each, pictured above) at a trunk show featuring all of my current collection:

 By Brooklyn

SATURDAY, November 10th

12 – 5pm

10% of each purchase will go to RESTORE RED HOOK
benefitting the businesses in Red Hook, Brooklyn that were devastated by the storm.

Red Hook’s Ikea is back in business but a lot of that area is still hurting—especially the smaller shops/restaurants/companies/factories/galleries/studios/designers that make a lot of the products you love—and can no longer function or may have lost everything due to the flooding of hurricane Sandy.

These businesses will have NO assistance other than what outsiders can give (FEMA primarily helps homeowners, and flood insurance is virtually unavailable in this neighborhood).

Please join me in saving my neighboring small businesses in one of the last artist/artisan communities NYC that needs so much help restoring it.

If you can’t make it on Saturday, you can contact to order one of these bracelets or anything else from etc… and 10% can still be donated with your purchase!


ReBOOTing For Winter

It’s getting to be that time of year again when I’m breaking out boots from my closet that haven’t seen the light of day since last winter—when they took quite a beating walking through the NYC harsh elements. With the Nor’Easter approaching my way this week, I decided to prepare last night.

I have an annual ritual of oiling, polishing and cleaning both my and the hubby’s boots to keep them looking like new…which saves us money from buying new ones.


Here are the steps I take to revive my shoes and boots…

1) Look for any holes, tears and wearing away in the soles. Soles can easily be repaired by your local shoe repair and are worth doing if it’s less than the value of the shoe. If it’s more, you may want to donate them. If there are holes or tears, see if they can repair them, otherwise they may have to walk over to the dumpster.

2) If boots are new, treat leather prior to wearing to help become resistant to bad weather with a protecting spray.

3) If your boots need some love, treat the leather with mink oil. I would love to find a good plant or synthetic based oil that works just as well, but this is what the pros use and it seems to keep boots lasting longer than anything else out there. 

4) Wipe mink oil off immediately with a polish cloth and shine.

5) If your shoes or boots are scuffed, shoe polish is a great way to make them look like new. Shoe kits are affordable and have both brown and black polish, and a polish cloth, along with a suede brush to revive your suede boots. 

6) Store your boots with boot trees to keep their shape. I sometimes use empty wine bottles as an affordable alternative, but boot trees help prevent the folds on the top (like how my boots pictured above are starting to get). 

7) Don’t have time? Try a shoe wipe for a shiny quick revival.



Dress Like A First Lady

Ann Romney and Michelle Obama courtesy of Getty Images

We haven’t seen a first lady (or potential first lady) this iconic and this fashionable since Jackie O. first came on American’s radar.

The stylish ladies both wore bright pink during the debates and supposedly unplanned, though it was Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Whether you admire Ann’s high end classy style or Michelle’s elegant taste on a real woman’s budget, you can’t argue that it was refreshing to see these ladies shining among the crowd instead of being just a companion of their political counterparts.

It doesn’t matter who you think wore it better or who you plan on voting for. What matters is that we all use our precious right to vote today!

1 - DKNY dress

2 - Vince top

3 - K.Amato necklace

4 - Amanda Uprichard skirt

5 - Dorothy Perkins dress

6 - Rebecca Minkoff bag

7 - Rag and Bone blazer

8 -Kate Spade pumps




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