1 – I stopped by my new favorite showroom, Red Light PR, in NYC and picked up some pieces for an editorial I’m working on, as well as some swag they gave to both myself, like this Tulle necklace, and for my assistant who loved his new Hoodie Buddie sweatshirt (complete with earbuds!), and even for my hubby, who scored a cool Nooka watch.

2 – It may be fah-reeeeeeeeezing here in NY, but it’s beginning to feel a lot like spring (sigh) in my office while prepping for this magazine’s spring fashion issue.

3 – I already shared with you one of my most favorite housewarming gifts from Mariel of the blog So What’s Bloomin’ and now this one from Mindy, the buyer at By Brooklyn, got me is another one of the most clever gifts. Just when I was stressing over getting all new stamps made for my address, this Paper Source stamper comes with a voucher to make your own online. It even has interchangeable plates if I want to change it for my business.

4 – I was nearly late to a shoot the other day thanks to lacing up these Fiorentini Baker boots (similar online) that look amazing but are not the most fun to put on. Ah, the things we do for fashion.


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  1. LOVING those Fiorentini Baker boots! xx

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