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Say Goodbye To Dear Andi…



…and say hello to

Dear loyal readers,

After over 3 years, I’ve decided that it’s time to say goodbye to Dear Andi.

The name had quite a bit of meaning to me at the time my blog launched. I was unsure of the direction of my career and I found my mother’s journals with all entries beginning with “Dear Andi” on it, and thought “that’s it!”

But “Dear Andi” was cute. It was an idea. It was something I didn’t think would turn into what it did, when fashion blogs were just on the cusp of becoming a thing. “Dear Andi” has also reached its peak.

And now it’s time for time for the next phase of my blog life; aligning my blog with what I do for a living as a NYC fashion stylist living in Brooklyn. Which brings us to “The Brooklyn Stylist.”

While it’s a new beginning, it’s going to be more or less a natural transition with similar posts like:

-my *realistic* personal style

-my insider look into the fashion industry

-my travels, as well as my stylish life in Brooklyn

-and of course, I’m still here as your personal stylist, answering your style dilemmas.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the future of The Brooklyn Stylist brings and to seeing you over there. (and on social media at my name, @LizTeich).




All Eyes On This New Eyewear + Your Cheatsheet For The Perfect Frames


ON EMILY | head over to Accessories Gal to see what she’s wearing.

ON LIZ |  vintage mens top via Context Clothing // Gap belt // James Jeans (yes, the flare is back!) // Rag & Bone boots // Rebecca Minkoff clutch (similar online) and necklace (c/o) // E.Kammeyer bracelet (c/o) // Chloe +Isabel bracelet (c/o) // etc… bracelet // Stella +Dot bracelet

All glasses by Felix + Iris (c/o)

When it comes to anything new in fashion my good friend Emily and I are the first to want to try it out—or at least know about it (ie. I love the new gaucho pant trend this season, but my dad told me I looked like I belonged on the short bus last time I wore them, so I will continue to admire from afar!).

The new glasses brand called Felix + Iris contacted me with their new eye-wear collection that just launched last week that may revolutionize the classic pair of glasses and I couldn’t wait to be one of the first to try their system out.


I know you’re probably thinking, I’ve seen things like this before, but hear me out; you’re going to find the glasses that were meant for you. You may even fall in love with two pairs.

Here’s why:

-They send you a free at-home try-on “Fit Kit” 4 pairs based on your preferences, coloring, your face shape and even your lifestyle, so they’re completely tailored to you.

-A marker is included in the kit to mark your pupil in the glasses to get an exact measurement for the perfect fit. No more prescription glasses headaches!

-The glasses are beautifully crafted and all stylish, yet classic styles—nothing wild or crazy.

-If you’re not thrilled with what you get, they have a no-questions-asked return policy that allows you to ship your glasses back for free, for a full refund.

-The prices are flat-rate and totally affordable for glasses (no middle man here!).


I usually have trouble finding a good pair of glasses that look good on my oval/long shaped face and with my fair skin and blonde hair, so when I find a pair, I stick with it for a while. My face shape looks best with wider and more angular frames to balance out the long, curved shape of my face. I also told them that Emily has a similar shape face, but more angular so surprisingly some worked better one one of us than the other.


We definitely had fun trying all of the glasses on together and seeing what works best on each other.

felix_and_iris_2 felix_and_iris_3

WAY too much fun.

felix_and_iris_4 felix_and_iris_5

I think these were our favorites on each of us. Head over to Emily’s blog and see what else she chose and check out my top two below and let us know what you think. Which would you choose?


The “Butler” glasses in tortoise?


or the “Morgan” glasses in blue/wine?



STYLIST TIP: balance out your face shape with your glasses by going with the opposite of your face shape.

Ο // Round: Most angular shapes flatter your face. Stay away from round and over-sized glasses, which will make your face appear rounder.

[] // Square: Glasses look great on your face, but avoid anything too boxy or wide, and stick with the complete opposite to work with your shape.

♥ // Heart Shape: You can wear just about any shape, but stay away from the cat eye shape or else it will exaggerate your features.

() // Oval: Lucky you, most shapes work well on your face but anything over-sized and too long or narrow will not work well with your face shape.

{New Work Alert} Lands’ End’s Fall Issue of Apostrophe

I recently had the opportunity to style Lands’ End’s quarterly magazine, Apostrophe for their fall issue and as you can tell by the images below, had a lot of fun on this shoot at their headquarters in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. I also had fun sharing my styling tips and fall trend predictions while behind the scenes of the shoot (see video above), including the fall coats every woman needs.

Speaking of needs, I also started to make my fall shopping list from their latest collection. Trust me, it’s really good. The details on the coats made them look way more expensive than they probably are, the leather handbags rival ones that cost more than double, and those jeans! I can’t believe they are finally making jeans that both I and my hubby will want every style of.

