Editor’s note: Polar Vortex Edition


On set in Florida with Mary Elizabeth, both wearing Zara leather jackets and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

On Liz – top: AllSaints // jeans: J.Brand (similar on sale here…you’re welcome!)// belt: Joe Fresh // scarf: c/o Hipknoties  // bracelets: etc…

STYLIST TIP: Pictures are always more flattering when shot from below eye-level. When your photos are taken from above, you can look shorter and wider. Not to mention, no one wants to see your roots. Apologies to whoever took this photo above, as I know it was rushed and much colder than it looks.


Editor’s note:

Polar vortexes! (or is it vortices?) The stomach flu! Working on the beach during record low temperatures! 3 spring fashion editorial shoots in 3 weeks! Oh my. This stylist can’t catch a break, but I haven’t forgotten about you. It seems like as the cold-weather storms have been brewing, as was everything else too.


Another reason for the brief hiatus was that I just signed with a stylist representative here in NYC called Agency Gerard. (I’m still with Anchor Artists for bookings in Boston). I feel honored to be among some of the industry’s top talent there and have been put to work updating my portfolio, which has kept me quite busy.

On other exciting and busy news, I’m now a contributor to Millieu Magazine, so I’ve been working on a piece for that every chance I get—which is mainly on my iPhone, on the subway.

Stay tuned for all of these updates and more to report here on DearAndi.com and don’t forget to write to dearandistyle@gmail.com with your fashion dilemmas.

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Look, I’m on TV + The Secret To Easy Polished Hair

Liz Teich on WBAL NBC from Liz Teich on Vimeo.

dress and jacket: c/o MONaMOUR // lip color: c/o Mally Beauty


Someone recently told me that I always looked so polished (thank you!) and asked if I did my own hair and makeup for the morning show segments I’ve been on. Yes, I do. While I’m not big-time enough to have a personal hair and makeup artist to follow me around, I’ve learned quite a bit from the hair and makeup artists I work with and now have the tools to do it myself.

Not to get all infomercial on you, but you can too.


Believe it or not, this little handy tool from John Frieda by Conair has changed the way I style my hair. It’s actually made my getting ready time so much quicker. I now don’t have to  blow dry my hair as often and no matter what it looks like dry, this curling wand smooths it out and gives it some life.

Before you tell me you easier said than done or oh, but I’ll burn myself (which is exactly what this newscaster said to me off air), try it.

Take sections of hair and wrap around the wand, away from your face. The trick is to not curl too close to your head and make sure to leave a bit of hair free at the bottom for a more modern look.


This is my other great hair day secret. Coconut oil isn’t only great for smoothies to help you digest, but I keep a bit of it in a jar in my shower for a once a week hair mask.

Use only a nickel size of oil and you may have to heat up the jar to get it less solid. Keep this in your hair for at least 10 minutes and up to even a day if your hair is extremely damaged and dry.

The first time I tried this, I actually went out to dinner with it in my hair pulled back and it looked like I hadn’t showered in days, so I don’t recommend doing it for that long unless you really need it or are not going out in public! You may have to shampoo a couple of times to get it out, but guarantee that it will be the best hair mask you’ve ever tried—and eaten. Have a great hair day every day now!

NEW WORK ALERT: “Cardboard Noir”

Usually, most people would agree that the most arduous job on a photoshoot is one of a wardrobe stylist. We schlep, we have to stay organized, and of course we don’t just show up on the day of the shoot, but we spend time prior prepping, often concepting and my least favorite part, the returning/wrapping of it all.


This was not the case for my recent menswear shoot shot by Shannon Greer. His talented partner and artist, Charlotta Janssen most definitely had the most work of us all, creating museum-worthy film noir style sets and even making my job easier with saving me from tying a bow-tie (guys, it’s actually less challenging than it seems!) with a cardboard cut out of one. With such a fantastic crew on this one, we had more fun channeling our inner Bogies and Bacalls than this was actually work for us.








Photography: Shannon Greer
Styling: Liz Teich
Grooming: Sabrina Rowe
Digital Tech: Robert Bredvad
Production Assistants: Eva Marie Lansberry, Paloma Lansberry
Wardrobe Assistants:  Nicholas Adedokun and Morgan Leykam

How To Stay Stylish In The Cold




jacket: NAU  (similar here) // jeans: AllSaints // boots: Sorel // hat: Albertus Swanepoel for Target (similar here) // scarf: Zara // gloves: Ralph Lauren // bag: Rebecca Minkoff

With the messy snowstorms and the record low wind chills across the country—some down to negative 60 degrees (Sorry Mid-Westerner friends…I can’t even imagine!!), it’s nearly impossible to stay warm and still look cute.

Trust me, it’s not totally impossible.

Function is of course the key when it comes to these conditions, so it’s time to break out those down jackets and snow boots whether you like it or not. Unless you’re Ms. Wintour and getting shuttled in a private car service this winter, you’re going to have those days were you will actually need these things. It took me years of resisting to break down and actually buy them, even after going to a university we dubbed “Siberia-cuse.” I have to say this jacket and these snow boots were the best wardrobe investments I may have ever made. Best of all, if you invest in them, they will last you for years and save you money from buying new ones every year.

These pieces may not get me featured on The Sartorialist, but I will be able to pridefully walk down the street both warm and not looking like I’m the Michelin Man or on the ski slopes. Plus, you can always jazz up classic pieces like these with a trendy chunky scarf (the more over-sized the better this season!) and a furry hat.

Stay warm and stylish, wherever you are.


How To Wear A Jumpsuit


The jumpsuit is having a moment right now. With its cameos all over American Hustle and on the runway for spring, and even the red carpet, there’s no denying that the jumpsuit is popular this season.

Next time you have to dress up for a night out, try this trend, along with my stylist tips, and stand out from the sea of cocktail dresses. Take cues from American Hustle and add some chunky jewelry.

Opt for jumpsuits that are either wide or straight leg and avoid anything that’s tight at the thighs and then flairs out will make you look like you’re going for the Elvis or Selina look—unless you want to biddy biddy bum bum.

If you feel like your jumpsuit is looking too risque, top it with a jacket and make sure to always pair it with some heels to make you look longer and leaner.



jumpsuit: c/o MONaMOUR // belt: vintage Dior // heels: Louboutin (similar online) // jacket: vintage Givenchy // clutch: Marc Jacobs x Target/Neiman Marcus // jewelry: vintage


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