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I met Jessica at a Poshmark event a while back and recently she contacted me with her newest venture, selling jewelry for Chloe + Isabel in Brooklyn. We got together at the Barclay’s Center the other day (luckily before the craziness of the VMA’s) to check out her beautiful hand-picked collection from the company.

These mixed metal bangles were one of my favorite pieces of them all. Together, they create a gorgeous trio but they stand alone quite well, going with just about any outfit you put on. Even a friend of mine remarked on their weight. These pieces are surprisingly high quality with beautiful details (even the logos are a design well thought out) at costume jewelry prices. Check out her online shop here and if you want these, contact her directly!


I’ve also been obsessed with these E.Kammeyer wrap bracelets for a while now, as you’ve probably noticed. I just borrowed a bunch of these bracelets for a shoot this week and the designer, Emily, kindly included one for me to keep! She recently added these 18kt gold filled tassels to her collection. I can’t wait to wear this one nearly daily now, knowing that the gold color won’t fade.

I’m also excited to announce that E.Kammeyer is now being sold on one of my favorite online retailers, Open Sky. Check it out.


Speaking of ornamental things, I’m so excited to announce that for those of you that have been following my home decor adventures in my new Brooklyn apartment, this crazy light fixture that came with the place and was hanging over my dining room table is no more!

I fell in love with this chandelier I found at The Klaff’s that’s the perfect combination of industrial Brooklyn and vintage, which is my aesthetic apparently.

I’m sorry to disappoint that I won’t be having a party with the color light show, but not to fret, I still have two more that still need to be replaced. If you or anyone you know may want to be the proud owner of this, please contact me (dearandistyle@gmail.com).

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