Do or Don’t: Skirt Over Pants Trend?

Nicole Kidman on the cover of November 2012 Harper’s Bazaar (Terry Richardson/Harper’s Bazaar)

Chanel F/W 2012 /
Joseph F/W 2012 / 
Emma Watson / Getty Images

So when I first started seeing the whole skirts over pants thing on the runways, I thought it was just another crazy high fashion thing that may only be interpreted in editorials. You know, like things like McQueen’s armadillo-inspired heels that in the real world maybe only Lady Gaga could pull off.

Yet, I am wrong—the “trend” has returned and seems to be going strong now that it’s taking to the celeb world. I have to say, if it’s done well like a peplum over tailored or slim pants, it’s starting to grow on me.

Supposedly it’s going to be the coldest winter we’ve had in years, so this may be one trend I may have to succumb to.

Will you dare to wear pants under your skirt?


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