Friday Favorites // Think PINK This October

Think Pink This October

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women during their lives and is the second-leading cancer killer of women in the United States, next to lung cancer, according to
This October, show your support for breast cancer awareness month and think pink. While it’s not normally my favorite color, I love a good pink that supports a cause. Even my steamer I use for styling is pink for breast cancer awareness!
With these great products, you have no excuse not to think pink:
 1. Julep Think Pink nailpolish set  // The perfect way to fight against cancer is by supporting a brand that leaves out all of the ingredients that causes cancer like Julep.
2. Diptique Roses Mini Pink Candle // A good quality candle is my weakness and I love that this one for a cause doesn’t make me feel guilty about burning money.

3. Emergen-C to Support Breast Cancer Awareness // I actually keep a bag of these in my styling kit in case I—or anyone on set for that matter—start to feel sick. I have no sick days in my business, so I can’t afford to get ill. This is a great way to keep yourself and women all over healthy from the flu to and with this version in honor of the month, breast cancer.
4. Reebok top // I’m a sucker for a good pun. This tee from one of my clients, Reebok, gives women some optimism when fighting this disease, whether for themselves or others.
5. Chloe + Isabel bracelet // As you’ve probably seen on here, I’ve been a fan of this great (and affordable) jewelry brand lately, but now I love them even more now that they have a collection of pieces in honor of Breast Cancer awareness.

How To Keep Your Socks Up


Maybe it’s the resurgence of 90′s fashion, but it seems that the knee high and over-the-knee sock trend are making a huge comeback.

Are you like me and love the look, but remember spending all day trying to hike them back up or look down and you look like you like a hot Pippi Longstocking mess?


Not to sound all infomercial on you, but now you can solve that problem with this easy styling trick.


All you need is a little bit of this stylist go-to product in your back pocket (or closet or clutch). I prefer the super-strength, which I can almost guarantee to last all day/evening, but you can get the every-day version as well.


Step 1: Fold over the edge of your sock.


Step 2: Apply tape close to the edge, leaving a little space.


Step 3. Fold back over and press to secure. Repeat on back side if needed.


Voila! Now you can do a little dance and dare I say, knock your socks off!

This trick also works for your pesky peds (thanks Janet, who reminded me about this…and now I’m going to have to get some peds instead of going sock-less in the summer!).

Chaser LA top // Zara vest // Geren Ford skirt // Anthropologie booties // Free People socks // vintage hat and pin // Sorial clutch (c/o) // Sophie Hughes knuckle ring // E.Kammeyer tassel bracelet // etc… watchband bracelets // Nashelle necklace (c/o) // all other jewelry, vintage


New Work Alert + NYC Designers You Need To Know

she and reverie shot by jessica weiser

She and Reverie bralette

IMG_4156 revised

Kaufman Franco dress // Le Mos necklace

IMG_4056 revised

Gulsha Chereli top // She And Reverie bralette // Astridland pants // Le Mos necklace // Gypsy Nation vintage hat // Nona E. Rose belt (it’s called the “Andi” belt!!)

IMG_4336 revised

Gulsha Chereli vest and shorts // E.Kammeyer necklace


IMG_4266 retouched

Gulsha Chereli vest // Z-dress by Anastasia Klekkas dress // Naked Label bracelet // stylist’s own boots

photography // Jessica Weiser

styling/art direction // Liz Teich

hair/makeup // Kacie Corbelle

model // Kate Potter

What to wear after an apocalypse in NYC?

Maybe I’m watching too much Walking Dead and post apocalyptic tales, but I can’t help to think about what people are wearing as they’re fighting off zombies and/or starting new civilizations in the aftermath of the downfall of society.

I’ve noticed that there’s always a lack of color and they always look like they’re ready to kick some butt or sit down for brunch at a casual downtown bistro. I guess that all came to me when I scouted out the run down Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn for my shoot with the talented photographer, Jessica Weiser.

There’s something so beautiful in the ruins of Gowanus made it the perfect backdrop for working with all local NYC designers, who use this great city as their inspiration and most of which I found through the wonderful local resource, The Fashion Center BID (Thanks Ryan!).

By the way, if you don’t know about The Fashion Center, it’s a great resource to call when you’re looking for anything in fashion in NYC like sample sales!

What would you wear in a post-apocalyptic world?

#FridayFavorites / New Brands You Should Know

Deepa Gurnani beaded headband

The other night Emily Kammeyer and I checked out the spring 2014 collections of a lot of emerging brands that we were introduced by the lovely ladies of RappAround PR.

I was drawn to the sparkly designs of Deepa Gurnani, which I recognized by her bejeweled Indian-inspired pieces sold at Anthropologie. With a background in beading couture pieces for names you also may have heard of like McQueen, Fendi and Ungaro, Deepa clearly is a master of her craft.

I’m not usually a headband girl, but this one will be a perfect bohemian touch to a casual fall evening wedding that I’m going to next weekend.

Nashelle jewelry design with gemstone necklace

I also was introduced to this jewelry brand, Nashelle, which has sweet little pieces that you’re likely to want to wear every day like this necklace with a gold disc and topaz gemstone. In addition to being a classic AND well made design AND made in the US, AND from recycled metals, the best part is, you can build your own design which can make for some of the best personalized gifts!


While I’ve been a PETA member and a vegetarian for nearly twenty years (and very close to vegan, but my sister raises chickens so I can’t say no to fresh eggs!), I’m also a slave to fashion and haven’t given up leather.

Sorial finally made some vegan bags that are not only guilt-free, but are actually cute too. There was even an amazing weekender bag that looked like expensive Italian leather, but was indeed vegan and at an extremely affordable price. I love discovering brands like that!

Send your designer discoveries this way (!

How To Wear A Summer Dress In The Fall

Dear Andi,

I need an honest stylist’s opinion! I want to wear this floral maxi dress to a wedding next week and I’m not sure if it’s too springy for a casual fall evening wedding!

-Risa of, Philadelphia


Dear Risa,

I’m all about maximizing your wardrobe and making it work for another season, so I say go for it, as long as you accessorize accordingly.

While I do say “yes” to white in the colder months, I would steer clear of it in this case. You will want to make your dress appear to work for the season, so why not mix some darker tones in? If you pair it with a black or navy tuxedo jacket, you’ll not only stay warmer, but you’ll look chic. You can even try adding some pops of metallics in your shoes and handbag to make your floral seem fresh instead of seasonal.How to wear a summer dress in a fall evening

Jessica Simpson orange floral dress // French Connection jacket // Steve Madden silver pointed toe pumps // Diane Von Furstenberg silver handbag // ASOS Wide cuff bracelet // Rebecca Minkoff necklace


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