#FridayFavorites / New Work Alert With Two Of My Favorites


Lately I’ve been posting my “Friday Favorites” each week, but this Friday is a bit different. I couldn’t wait to share with you my latest work, styling a short film called “Doyers Street” directed by the talented Florian Innerkofler, starring Lily Gao and Laurent Caillat (who also did the brilliant score).

I worked with two of the most amazing local shops in Brooklyn on this, which leads me to the #FridayFavorites—aside from my dream team crew of course:

Kimera Design

When Florian approached me to work on this, I knew it had to be done right and custom for our film. I approached the shop Kimera, in Boerum Hill, who I’ve worked with in the past and the owner was thrilled with the concept, as it was totally in line with her brand. We worked together to come up with the 3 dresses that Lily was going to wear, which to me, was the most important part of getting the feel of the film right. During the fittings, we decided to add an extra layer of fabric at the bottom of the dress so the hem fell below the knee, making it a nod to China in the 60′s (our inspiration), along with everything on the runways for this fall. I love that she married the traditional Chinese design through the beautiful traditional fabrics and collars, with modern silhouettes that felt both classic and fresh. Kimera also specializes in custom bridal and formal wear, so it was too perfect that the owner even designed a custom tie for us.

Brooklyn Tailors

This shop is one of the hidden gems in Brooklyn that I happened to have heard about from another one of my favorite menswear gems in Brooklyn, Epaulet. They were so wonderful to work with and kindly held fittings for our male talent in their shop in Williamsburg. The sizing comes in basic 1,2,3,4,5 sizes, so once we figured out Laurent’s size, everything else fit. It made my job quite easy when I had so much fun picking out different fabrics and patterns in his size for suiting and dress shirts. This place is something I wish I knew about when I was planning my wedding because this is definitely the best one stop shop for a Brooklyn style groom and his party. Even a friend of mine’s fiancé is getting his suit custom made for their wedding and they embroidered his name into it (adorbs!).

Check out what I styled from these great shops in this film and leave a comment to let us know what you think!

How To Cover An Eye-Sore In Your Home


art by Randy Howard

When we found our condo in Brooklyn, there were certain elements that nearly turned me off—and I’m sure other potential buyers as well—one of which being these eye-sore of air conditioner units being the focal point of two rooms. While I can’t complain that we have a/c during summers in the city (#firstworldproblems?), I didn’t love that was the first thing I noticed when I walked into the room.

My solution was to hang a great piece of art over it when it’s not in use, but how in the world do you hang something that is that far away from the wall?

Fortunately I have a retired aerospace engineer as a father, and he came up with using curtain rod hooks to rest the canvas on. Brilliant.

Now you know the secret in this stylist’s home!
STYLIST TIP: Don’t have a large canvas of beautiful art hanging around? Purchase a blank one at the art / craft store and create your own art! Even a wash of one or two colors can be an interesting conversation piece (hello, Rothko). You can also paint the canvas one color, then cut up vegetables and have your kids stamp them into another color paint onto the canvas for a personal piece.

Menswear Edition / Wits + Beauxs #Giveaway


When it comes to fashion, women have most of the fun, though there are some items in menswear that even women are enviable of.

Socks is one of them. When us ladies wear a wild or fancy pair, it’s usually for ourselves and for no one to see. We get the short end of the stick.. Men, on the other hand, can show them off. Whether it’s rolled jeans, a peek when sitting or even a glimpse when walking, men have the opportunity to get bold and colorful on their ankles, more than any other item.

When Wits + Beaux contacted me with their bold and colorful socks, I was thrilled to see them in person, but kind of bummed that I couldn’t actually wear them. I decided that the hubby—who’s usually behind the scenes—could be in front of the camera for once.

You can purchase the socks in a 3-pack (and do less laundry), so we chose our 3 favorites, which we happened to agree on. We then styled them out with our favorite shoes and pants, which wasn’t too difficult, because these socks steal the show!



socks: c/o Wits + Beaux | pants: Hugo Boss, John Varvatos, Kent Jeans | shoes: Paul Smith, Jack Purcell, Paul Smith | laces: Epaulet

co-styled by Joshua Boccheciamp | photos by yours truly


How would you pair them? You can win your own three-pack of Wits + Beaux socks by entering below (the more entries, the better chance of winning!):

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The Only Crop-Top I’ve Owned Since The 90′s


I always say if there’s a trend that I mastered back in the day, then I don’t want to re-live it—especially overalls (yes, they’re “back”).

Never say never.

Crop tops have been popping up for the last couple of years and are especially prevalent here in Brooklyn.

So how do you wear one and not look like you belong on 90210? The only way I find them acceptable is if it’s paired with a skirt that is high-waisted and covering your belly-button. This is one 90′s trend that I encourage you to try at home, with caution, if it’s done right.



top and skirt: JSDNYC | shoes: Steve Madden | sunglasses: c/o George Gina & Lucy | bag: c/o Gentlefawn | bracelets: Kate Spade, c/o E.Kammeyer, etc…

STYLIST TIP: Don’t be afraid to rock your fall booties with your summery dresses this time of year. A cool boot can toughen up a feminine frock.

#FridayFavorites / What to Wear For Today’s Weather


I met someone the other day that when they found out that I was in fashion, they asked if I was into the Pose app. Just when I thought I was one of the few insiders that knew about it, she told me that’s basically how she decides what to wear each morning. I never thought about it that way. I’ve been posting my outfits you see on here with the brands I’m wearing, but people are actually using it as a tool the way you would use Pinterest to decorate your house.

Another revelation I recently had about Pose is that I can use it to decide what to wear, based on the forecast. Genius, right? As a New York City girl, I’m a slave to dressing for the weather:

“I can’t wear those suede shoes today because there’s a 50% chance of rain!”

“It’s suppose to be 60 degrees in the morning and 80 by noon. What the heck do I wear for that when I’m out all day?”

“Weather.com said flash flood warning. Am I going to be the only crazy person on the subway wearing wellies when it’s dry out?”

You feel me on this one?

I decided to sign up for the Pose app‘s dress for the weather feature, which based on the weather in my location, will email me every morning with outfit ideas for both casual and fancypants looks.

Pose dress up or dress down

Follow me on Pose at @dearandi, as well as some of my favorite Posers like @lightscamerahair, @stephanieunter , @classroomcouture, @karenbritchik

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