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How To Take The Jumpsuit Trend From Day To Night


jumpsuit: Zara // sneakers: DV Dolce Vita // sunglasses: Karen Walker // bag: c/o Alexander Wang // bracelets: etc… // booties: DVF (via TJMaxx) // clutch: Rebecca Minkoff // necklace: c/o Gojana Griffin

Happy tax day! Hopefully you’re getting money back this year, but if you’re like the rest of us, you’re going to need to get the most out of your wardrobe.

That’s where I present to you the most versatile spring trend of the season that you’ll want: The Jumpsuit.

It’s the easiest piece that you can take from day with a pair of slip-on sneakers and a handbag to night with some heels and a clutch.

That’s why it was a must when traveling this weekend. See how I quickly took my travel outfit to a dinner-ready look and try this trend at home.

dear_andi_jumpsuit1 dear_andi_jumpsuit2 dear_andi_jumpsuit3


dear_andi_jumpsuit6 dear_andi_jumpsuit5


The Better Show & SnobSwap (I’m On TV!)


Eliza // Jessica // Jessica // Liz

(all in wardrobe styled by me, available on SnobSwap)

If you don’t already belong to the luxury designer online marketplace, SnobSwap, you’re going to want to now. The founders of the site asked me to style and model in their recent appearance on the Better Show and I was thrilled to. Working with gorgeous pieces from brands like Marni, Bottega Veneta, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, just to name a few, and all at affordable prices, made my job easy!

On top of that, my models were these gorgeous bloggers that looked great in everything I put them in. It was honestly the easiest fittings I’ve ever had to style in my entire career as a stylist.

Each look was modeled after a celebrity’s style (I was Lauren Conrad), so it was fun to recreate the outfits you may have seen them in the magazines wearing, with the trends for this spring.

Everything you see here can be purchased on the site (except for what I styled the lovely ladies of SnobSwap in and of course the host, Rebecca, and Kelly Osbourne).

Check out some of the behind the scenes pictures below and watch the Better Show on Tuesday (check your local listings. If you’re a local, it will be on at 6am on WLNY and nationally, 12pm on the Hallmark Channel) for our segment!











How To Wear Denim On Denim


jacket: 3.1 Phillip Lim // top: Lumiere // jeans: Current Elliott (similar below) // shoes: Dolce Vita // sunglasses: Karen Walker // bag: c/o Alexander Wang // necklace: c/o Nashelle // bracelets: c/o E.Kammeyer and etc… // nails: Gelish from Dashing Diva

This past weekend was the first hint of spring—finally—in NYC and I was ready to shed my socks and winter coat and go for some slip-ons and a denim jacket.

The denim jacket is the perfect transitional piece for this spring and you’re going to want to invest in a good one to wear often. This one that I scored at a Barney’s warehouse sale a few seasons back has become a perennial favorite and I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth out of it. A denim jacket, when done right, is classic and so timeless that you’ll have it in your closet for years.

That being said, don’t be afraid this season to mix it with your other denim pieces for an easy, casual look. The “Canadian Tuxedo” has gotten a bad rep over the years (no thanks to THIS horrible early oughts memory), but trust me on this, it’s going to look current when you do it this season. Denim was all over the runways and will be on your shopping list.

Before you try this look at home, be sure to read this stylist tip.

STYLIST TIP: When wearing denim on denim, don’t try to match the pieces, but opt for different washes. It could look too matchy if you wear the same shade head to toe. Denim acts as a neutral, so it’s best when you treat it that way and pair two different shades.






March Comes In Like A Lion and Out Like A Lion


I thought the saying went “March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb,” but as my friend Jess wrote this week on Facebook, it’s totally going out like a lion too here in NYC.

Fortunately, my photo shoots this week are indoors, but this cold is taking a toll on not just me, but everyone around me. I may have caught yet another flu and it hurts even more to spend my days looking at and styling summery clothing that I can only dream about wearing soon.

No fair mother nature!

Well, the one good thing about the extended winter is trying out the looks for next fall that you saw on the runways. Camel coats were everywhere—including on me—and I predict they will be this fall. Time to stock up now while the season’s at the tail end (hopefully).

