#NYFW Recap: @RebeccaMinkoff #RMSPRING

Rebecca Minkoff knows how to appeal to everyone from the seasoned fashion elite to especially the millennial crop of bloggers, but the clothing and accessories aside, she’s the only brand at fashion week that seems to utilize the power of social media to the fullest. Between live-streaming the show on her site to placing cards on each seat with the hash-tag “#RMSPRING” and her Twitter/Instagram handle @rebeccaminkoff, she was ready for the slew of bloggers and social media-savvy fashionistas invited to her show to talk about the collection to the masses.

It also was one of the most entertaining shows to hit fashion week (and one of the most popular) in a while with Janelle Monae performing live as the perfect entertaining backdrop to Minkoff’s retro-inspired spring/summer 2014 collection.

This season was an ode to Latinas, as evident by her “Let’s Go To Mexico” vintage style tee, which was paired perfectly with a sporty jacket and bright yellow lace skirt. Bianca Jagger style breezy disco dresses, Frida Kahlo saturated florals and braided up-dos, to even the tomboy Latina contemporaries, which came through in the leather backpacks and other street style-ready looks.

Yellows, reds, blacks and even a floral printed peach color was the color story with embroidered embellishments and tassels galore. Minkoff, who has been known for her bags and shoes prior to the launch of her ready to wear line in 2009, still is reigning in the accessories world after this show. I surely won’t be the only one talking about the knee-high gladiator sandals I am coveting in this collection.

#NYFW Recap: @KateSpadeNY


Kate Spade New York turned to the streets of Europe for inspiration for their spring/summer 2014 collection, yet it felt more New York than ever thanks to the mix of punchy brights mixed with a surprising and refreshing tone for Kate Spade—black. Perhaps it’s because New Yorkers, who are known for their affinity for the color black, have been incorporating more bright colors in recent seasons.

Deborah Lloyd, chief creative director of the brand, turned to sunny Capri, Parisian gardens, and Monaco’s Grand Prix, which is where the mod black and white checkered elements came in. While the “Places To Go, People To See” collection was all over the place (or Europe), it felt together like a beautiful story, complete with the storybook clutches featured among the looks.

Spade’s signature structured bags, ultra-feminine full skirted frocks and preppy details undoubtedly appeared throughout the collection, but the mod-inspired details are what shine through and will be what even appeal to those that are not the usual Kate Spade customer.


DearAndi_KateSpade_ss14  DearAndi_KateSpade_ss14_8






All photos by me. Please link back to Dear Andi if you use them. Thanks!

#NYFW Recap: Sigerson Morrison / @sigersonshoes , Johanna Pihl, @Desigual


 dress: c/o Dana-Maxx | jewelry: c/o E.Kammeyer | bag: Rebecca Minkoff | sunglasses: c/o George Gina & Lucy | shoes: Sigerson Morrison

photo by Emily Kammeyer


I kicked off NYFW with a visit to the Empire Hotel across from Lincoln Center to hang at the pool deck for the Sigerson Morrison press preview of their spring collection (after passing my gal, Joan Rivers in the lobby filming more E! Fashion Police news).

The pool was a perfect backdrop for the spring collection, which included a few different sub-collections that felt quite cohesive despite being totally different styles from metallic and hologram, to neutral laser cut sandals, and even a mix of blues that mimicked the water behind it.

Each design had a unique twist on a classic, whether it was the color or silhouette, so as Sigerson’s shoes usually are, they were completely wearable by the masses.


Over downtown, the Auriel PR Agency invited me to preview a designer’s collection, who was debuting in NY for the first time by way of Stockholm. Now that we are importing our models and street style pictures from the Swedes, why don’t we have the fashion of this stylish city yet? Well if it’s anything like Johanna Pihl’s collection, we will be sure to see more of it soon.

The designer’s inspiration for the collection was art deco—which seems to be the favorite trend among designers lately thanks to The Great Gatsby revival—yet Johanna took it with a Gothic twist, shying away from the glitz and glam to create a collection that felt more in line with a modern metropolis.

Her experimental use of fabrics like turning satin inside out to reveal a matte color with the movement of the shiny fabric or the the details of leather cut outs, made it for a collection that you need to appreciate in person and up close, but from far away would be adored by every fashionista, no matter what city.


