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The Better Show & SnobSwap (I’m On TV!)


Eliza // Jessica // Jessica // Liz

(all in wardrobe styled by me, available on SnobSwap)

If you don’t already belong to the luxury designer online marketplace, SnobSwap, you’re going to want to now. The founders of the site asked me to style and model in their recent appearance on the Better Show and I was thrilled to. Working with gorgeous pieces from brands like Marni, Bottega Veneta, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, just to name a few, and all at affordable prices, made my job easy!

On top of that, my models were these gorgeous bloggers that looked great in everything I put them in. It was honestly the easiest fittings I’ve ever had to style in my entire career as a stylist.

Each look was modeled after a celebrity’s style (I was Lauren Conrad), so it was fun to recreate the outfits you may have seen them in the magazines wearing, with the trends for this spring.

Everything you see here can be purchased on the site (except for what I styled the lovely ladies of SnobSwap in and of course the host, Rebecca, and Kelly Osbourne).

Check out some of the behind the scenes pictures below and watch the Better Show on Tuesday (check your local listings. If you’re a local, it will be on at 6am on WLNY and nationally, 12pm on the Hallmark Channel) for our segment!











New Work Alert: Vagamundo


Photographer / Paul Wright
Stylist / Liz Teich
Hair / Christy McCabe
Makeup / Izzy Ruiz
Producer / Brandy Faling
Location / Dune Studios

You may remember some of the easy breezy bohemian pieces I wore in these posts and unfortunately I couldn’t tell you where to buy it just yet, but now I can at least direct you to where you can. I styled the look book for the new Chilean-based collection of clothing and accessories, Vagamundo, back in the fall and it’s finally out online.

The majority of the clothes in the store in Chile are handpicked from vendors and fabricators in India. According to Brandy, one half of the design duo, “We then specifically choose the fabrics for each design, make changes to the fit/sizing as appropriate for Chilean or American bodies, etc., sometimes make some design modifications, and then have the clothes made to our specification.”

They also have a section of vintage clothing to combine with the more ethnic clothing to create a complete “urban bohemian” feel, in addition to an “eco-fashion” section of clothes where they upcycle vintage pieces with fabrics that the owners find in their travels.

With beautiful and unique styles like these, it’s no wonder why I got snapped by a few street style photographers wearing one of their jumpsuits during New York Fashion Week in the fall!

The store and site have launched, but if you can’t make it all the way to Chile (sigh), then like their Facebook page and stay tuned for updates. Let them know if there’s anything you like here too!

Just a heads up, prices are too good that you’re going to want to own it all—trust me.




Vagamundo_Button Pant_ 070

Vagamondo_Kerala_ 094 copy

Vagamundo_Pant Poncho_ 031

Vagamundo_Pant Poncho_ 018

New Work Alert: Birds Of Paradise


dress: Valentino // earrings: Dolce & Gabbana

You probably can’t tell by these springy looks that we shot on location in Palm Beach in January, but the entire crew was bundled up in jackets and boots while the poor models suffered in the abnormally chilly weather for Florida.

I’d say it still looks pretty hot as the models sizzled in printed trends inspired by warm weather cultures and regions.

Speaking of trends, mark my words: the visor is the new baseball cap. It’s no longer for the retirees and tourists, but it’s legitimately cool with details like leather (see my previous post that included one).

Is it spring yet?


top and skirt: Tibi // visor: Helen Kaminski


jacket, skirt, and earring: Dolce & Gabbana


dress: Nanette Lepore // headwrap: MINT by Dakar Boutique // earrings: Amanda Sterett // (Left hand) ring: Azaara // Ring: Wendy Mink // (Wrist to elbow) bracelets: Mexican Hill Tribe; Cruciani C Boutique; Sisco and Berluti; Magda; Gypsies and Debutantes // (Right hand) ring: Wendy Mink; Slight Jewelry // bracelets: (Wrist to elbow) Whiting & Davis; Sisco and Berluti; Gypsies and Debutantes; Sisco and Berluti; Magda; Gypsies and Debutantes

Produced by: Lydia Santangelo
Photographed by: Montana Pritchard
Styled by: Liz Teich
Models: Stacy Ann Fequiere, Mikaela Schipani, both of Ford Models Miami; Anastasia Radionova of Wilhelmina Miami

Hair and Makeup Artists: Mish and Angel of Mish Makeup Artist
Assistant Producer: Mary Elizabeth Loncich
Assistant Stylists: Dianna Bedrosian of TESstylist, Kat Griggs, Nick Adedokun
Digital Tech: Megan Blank
Assistant Photographers: Philomena Polizzi, William Dion
Grip: Eric Cecere

See the rest of the story online here.

