Some of My Best (and Worst) Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween fashionistas! As you may know by now, it happens to be my favorite holiday and last year we totally got the short end of the stick here in New York when Hurricane Sandy hit and basically cancelled the holiday. Needless to say, it was a memorable day for unfortunately the wrong reasons.

Now that there are no storms threatening us this time, here’s a look back at my my memorable—and even some that I’d like to forget—costumes over the years (in no particular order):

The cast of Clue costumes with Miss Scarlet

BEST: Miss Scarlet from Clue

This year’s costume I owe to my friend Kimberley who dragged me to an industry event. She and her husband, Paul were going as Mrs. Peacock and Colonel Mustard from the board game “Clue,” and when I said I didn’t have a costume, she replied, “You’re a stylist. I bet you have a Miss Scarlet in your closet.”

She was right. The only thing more perfect other than all three of us together is that Wikipedia says that Miss Scarlet’s first name is also Liz!


Worst: A Can Can Dancer

Really Mom and Dad? Not only was this bad enough as a dance recital outfit, but they actually allowed this to happen again, complete with a face full of makeup and fishnets. I also seemed happy to lift up my skirt.

This is almost as bad as “Toddlers in Tiaras.”


BEST: Garth from Wayne’s World

I’d say dressing as Wayne’s World was one of my most successful costumes ever. I always think the best costumes are the ones that get a laugh or a fright. This succeeded in both, especially when everyone commented on how un-sexy I looked, but was a dead-ringer for Garth. Sha-Wing!

Shout out to my father, who loaned me his flannel and sports watch.

STYLIST TIP: When you can’t find the exact costume you need, make it. This Wayne-Stock tee, modeled after the one in the second movie, was just an iron transfer of the logo I found online.

Rachel Zoe Halloween Costume

BEST: Rachel Zoe

My Rachel Zoe costume was a big hit at the industry party I went to that year—especially because she had just become famous in the mainstream world thanks to her reality show. I thought it was funny that not only was I a stylist, but people compared me quite a bit to her during that time when most had just learned what a stylist was.

Another reason this was one of my favorites was because I was going out with my photoshoot crew, so I had hair, makeup and great lighting already there for me. Not to mention, I went out with a Karl Lagerfield, Coco Chanel, and Angelina Jolie, so we had quite the fashion gang.

STYLIST TIP: Shop in your closet for elements to your costume. Store bought costumes rarely impress and if you don’t have time to make one from scratch, add onto one like Alexa Chung cleverly just did.

Jackie O Halloween Costume

WORST: Jackie O.

I’d say my Jackie O. was one of my worst because a bouncer at a bar actually looked at my ID and said, “please stick to blonde.”

I also was young and thought that costumes had to be sexy so I actually hemmed the bottom of this vintage dress by about six inches—but there was no making this costume sexy.

At least my homemade pill box hat and the Kennedy pin were nice touches to this classic.


WORST: Girls Gone Wild

I was young. End of story.

On the bright side, the only thing I had to buy was that plain white cap. Sadly, everything else I already owned.


BEST AND WORST: Courtney Love in the 90′s

This was the best because the only thing I bought was a $10 tiara. The vintage night gown and ripped stockings I already owned and the bruises were a nice touch, I’d say. Still, I don’t think it was my best because thanks to a snow storm, this was thrown together very last minute. Also, somehow my lips kept getting bigger through the course of the night.


WORST: A bride

Trust me, that’s not a pose, but more like a pout. I remember being miserable that my parents dressed me like this when all of my friends were cats, witches and other cool Halloween kid things. I guess it was better than the year I had to explain to everyone in the first grade what a flapper was.

Too bad you can’t see the velcro sneakers that really tied this look together.


BEST: Zombie bride

It’s tough enough to come up with your own killer (no pun intended) costume, but I had so much fun searching through thrift shops for this–and then destroying the clothing with tea, coffee, rips and even fake blood. Shout out to the talented makeup artist, Vivi Lapidus, who totally made my costume by her fake blood artistry.

What’s your best/worst Halloween costume of all time? Tweet to me yours @dear_andi!


Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas You May Actually Wear Again


Maybe it’s because I’m a stylist and I love putting together wardrobe for photo and video shoots, but Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday.

Usually it’s a time of year that gets me excited to get creative and hunt down those details that make a stellar costume. This year, being a new homeowner, I need the most economical costumes—especially being that Halloween is in that awkward time of the week that makes you have to celebrate it more than once.

Check out these *EASY* costume ideas from some of my favorite movie characters that you can throw together from your closet, or pick up at the last minute without feeling guilty that you bought something from the costume store you will definitely never wear again.

Stay tuned for my actual costume!