Please excuse the poor quality of the iPhone shot, but it was hard to capture anything at Desigual between the lighting and the models dancing all over the runway. That being said, this picture captures the colorful display that the brand put on.

It was quite refreshing to see models not take fashion so seriously and actually look like their enjoying strutting (or dancing) down the catwalk. The vibrant color combinations and mixed prints made it easy for the largest tent in Lincoln Center to be filled with what felt like possibly the most fun collection of NYFW (dare I say?).

To be honest, I’ve always associated Desigual with the block of SoHo I pick up my pace and hold my breath to escape the cologne pumping out next door at Hollister, so I’ve never taken a good look at what this line is all about, other than the teens coming in and out carrying the intensely printed shopping bags.

While the prints and colors seemed reminiscent of the glimpses I’ve gotten in the store front, this particular collection seemed somewhat more sophisticated than what I expected (did I see a white wedding dress mixed in the oodles of color and prints, or was that my imagination?). It’s hard to question anything when you’re enjoying the show along with everyone else in the room.

#NYFW K-Mart To The Rescue


dress: c/o Dana-Maxx | jewelry: c/o E.Kammeyer | bag: Rebecca Minkoff | sunglasses: c/o George Gina & Lucy

photo by K-Mart Concierge

After only a day of New York Fashion Week, my head is spinning. I’ve actually had more shows and events than I can attend this time around, so bear with me, my re-caps will be coming in spurts.

By this afternoon, the free Illy coffees at Lincoln Center that were keeping me going, couldn’t do much to help the tired look on my face. When I tweeted that it was “only day 1 of NYFW and already I have bags under my eyes. #FashionWeekProblems,” K-Mart came to my rescue and actually delivered eye brightener and concealer right to Lincoln Center. How cool is that? My concierge was even sweet enough to wait around for an hour while I was stuck inside for a show that ran late (of course).

If you’re attending anything at NYFW this season and are in need of anything like a band-aid for those blisters we will all be getting from wearing heels for hours and hours, make sure to hash-tag #fashionweekproblems and maybe K-Mart will come to your rescue!

Pre-Fashion Week Re-Cap (Get Ready for #NYFW )


Today’s the first day of New York Fashion Week and I’m already exhausted. It hasn’t even begun, but with the cancellation of Fashion’s Night Out this year, everyone’s squeezing in events leading up to the week before we all get “fashion week fatigue.”

Get ready for a week of my #NYFW posts. I apologize in advance for a lot of re-caps and reviews, but this season, for the first time ever, I booked out the whole week to cover all of the shows and events, and there’s a TON of them.

Last night I started with the E! Fashion Police and Benefit Cosmetics event at the Thompson Hotel Rooftop with some of my favorites in the beauty world, Maria Scali, Francesca Salafina and Suma of The Fashion Beauty Junkie. What a way to kick off NYFW! I rode the elevator up with John Legend and his gorgeous wife, Chrissy Teigan, where we chatted about shoes—which seems to always be the great equalizer among the rich and famous and the common fashion folk like me.

Just when I felt like a big shot because a bouncer escorted us through the party after complaining there was no room to move anywhere, I got booted from getting my makeup done (luckily she finished both eyes) so that Joan Rivers and Giuliana Rancic could film E! Fashion Police, so I sat on the couch next to Ashley Tisdale. I’m not sure how this all happened, but luckily when Joan Rivers graciously (and hilariously) started chatting with us, Suma had the chutzpah to ask if we could get a picture with her…so I have evidence!




Yesterday also seemed to be a preview of whats to come for jewelry. I met with Jessica, a rep for Chloe + Isabel Jewelry, who showed me the latest collection, which was inspired by Art Deco Paris. The jeweled bracelet above was my favorite in the collection.

I noticed a theme when I attended the Naked Label press preview at the Lodge Gallery in the Lower East Side last night. I spoke to the designer, Allison about her inspiration for the spring “Siren” collection and she said it was a mixture of Art Deco meets the under water world of Atlantis. Unlike her last collection, which felt somewhat space age, and inspired me to use her piece in a shoot for the fall issue of Accessories Magazine, this time I was transported to a futuristic post-apocalyptic version of The Great Gatsby with her mix of heavy metals and acrylic that like her video lookbook, was quite dreamy.

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