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How To Wear Denim On Denim


jacket: 3.1 Phillip Lim // top: Lumiere // jeans: Current Elliott (similar below) // shoes: Dolce Vita // sunglasses: Karen Walker // bag: c/o Alexander Wang // necklace: c/o Nashelle // bracelets: c/o E.Kammeyer and etc… // nails: Gelish from Dashing Diva

This past weekend was the first hint of spring—finally—in NYC and I was ready to shed my socks and winter coat and go for some slip-ons and a denim jacket.

The denim jacket is the perfect transitional piece for this spring and you’re going to want to invest in a good one to wear often. This one that I scored at a Barney’s warehouse sale a few seasons back has become a perennial favorite and I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth out of it. A denim jacket, when done right, is classic and so timeless that you’ll have it in your closet for years.

That being said, don’t be afraid this season to mix it with your other denim pieces for an easy, casual look. The “Canadian Tuxedo” has gotten a bad rep over the years (no thanks to THIS horrible early oughts memory), but trust me on this, it’s going to look current when you do it this season. Denim was all over the runways and will be on your shopping list.

Before you try this look at home, be sure to read this stylist tip.

STYLIST TIP: When wearing denim on denim, don’t try to match the pieces, but opt for different washes. It could look too matchy if you wear the same shade head to toe. Denim acts as a neutral, so it’s best when you treat it that way and pair two different shades.






How To Wear A Hat





jacket: Kaylee Tankus // scarf: Zara (similar online) // bag: c/o Alexander Wang // hat: c/o Tracy Watts // top: James Perse via Marshalls // jeans: J.Crew // sunglasses: Karen Walker // earrings: Tom Binns  // boots: Dolce Vita // nail polish: c/o Julep

As you can probably tell by now, I’m a hat person. I wasn’t always that way, but I realized over the years both in my own style and on shoots how they just complete an outfit and make you look so effortlessly polished.

I’ve been obsessing over the Brooklyn-based hat line, Tracy Watts, as everything is classic yet has a little something that makes it special. Like the leather cap I wore during fashion week, these beautifully hand made hats get noticed.

I’ve met the designer, Tracy, numerous times and never actually seen her in a hat, but she did give me this amazing hat tip:

If the hat is slightly too big on you and you love it (like this hat for me!), Tracy said you can use the same foam tape that you would use to insulate your windows to keep it from slipping off.

Here are my STYLIST TIPS to wearing a hat:

DO always take a lint roller to your hat to make sure it looks clean and lint-free and steam it if needed

DON’T match your hat exactly to your outfit (ie, black leather hat with black leather jacket)

DO wear a wide-brimmed hat with hair that has some wave or body to it

DON’T store your hat without either other hats or tissue paper inside of it to keep its shape

DO angle a wide brimmed hat slightly to one side so it doesn’t overwhelm your face

DON’T wear a straw, linen, or lightweight hat in winter and don’t wear a wool hat in the summer. Keep them seasonal.

DO keep the outfit and accessories simple if you top it off with a hat

DON’T wear a hat that resembles anything from a cartoon (take note Pharell)

3 Stylist Tips on How To Layer Like A Pro


coat and scarf: Zara // vest: vintage from Barney’s // blazer: L.A.M.B. via T.J.Maxx // sweater: Helmut Lang via T.J.Maxx // dress and leggings: c/o Hipknoties // gloves: Ralph Lauren // boots: Dolce Vita // bag: Rebecca Minkoff 

This never-ending cold is really putting a damper on getting dressed in the morning, right? If it were acceptable to leave the house with my plush Restoration Hardware floor-length robe on, I probably wouldn’t take it off after I showered.

The only way to get through the winter looking cute—especially such a brutal one like this one—is by layering.

I’m not just talking about throwing a jacket over a sweater. I’m talking clever styling tricks here people.

From beginner styling like wearing leggings as tights because they’re warmer, to advanced styling like wearing tights UNDER your pants and letting them peek out with heels on, you too can layer like a pro.


STYLIST TIP #1: Layer a blazer under your winter coat. It will add a layer of warmth and polish up your look when you take it off. Plus, it hides nicely under your coat, so no one will know until you take it off.


STYLIST TIP #2: Break out some of those dresses you reserve only for fancy occasions or for warm weather and throw a sweater over them. You may be pleasantly surprised that you created a whole new look out of your closet.


STYLIST TIP #3: If you have a furry or fun winter vest (NOT a down-filled vest) that you normally wear over a top but you can’t seem to fit any of your coats over your outfit without looking like you’re smuggling a person under there, trying wearing the vest OVER your jacket (also NOT a down coat). You may be surprised how good it looks and that people will think that it’s actually a part of your coat!


Throw on your winter accessories and go! Stay warm out there.

How To Stay Stylish In The Cold




jacket: NAU  (similar here) // jeans: AllSaints // boots: Sorel // hat: Albertus Swanepoel for Target (similar here) // scarf: Zara // gloves: Ralph Lauren // bag: Rebecca Minkoff

With the messy snowstorms and the record low wind chills across the country—some down to negative 60 degrees (Sorry Mid-Westerner friends…I can’t even imagine!!), it’s nearly impossible to stay warm and still look cute.

Trust me, it’s not totally impossible.

Function is of course the key when it comes to these conditions, so it’s time to break out those down jackets and snow boots whether you like it or not. Unless you’re Ms. Wintour and getting shuttled in a private car service this winter, you’re going to have those days were you will actually need these things. It took me years of resisting to break down and actually buy them, even after going to a university we dubbed “Siberia-cuse.” I have to say this jacket and these snow boots were the best wardrobe investments I may have ever made. Best of all, if you invest in them, they will last you for years and save you money from buying new ones every year.

These pieces may not get me featured on The Sartorialist, but I will be able to pridefully walk down the street both warm and not looking like I’m the Michelin Man or on the ski slopes. Plus, you can always jazz up classic pieces like these with a trendy chunky scarf (the more over-sized the better this season!) and a furry hat.

Stay warm and stylish, wherever you are.


How To Wear A Jumpsuit


The jumpsuit is having a moment right now. With its cameos all over American Hustle and on the runway for spring, and even the red carpet, there’s no denying that the jumpsuit is popular this season.

Next time you have to dress up for a night out, try this trend, along with my stylist tips, and stand out from the sea of cocktail dresses. Take cues from American Hustle and add some chunky jewelry.

Opt for jumpsuits that are either wide or straight leg and avoid anything that’s tight at the thighs and then flairs out will make you look like you’re going for the Elvis or Selina look—unless you want to biddy biddy bum bum.

If you feel like your jumpsuit is looking too risque, top it with a jacket and make sure to always pair it with some heels to make you look longer and leaner.



jumpsuit: c/o MONaMOUR // belt: vintage Dior // heels: Louboutin (similar online) // jacket: vintage Givenchy // clutch: Marc Jacobs x Target/Neiman Marcus // jewelry: vintage


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