Cashmere Sweatpants

H&M jacket (scored from a clothing swap); Forever 21 cashmere sweater; Betsey Johnson boiled wool and sequin trim skirt (sample sale); DKNY tights; Frye Paige Cuff riding boots (similar at; Urban Outfitters fingerless gloves; Coach saddle bag (vintage); Cashmere scarf (Saks); etc… watch necklace (coming soon to; all other jewelry, vintage; House of Harlow 1960 sunnies (Crush Boutique, Boston).  /  Photos by Joshua Boccheciamp

Do you ever have one of those days where you don’t want to get out of your pjs and would love to get away with wearing cashmere sweatpants out—or justify the expense to buy cashmere sweatpants for that matter ($1500 for loungewear?? Maybe one day.)?

I definitely did. I threw on my cashmere sweater and cashmere scarf and bundled up in the cold on Saturday. I polished this cozy look off with my new over-sized tortoise shell, cat eye shaped glasses that I’m obsessing over by House of Harlow.

Upon my recent visit to Boston, I worked with the amazing Crush Boutique to pull some looks for Boston Globe Magazine (check it out this weekend!). I wasn’t supposed to be shopping for myself, but I couldn’t resist my gravitation to their selection of Nicole Richie’s accessories and clothing lines respectively: House of Harlow and Winter Kate. Damn you Nicole Richie. I don’t want to admit it, but that chick has amazing taste. I’ll take one of everything from these vintage-inspired styles and from Crush Boutique…I wonder if they carry cashmere sweatpants…

xo DA

Shine on

Zara painted metallic sweater (; Chaiken bow top (sample); Levi’s jeans (similar on; Ellen Tracey socks; Camper booties (; Barney’s leather bag (Barney’s Warehouse Sale); Scala floppy hat (Century 21); Vanessa Mooney “Zip Me Up” wrap bracelet in purple (c/o Vanessa Mooney); etc… watchband bracelets (coming soon to; all other jewelry, vintage.  /  photos by Joshua Boccheciamp

I finally trekked up to the MOMA this past weekend to check out the Diego Rivera murals exhibition. I was pleasantly surprised that these powerful paintings were evening more dramatic in person. I was in awe that the scenes I once studied in text books were glittering on concrete walls. I guess I gravitate towards shiny things.

My shiny sweater—that is otherwise reserved for holiday gatherings and events of the like—gave me the upscale style of an uptown girl, while my casual pieces made me effortlessly chic. I’m a downtown/Brooklyn gal at heart, but I was dressed to cross the border of 23rd street.

Bonus: comfy booties, like these ones from Camper, alleviates museum fatigue!


xo DA

Steal This Andi Style

“Andi” circa 1970

I love that my mother’s fashions through the years still hold up for today. This velvet dress is right on trend for this season, along with a short necklace that frames your neckline. Steal her hippie style holiday fashion and shop this look:

Topshop Spot Velvet Flippy Dress (

Vanessa Mooney Casbah Copper Necklace (

xo DA

Borrowed From The Boys

Kaylee Tankus coat; NSF men’s sweat shirt style top; Uniqlo men’s dress shirt; Members Only liquid leggings; Matiko “Lee” flat shoe in natural snake (; Ray Ban sunnies; Urban Outfitters men’s bracelet (similar on; etc… watchband cord bracelet and cuff in silver (coming soon to; vintage bag and all other jewelry.

I’ve succumbed to the mid-fall itch and am getting sick of my wardrobe already. It was time to get creative.

I went shopping in hubby’s side of the closet and grabbed a light weight button down with a sweat shirt style top layered over it, along with a men’s style coat (with my girly lining that makes me giddy) to top it off. I paired that with a femme silhouette of a slim pant to balance out the looseness on top.

When playing with the menswear trend, I try to add some of these feminine elements to not look frumpy. A great necklace worn at the collar helped me channel my inner Karl Lagerfeld, while still not being overly masculine. Men have it so easy.

xo DA

Take Me To Carnegie Hall

On Liz: Dolce & Gabbana dress; Echo scarf worn as a shawl ( etc… cluster necklace; vintage clutch, diamond earrings and rings; Wolford Day & Night Stay Up stockings (; Cole Haan with Nike Air pumps.

On Elaine: Inas Couture gown; Philippe Audibert bib necklace with Swarovski Crystals.

This week I had the pleasure to dress the gorgeous and talented, Elaine Kwon, for her benefit concert at Carnegie Hall. She paired up with the Best Buddies organization to raise money and put on an amazing show with some other great talents.

When I took this project on, I figured it would be a piece of cake, being Elaine is a fitness model and has been featured in some renowned places like on OPRAH. The woman could look good in a paper bag, but she didn’t want to have any of the other  fabulous women on the stage outshine her—I mean, MISS USA was the emcee of the event! I think we accomplished that with the stunning gown by up-and-coming designer, Inas, and a bit of extra sparkle on her Swarovski Crystal adorned necklace. Not only did her music shine on the famous stage, but she did as well.

Is it fair to say, I didn’t look bad myself for someone who was sweating getting everything ready to go behind the scenes prior to the show?

xo DA

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