Penny Lane From Almost Famous
Margot Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums

Lacoste cap sleeve dress // Alice + Olivia coat // Bass loafer flat // Michael Kors leather shoulder bag // Pieces stretch glove // Henri Bendel hair accessory // Bobbi Brown Cosmetics black eye makeup


Corey From Empire Records


Disclaimer: Shopping At Home Can Be Dangerous


Astars top (via BJB Express) // James Jeans (via BJB Express) // Stolen Sunday scarf (via BJB Express) // Lanvin sunglasses // TJMaxx shoes

A little disclaimer here: Shopping at home is dangerous.

I found this out the hard way when The Blues Jean Bar sent me a personalized package of goodies to shop from (as you can see on my instagram), including jeans, tops, jackets, and even undies—all based on my likes and dislikes via a questionnaire. As a stylist, it’s rare that I’m the one getting styled, but I have to admit, it was fun to see what someone chose for me.

The Blues Jeans Bar Express sent me a pre-paid shipping label to send everything back within 10 days and anything I keep is all that gets charged. It’s totally free unless you decide to purchase something.

These are my favorite pieces, but of course I can’t keep them all. Sigh. I’m digging the James Jeans above. What do you think I should keep?

Try it for yourself here and you can even request to try any of the things you see here.

Happy shopping at home!


Joe’s Jeans top // Henry & Belle jeans // E.Kammeyer bracelet worn as necklace // Nashelle necklace (c/o) // Bauble Bar bracelet // Tom Binns earrings


Cynthia Vincent top (via BJB Express) // E. Kammeyer bracelet // Vanessa Mooney ring // vintage earrings


Astars jacket (via BJB Express) // Joe’s Jeans tank (via BJB Express) // Hudson Jeans (via BJB Express)


AS by DF jacket and scarf (via BJB Express)

How To Decode The Wedding Dress Code


How many times have you gotten invited to a wedding and you call all of your friends that are going because you don’t know what the heck is appropriate to wear to it?

I had that moment this past weekend when both Risa of Really Risa and I were attending a fall beach wedding that called for semi-formal attire.

The term “semi-formal” seems to be thrown around loosely on wedding invites and a beach wedding can totally contradict a fall evening wedding. What’s a girl to do?

STYLIST TIP: Here’s my little cheat sheet to break down what your wedding dress code really means

  • BLACK TIE: This call for formal attire usually is intended for evening weddings where men where tuxedos, so you should look equally as formal in an evening gown in a dark or neutral color.
  • FORMAL OR BLACK TIE OPTIONAL: This is less formal, so while tuxes and gowns aren’t required, they are still appropriate. A dressier dark or neutral color cocktail dress dressier in fabrics like silk or chiffon would work as well. Dressy separates are acceptable.
  • SEMIFORMAL: A cocktail dress in darker colors for an evening wedding and lighter colors, less formal fabrics for a daytime wedding (before 6pm). Dressy separates and floor-length or maxi dresses are okay, but be mindful of the fabric/embellishments, as you don’t want to look too formal.
  • CASUAL: This is usually for beach, outdoor, or destination weddings and means business casual (no jeans!), but usually a sundress or a dress you would wear to a nice dinner is standard. Once again, be mindful of the fabric that it is not too formal.
  • NO ATTIRE LISTED ON THE INVITE: My motto is that it’s always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed, so if your invite doesn’t call for a specific attire or you’re still not sure, dress for the venue, time of day, season, and you can always wear a more casual dress formally (like I did here with this jersey knit dress). *Whatever you do, do NOT wear white or anything you would wear to a club.*

Don’t forget that for a fall or winter wedding, you’re going to want to stay warm, so make sure you wear something over your dress. A tuxedo style blazer in black is always a safe bet to throw over your shoulders. Stockings in sheer black are always acceptable for evening weddings, as long as you wear closed toe heels.



Hipknoties in long, worn as a maxi dress (c/o) // Nona E. Rose belt (c/o) // Theory blazer (scored at HousingWorks sample sale) // Deepa Gurnani headband (c/o) similar online // Topshop shoes // Sorial clutch (c/o) // vintage cuff // etc… bracelet

Clothing Swap With My Closet Right Here!

Liz Teich invite on Bib and Tuck

What’s better than shopping from a stylist’s edited closet?

Swapping your clothes for new pieces from said closet!

That’s where Bib & Tuck comes in. You can essentially “bib” or sell your designer and unique pieces that are just taking up space in your closet and you can let someone else “tuck” them in exchange for virtual “bucks” that let you buy from other closets on there, including well edited ones from famous fashion designers, fashionable editors, designers, and even stylists. Basically it’s like a never-ending clothing swap with your most stylish friends.

Brilliant, right?

In my first week on there, I tucked a pair of Nanette Lepore culottes that I only wore once because I realized I’m not actually a size 0. I then got some bucks to score a pair of Lanvin sunglasses.

Picking up what I’m putting down here? Try it for yourself and start swapping with me.


Bib and Tuck featured closet Liz Teich

While you’re there, check it out…Bib & Tuck featured my closet this week and interviewed me on everything from my first crush to products I can’t live without.

Follow @bibandtuck on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to find out who’s closets they’ll be featuring next. Maybe even yours!


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