STYLIST TIP: The best time of year to purchase a coat is January through March, when they tend to go on sale. The longer you wait, the lower the price…and the less selection as merchandisers are moving in spring merchandise.




coat: vintage Chaiken (similar below) // tee: Free People // jeans: J.Crew // booties: DV by Dolce Vita // belt: c/o Nona E. Rose // bracelet: c/o E.Kammeyer // hat: Gap (similar online) // scarf: Saks // sunglasses: Karen Walker (via Poshmark!) // bag: c/o Alexander Wang // necklaces: vintage and Gypsies & Debutantes

photos by Emily


How To Wear A Hat





jacket: Kaylee Tankus // scarf: Zara (similar online) // bag: c/o Alexander Wang // hat: c/o Tracy Watts // top: James Perse via Marshalls // jeans: J.Crew // sunglasses: Karen Walker // earrings: Tom Binns  // boots: Dolce Vita // nail polish: c/o Julep

As you can probably tell by now, I’m a hat person. I wasn’t always that way, but I realized over the years both in my own style and on shoots how they just complete an outfit and make you look so effortlessly polished.

I’ve been obsessing over the Brooklyn-based hat line, Tracy Watts, as everything is classic yet has a little something that makes it special. Like the leather cap I wore during fashion week, these beautifully hand made hats get noticed.

I’ve met the designer, Tracy, numerous times and never actually seen her in a hat, but she did give me this amazing hat tip:

If the hat is slightly too big on you and you love it (like this hat for me!), Tracy said you can use the same foam tape that you would use to insulate your windows to keep it from slipping off.

Here are my STYLIST TIPS to wearing a hat:

DO always take a lint roller to your hat to make sure it looks clean and lint-free and steam it if needed

DON’T match your hat exactly to your outfit (ie, black leather hat with black leather jacket)

DO wear a wide-brimmed hat with hair that has some wave or body to it

DON’T store your hat without either other hats or tissue paper inside of it to keep its shape

DO angle a wide brimmed hat slightly to one side so it doesn’t overwhelm your face

DON’T wear a straw, linen, or lightweight hat in winter and don’t wear a wool hat in the summer. Keep them seasonal.

DO keep the outfit and accessories simple if you top it off with a hat

DON’T wear a hat that resembles anything from a cartoon (take note Pharell)

What I Wore + My Plea To Street Style Photographers


photo by Max Kopanygin for Kenton Magazine

top and pant: c/o Dana-Maxx // coat: Chaiken // hat: Albertus Swanepoel // shoes: Lela Rose for Payless // bag: c/o Cambridge Satchel Company // ring: Giles & Brother

I recently wrote about how fashion week had changed quite a bit since my first shows years ago. It’s beyond the prevalence of selfies—though Cara Delvigne even broke news that she took the first selfie video while walking down the runway at at the Giles show this week.

I’m talking about all of the crowds of street style photographers waiting for the perfect shot at Lincoln Center of a stylish show-goer. Sometimes about six of them will bombard one person at once and it can make an ordinary person like me feel like they’re a regular on TMZ. 95% of which, you will never see the photos of. What’s worse is that some of them direct you how to walk and tell you to stop…and wait…and when I count to three…

It’s rather surprising when they act like you’re okay with this and they never introduce themselves or tell you where the images will show up.

Luckily, some photographers have a bit more tact and will introduce themselves, ask if they can take a photo or two, tell you where it’s going, perhaps exchange a business card, capture you in flattering angles/lighting, and better yet, tag you in the images when it comes out (shout out to Statia Grossman for DailyCandy and Max Kopanygin for Kenton Magazine for doing just that).