New Work Alert: Sporty Luxe


As you can tell by my recent post and look, I’m all about the sporty chic trend for this spring.

You probably can also tell by my physique that I tend to opt for a pair of Lululemon yoga pants over track pants any day, yet there’s something about this trend that I gravitate towards.

Maybe it’s that I long for 90′s minimalism because it looks so timeless and effortless to look polished. Maybe it’s because I still hold a grudge for being cut from the basketball team and then broke my arm at a Knicks sponsored basketball camp. I can at least finally look the part while sticking to my fashionable roots.

I definitely didn’t show my athletic side when I nearly hit the model with a heavy-weight tennis ball a few times, as the crew on this shoot had fun throwing the old school balls onto set while shooting in the oldest racquet club in the world.

Check out more of the shoot and where to buy these fabulous clothes and accessories here.






Photography: Alex Martinez
Styling: Liz Teich
Producer: Courtney Hollands
Art director: Vanessa Fiori

Hair: Liz Morache
Makeup: Maryelle O’Rourke
Model: Chantal
Stylist Assistants: Kate Colangeli, Nick Adedokun
Photo Assistant: Greg Waldo

NEW WORK ALERT: “Cardboard Noir”

Usually, most people would agree that the most arduous job on a photoshoot is one of a wardrobe stylist. We schlep, we have to stay organized, and of course we don’t just show up on the day of the shoot, but we spend time prior prepping, often concepting and my least favorite part, the returning/wrapping of it all.


This was not the case for my recent menswear shoot shot by Shannon Greer. His talented partner and artist, Charlotta Janssen most definitely had the most work of us all, creating museum-worthy film noir style sets and even making my job easier with saving me from tying a bow-tie (guys, it’s actually less challenging than it seems!) with a cardboard cut out of one. With such a fantastic crew on this one, we had more fun channeling our inner Bogies and Bacalls than this was actually work for us.








Photography: Shannon Greer
Styling: Liz Teich
Grooming: Sabrina Rowe
Digital Tech: Robert Bredvad
Production Assistants: Eva Marie Lansberry, Paloma Lansberry
Wardrobe Assistants:  Nicholas Adedokun and Morgan Leykam


This year it seemed like Thanksgiving hadn’t even come yet and stores were already putting out their holiday decorations—of course Thanksgivukkah didn’t help.

As a stylist, I’m thinking about the holidays as early as the summer, believe it or not. The designers are thinking about it even earlier than I am and when their holiday and resort collections come out then, we’re shooting those designs or planning shoots with them.

I started to think about holiday around fashion week in September, and while I’m already working on spring fashion projects at the moment, I’m so excited to share this holiday editorial I styled with you.






Photographed // Steven Menendez
Produced // Lydia Santangelo
Styled // Liz Teich
Hair // Stacey Kuehn

Makeup // Tina Echeverri
Assistant Producer // Mary Elizabeth Loncich

Photo Assistant // Robert Cadena
Assistant Stylists // Constance Smith, Erin Gray

New Work Alert + NYC Designers You Need To Know

she and reverie shot by jessica weiser

She and Reverie bralette

IMG_4156 revised

Kaufman Franco dress // Le Mos necklace

IMG_4056 revised

Gulsha Chereli top // She And Reverie bralette // Astridland pants // Le Mos necklace // Gypsy Nation vintage hat // Nona E. Rose belt (it’s called the “Andi” belt!!)

IMG_4336 revised

Gulsha Chereli vest and shorts // E.Kammeyer necklace


IMG_4266 retouched

Gulsha Chereli vest // Z-dress by Anastasia Klekkas dress // Naked Label bracelet // stylist’s own boots

photography // Jessica Weiser

styling/art direction // Liz Teich

hair/makeup // Kacie Corbelle

model // Kate Potter

What to wear after an apocalypse in NYC?

Maybe I’m watching too much Walking Dead and post apocalyptic tales, but I can’t help to think about what people are wearing as they’re fighting off zombies and/or starting new civilizations in the aftermath of the downfall of society.

I’ve noticed that there’s always a lack of color and they always look like they’re ready to kick some butt or sit down for brunch at a casual downtown bistro. I guess that all came to me when I scouted out the run down Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn for my shoot with the talented photographer, Jessica Weiser.

There’s something so beautiful in the ruins of Gowanus made it the perfect backdrop for working with all local NYC designers, who use this great city as their inspiration and most of which I found through the wonderful local resource, The Fashion Center BID (Thanks Ryan!).

By the way, if you don’t know about The Fashion Center, it’s a great resource to call when you’re looking for anything in fashion in NYC like sample sales!