Start making your fall shopping list below…

STYLIST TIP (top secret!): They didn’t show it, but they caught me on camera weathering a leather watch and belt with a bit of rubbing alcohol and sand paper—try this at home to make your new leather goods feel perfectly aged!











See more and where to shop these looks at Lands’ End

Your Shopping Strategy Shopping The Altuzarra x Target Collab (12 Stylist Picks!)


Tired of sifting through big store designer collaborations and finding nothing you want left by the time you actually make it into the store?

I have your strategy for shopping the upcoming Altuzarra x Target collection who’s preview was just released and will be out in stores on September 14th. This one won’t last long in stores thanks to fashionistas in the know and the strong looks created by the CFDA darling designer.

When Joseph Altuzarra teamed up with Target, he set out to keep the feel of his pricey line but still staying true to his brand without literally recycling his designs. Unlike past Target lines, he focused on the cut of the garments, which always helps make clothing look more expensive, but staying with Target prices—nothing over $89.99—something he’s able to accomplish when working with the large quantities that Target produces.

Check out my stylist picks of the nearly 50 piece collection and why you may want to add these 12 items to your shopping list:


1. This sheer bow blouse is a good bet to snatch up before everyone else catches on. I guarantee the dress versions of this will go first, but the blouse version is more versatile because you can wear it with jeans, layered with a sweater over it or even tucked into a skirt. This classic top will have way more legs than a dress (no pun intended).


2. This corset belt is also a good bet because it’s flattering on anyone and can make a cheap dress with no shape look much more upscale. It’s hard to tell how good the leather is from the picture, so that’s why my pick is the black over the black, which is lighter so you can see how the quality of leather is more easily. STYLIST TIP: If you do get the brown version, you may want to make the leather more buttery and weathered by rubbing Vaseline on it and you can add wear with rubbing it with sandpaper.


3. This pick could go either way, depending on how it feels in person, but right now the furry coat was EVERYWHERE on the fall runways and it’s totally on trend—therefore if you want to jump on board, this is an affordable way to make that happen.


4. I predict that these over-the-knee boots may be the first things to go in the collection, so while everyone’s fighting over the dresses in the front of the store, run straight to the shoes in the back and grab these. They’re a beautiful design and will no doubt be mistaken for a way more expensive shoe. The tricky part is whether the quality is there, so you may have to stop in the Dr. Scholl’s shoe pads department while in Target!


5. This sheer peasant dress is one of the most gorgeous of the collection with intricate embroidery making it look way more expensive than it likely is.


6. The peasant blouse version is equally as good and can be worn nearly all year-round, layered or on its own.


7. Everyone needs a well tailored blazer and this one with its well-placed darts, high cut arm holes and slim sleeves, this one is sure to flatter and be a classic staple for years to come.


8. This two-tone trench may be the priciest piece in the collection, but it’s well worth the investment. A good designer trench tailored with details like this would normally cost hundreds and not end in a price with $.99


9. Read #7 and add a showstopping WOW between the rich color and luscious fabric of this velvet blazer.


10. Add the velvet pants for a Gwyneth in a Tom Ford for Gucci 90′s moment—not to mention the beautiful satin striping details.


11. The cut of this 70′s influenced dress is extremely flattering on most figures and is sexy yet classic. It’s also one of the few dresses in the collection that you probably won’t get stopped by someone who recognizes the collection and asks, “oh is that Target?”


12. If you can’t score #4, grab these lace-up booties. They’re just as fabulous and you’ll live in them all season.

Happy shopping and good luck fighting over these items!

images via Refinery29

How To Insta-Tailor A Dress Without A Tailor


Do you ever find a dress you love, but something’s just slightly off? I always recommend to spend a few extra bucks on getting your wardrobe tailored. Even if you’re buying “fast fashion,” it could get mistaken for a designer piece if you just have it fit to you (this dress got mistaken for Phillip Lim the other night!).

In this case, this dress was just a slightly awkward length on me—not quite a maxi and not quite a flattering tea length—so I nearly returned it after falling in love with it when I found it for a recent advertising photo shoot. Then in a pinch with nothing to wear to my friend Emily‘s birthday shindig at a swanky members-only spot in Manhattan, I tried my styling trick of creating a waistband with a belt.

STYLIST TIP: Add a skinny belt to the waistband of your dress if it’s seamless and doesn’t already have a waistband. Then pull a little bit of fabric to blouse over it. Insta-waist and insta-tailored!

Check out how easy it is to do and what a difference it made below.

dear_andi_dress_solution2 dear_andi_dress_solution4 dear_andi_dress_solution5 dear_andi_dress_solution6 dear_andi_dress_solution7


Zara dress  and bag // Loeffler Randal shoes // H&M belt // vintage necklace and watch // Maison Antonym ring (c/o) // etc… watchband bracelet // Stella & Dot spike bracelet // E. Kammeyer tassel bracelet (c/o)


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