Don’t get me wrong, I love that street style—posed or not—has become a thing so I can take note of what “regular” gals are wearing for inspiration, but here’s my plea to photographers out there:

Make it organic and always give credit where credit is due. We spend a lot of time to look this stylin’.

xoLiz // Dear Andi


photo by Emily Kammeyer

sweater: Joseph // jacket: Kaylee Tankus // skirt: c/o Dana-Maxx // tights: c/o Hipknoties // booties: c/o United Nude // hat: c/o Tracy Watts // bag: Rebecca Minkoff // ring: vintage

Liz_by_emily_kammeyer_2 Liz_by_emily_kammeyer_3

Liz_by_emily_kammeyer_4   Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 2.25.13 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 9.09.59 PM

Life Before Selfies & Simple Times During Fashion Week


Igee Okafor and Liz Teich

top and pant: c/o Dana-Maxx // coat: Chaiken // shoes: Lela Rose for Payless // bag: c/o Cambridge Satchel // hat: Albertus Swanepoel for Target

When I attended—and actually worked on—fashion shows back in the tumbleweeds days of the tents at Bryant Park, it was show after show of nothing but designers’ collections of the season. It was a way for us to preview what was to come, make orders and plan editorial stories, etc.

There weren’t sponsors hanging around, doing shoegoer’s hair, serving them an endless supply of SmartWater and Diet Coke, and I even had to run over to ‘Wichcraft to grab a fruit salad for a designer which ended up uneaten. Models, they’re just like us, they would walk around in plain clothes and sans makeup between shows. I recall one even reading an actual book (remember those?) in the middle of Bryant Park. The closest thing to “street style” was getting a glimpse of what Anna Wintour wore while entering the front entrance. Cameras were only found inside photographing what was on the runway and maybe the four celebrities attending the show in the designers’ clothing. The biggest shocker is that I even wore red faux leather booties from Payless to one of my first shows.


On Emily Kammeyer: coat: Christian Siriano // top: Madewell // hat: Patricia Underwood // bracelets and necklace: E.Kammeyer On Liz Teich: sweater: Joseph // skirt: c/o Dana-Maxx // hat: c/o Tracy Watts // bag: Rebecca Minkoff all shoes: Sigerson Morrison


New York Fashion Week has become a completely different beast nowadays. It’s become quite a show. Whether you like it or not, it’s now about how the designers present their work (Alexander Wang created an uproar when he moved his show to Brooklyn and Alice + Olivia had this season’s show at an exclusive and creative location…stay tuned for more on that). It’s about who’s attending the shows—or even hanging around its newer venue of Lincoln Center.

At the very least, this new fashion week encourages creativity in how people dress. The wardrobe you see outside the tents is actually just as important when setting trends as what you see inside the tents. Can you believe people are already making predictions based on this past week (camel coats for fall!)?

I guess not all has changed. I even wore a pair of Payless shoes this time around. You can make my fashion week fancier, but I will always be a fan of mixing designer fashion with affordable pieces like a real person would/should.


With Blaire Brown

On Liz Teich: coat: Paul Smith // pants: Dolce & Gabbana via T.J.Maxx // sweater: c/o Dana-Maxx // belt: c/o Nona E. Rose // bag: c/o Alexander Wang


Liz Teich, Rachel Greenspan of Quarterlette and Rachel Sax, Quarterlette contributor and designer of Nona E. Rose

What do you think of what New York Fashion Week?

My Shopping Date At Mahna Mahna


Dana-Maxx top and pants

I recently built my dream closet in my apartment, but Mahna Mahna is truly a giant closet of my dream wardrobe. This showroom that just branched out from their Asian roots and opened up in the heart of SoHo invited me, as well as a couple of my favorite fashionista girlfriends, stylist Leah Snow and accessories designer/blogger Emily Kammeyer to come in and essentially play dress up. What’s more fun than that, especially when you’ve been looking but not touching gorgeous clothing all New York Fashion Week?


We each decided to pick out two looks each that were two versions of our own personal style. Being a Gemini, this was incredibly easy for me to decide because I generally dress in two styles, depending on my mood: Bohemian with an edge OR a little bit of rock n’ roll with tailored pieces. I was going for the latter here with this 3.1 Phillip Lim top, but it just felt to stiff for me. I like to be comfortable in what I’m wearing or else it shows that I’m not. Here’s what we all came up with that felt like all of our individual styles:


Emily Look 1: “Polished Preppy With An Edge”

Maison Martin Margiela top // Ashish skirt // E.Kammeyer necklace and bracelets // Charlotte Olympia shoes


Emily Look 2: “Flirty Meets Sporty”

Ashish top and skirt // E.Kammeyer necklace // Chanel bag // Rousseau shoes


Leah Look 1: “Fairytale Theater”