What would you wear in a post-apocalyptic world?

New Work Alert & “How To’s” For Fall

I styled these videos for Marks Clothing over the summer, as the rest of the crew from Canada was shooting their lookbook. Both the NY and Canadian crews had a blast together, shooting around Williamsburg, Long Island City, and SoHo—that is until my car got towed (and I was parked legally!).

Luckily, my amazing crew picked me up with the passenger van to move to the next location and we had such fun time working together that I totally forgot about what happened. Even our male model decided to insert funny lines that had us belly laughing, as he knew we weren’t filming sound.

You also would never know that these were some of the hottest days of summer, as the models kept smiling, despite wearing 10 layers and wool!

How adorable are these stop motion “how to” videos below?

client // Denver Hayes Vintage for Marks Clothing

video/photographer // Alex di Suvero

stylist // Liz Teich

hair/makeup // Sabrina Rowe

producer // Christian Clark

New Work Alert + #FridayFavorites : CROCS (yes, you read that correctly!)



images from WWD (photographed by Gary Land, styled by Liz Teich)

I know what you’re thinking. C’mon Liz, really? You’re endorsing Crocs?

Yes really. Just when you were getting sick of my New York Fashion Week posts (it’s over, don’t worry!), I have one more spring collection to report on. I’ve been waiting since I shot this look book months ago to tell you all about it and I can’t wait any longer. I’m so excited to find that WWD and Racked both reported on this week that Crocs is officially coming out with their new upscale collection of women’s shoes called “Alter Ego” by Crocs, which is totally not what you’d expect from the brand.

No joke. The collection includes comfortable rubberized pumps, flats and even sandals that rival this past summer’s Birkenstock resurgence. I wouldn’t be endorsing it unless I actually loved them and I have to say, the pumps were actually not only incredibly comfy when I wore them (even a size too small!) for a crew photo shot and then running all over the photo studio, but they actually made my set styling uniform of jeans and a tee look a bit more polished.

These aren’t Mario Batali’s or your mom’s gardening Crocs. I can even see these being the perfect shoe for me to run from meetings to events in the city without giving me about six new blisters (hello, NYFW!).

Whether you’re a lover or hater of Crocs, you should check out “Alter Ego” and maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised (in person!) like I was. They’ll be available in March of 2014 in retailers like Zappos and in specialty boutiques.

New Work Alert / Fall Fashion Report







Produced by: Lydia Santangelo

Photographs by: Bob Packert

Wardrobe Stylist: Liz Teich of Anchor Artists

Shot at: Blantyre, Lenox

Hot air balloon provided by: Worthington Ballooning & Berkshire Balloon Excursions

Hair Stylist: Michelle Lee, Salon Eva Michelle

Makeup Artist: Susan Donoghue, Ennis Inc.

Assistant Stylist: Olivia Linville of Anchor Artists

Assistant Producer: Mary Elizabeth Loncich of TESstylist

Photographer’s First Assistant: Buck Squibb

Wardrobe Interns: Constance Smith, Shenai Williams, Kayla Buchs, all of Anchor Artists

Production Intern: Julia Fachetti of TESstylist

Assistant Hair Stylist: Jennifer Ng of Salon Eva Michelle

Models: Carolan Fleer of Click Models, Michelle McHugh of Dynasty Models

I’m so excited to announce that probably my most favorite editorial I ever had the opportunity to work on was finally released online (out on stands this week).

Nevermind the fashion for a second, but can we talk about that hot air balloon—which I got to fly in and then was relieved to be on the ground after the operator announced to “bend our knees and brace for impact”?

Can we also talk about the gorgeous estate that we shot in, where my butler (!!) delivered us Fed Ex slips on a silver platter?

How I had a beautiful cottage just to myself, my assistant and about 6 racks of clothing for a couple of days?

I also have to mention that estate kindly provided all of our meals in the VIP wine cellar. The production assistant and I joked how we should break into singing “Day-O” from the famous scene in “Beetle Juice,” as we all sat around the large dining table among candelabras and giant crystal goblets filled with water.

It’s jobs like these that make me so grateful to have unique experiences while I’m working.

Now back to why you’re here. The fashion! This one for Improper was also one of the largest editorials I’ve styled with about 20 different looks and over 40 different designers/showrooms/shops that I worked with. The fall fashion issue is always the biggest issue of any magazine, so I was prepared with more wardrobe and accessories than you can imagine—and many more looks styled as well. Can you tell we had fun with the mid-century trend that was all over the runways for fall? From the nipped waists, full skirts, and menswear inspired fabrics, I don’t know about you, but this makes me ready for fall!

See what else ended up making the cut here.

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