JC de Castelbajac dress // E. Kammeyer tights // Malene Birger shoes


Leah Look 2: “Grown-up Tomboy”

Dries Van Noten shirt // Malene Birger pant // Jimmy Choo shoe // E.Kammeyer necklace




Liz Look 1: “Downtown Trendy”

Danilo Gabrielle coat // Sretsis sweater // Antipodium skirt // Versace booties // E.Kammyer bracelet and necklace




Liz Look 2: “Bohemian Chic”

Emilio Pucci dress // Giles & Brother ring // E.Kammeyer necklace // Jimmy Choo shoes

All photos by Ira Black

What look is most your style? You can rent a whole look for an upcoming event via a stylist like me or for yourself for this NYFW week for just $100 at Mahna Mahna.

3 Stylist Tips on How To Layer Like A Pro


coat and scarf: Zara // vest: vintage from Barney’s // blazer: L.A.M.B. via T.J.Maxx // sweater: Helmut Lang via T.J.Maxx // dress and leggings: c/o Hipknoties // gloves: Ralph Lauren // boots: Dolce Vita // bag: Rebecca Minkoff 

This never-ending cold is really putting a damper on getting dressed in the morning, right? If it were acceptable to leave the house with my plush Restoration Hardware floor-length robe on, I probably wouldn’t take it off after I showered.

The only way to get through the winter looking cute—especially such a brutal one like this one—is by layering.

I’m not just talking about throwing a jacket over a sweater. I’m talking clever styling tricks here people.

From beginner styling like wearing leggings as tights because they’re warmer, to advanced styling like wearing tights UNDER your pants and letting them peek out with heels on, you too can layer like a pro.


STYLIST TIP #1: Layer a blazer under your winter coat. It will add a layer of warmth and polish up your look when you take it off. Plus, it hides nicely under your coat, so no one will know until you take it off.


STYLIST TIP #2: Break out some of those dresses you reserve only for fancy occasions or for warm weather and throw a sweater over them. You may be pleasantly surprised that you created a whole new look out of your closet.


STYLIST TIP #3: If you have a furry or fun winter vest (NOT a down-filled vest) that you normally wear over a top but you can’t seem to fit any of your coats over your outfit without looking like you’re smuggling a person under there, trying wearing the vest OVER your jacket (also NOT a down coat). You may be surprised how good it looks and that people will think that it’s actually a part of your coat!


Throw on your winter accessories and go! Stay warm out there.

Look, I’m on TV + The Secret To Easy Polished Hair

Liz Teich on WBAL NBC from Liz Teich on Vimeo.

dress and jacket: c/o MONaMOUR // lip color: c/o Mally Beauty


Someone recently told me that I always looked so polished (thank you!) and asked if I did my own hair and makeup for the morning show segments I’ve been on. Yes, I do. While I’m not big-time enough to have a personal hair and makeup artist to follow me around, I’ve learned quite a bit from the hair and makeup artists I work with and now have the tools to do it myself.

Not to get all infomercial on you, but you can too.


Believe it or not, this little handy tool from John Frieda by Conair has changed the way I style my hair. It’s actually made my getting ready time so much quicker. I now don’t have to  blow dry my hair as often and no matter what it looks like dry, this curling wand smooths it out and gives it some life.

Before you tell me you easier said than done or oh, but I’ll burn myself (which is exactly what this newscaster said to me off air), try it.

Take sections of hair and wrap around the wand, away from your face. The trick is to not curl too close to your head and make sure to leave a bit of hair free at the bottom for a more modern look.


This is my other great hair day secret. Coconut oil isn’t only great for smoothies to help you digest, but I keep a bit of it in a jar in my shower for a once a week hair mask.

Use only a nickel size of oil and you may have to heat up the jar to get it less solid. Keep this in your hair for at least 10 minutes and up to even a day if your hair is extremely damaged and dry.

The first time I tried this, I actually went out to dinner with it in my hair pulled back and it looked like I hadn’t showered in days, so I don’t recommend doing it for that long unless you really need it or are not going out in public! You may have to shampoo a couple of times to get it out, but guarantee that it will be the best hair mask you’ve ever tried—and eaten. Have a great hair day every day now!

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