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Say Goodbye To Dear Andi…



…and say hello to

Dear loyal readers,

After over 3 years, I’ve decided that it’s time to say goodbye to Dear Andi.

The name had quite a bit of meaning to me at the time my blog launched. I was unsure of the direction of my career and I found my mother’s journals with all entries beginning with “Dear Andi” on it, and thought “that’s it!”

But “Dear Andi” was cute. It was an idea. It was something I didn’t think would turn into what it did, when fashion blogs were just on the cusp of becoming a thing. “Dear Andi” has also reached its peak.

And now it’s time for time for the next phase of my blog life; aligning my blog with what I do for a living as a NYC fashion stylist living in Brooklyn. Which brings us to “The Brooklyn Stylist.”

While it’s a new beginning, it’s going to be more or less a natural transition with similar posts like:

-my *realistic* personal style

-my insider look into the fashion industry

-my travels, as well as my stylish life in Brooklyn

-and of course, I’m still here as your personal stylist, answering your style dilemmas.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the future of The Brooklyn Stylist brings and to seeing you over there. (and on social media at my name, @LizTeich).




How To Insta-Tailor A Dress Without A Tailor


Do you ever find a dress you love, but something’s just slightly off? I always recommend to spend a few extra bucks on getting your wardrobe tailored. Even if you’re buying “fast fashion,” it could get mistaken for a designer piece if you just have it fit to you (this dress got mistaken for Phillip Lim the other night!).

In this case, this dress was just a slightly awkward length on me—not quite a maxi and not quite a flattering tea length—so I nearly returned it after falling in love with it when I found it for a recent advertising photo shoot. Then in a pinch with nothing to wear to my friend Emily‘s birthday shindig at a swanky members-only spot in Manhattan, I tried my styling trick of creating a waistband with a belt.

STYLIST TIP: Add a skinny belt to the waistband of your dress if it’s seamless and doesn’t already have a waistband. Then pull a little bit of fabric to blouse over it. Insta-waist and insta-tailored!

Check out how easy it is to do and what a difference it made below.

dear_andi_dress_solution2 dear_andi_dress_solution4 dear_andi_dress_solution5 dear_andi_dress_solution6 dear_andi_dress_solution7


Zara dress  and bag // Loeffler Randal shoes // H&M belt // vintage necklace and watch // Maison Antonym ring (c/o) // etc… watchband bracelet // Stella & Dot spike bracelet // E. Kammeyer tassel bracelet (c/o)


How To Wear A LRD (Little Red Dress)

How To Wear A Little Red Dress

Candice Swanepoel by Mariano Vivanco, Vogue Mexico //Alexander McQueen red cut out dress


I’ve been looking for a great red dress for a while and it’s surprisingly hard to find. I’d prefer something v-neck and a shift style and works for a girl that has a real girl booty. Have you come across anything good like this lately?

-Annika, NY

Dear Annika,

Yes, in fact the LRD is just as popular and versatile as the classic LBD right now. The great thing about the little red dress is that it never goes out of style, you can dress it up or down and it’s flattering on everyone. The perfect LRD is out there for sure and it’s easier to find/wear than you think. See below for my top picks for you and be sure to follow my styling tips when you wear it.

If you’re going to wear a red dress, you may want to follow these STYLIST TIPS:

→Look for a dress that’s either lined or not too clingy to avoid seeing any unsightly lines or bumps. If not, wear either a half or full slip to smooth everything out.

→Pair your dress with neutral accessories like black, grey, silver, gold, nude, or even another shade of red and let the dress do the work with drawing in the eye. Accessories should compliment the dress and not distract from it, otherwise with such a bold color, it could be overwhelming.

→For a polished look, add a neutral blazer and for a more casual look or to take it into evening, add a fitted leather jacket.

→Look for a longer hem that hits either just above or below the knee for a more professional look.

How To Pack For A Weekend Getaway With These 10 Essentials

How To Pack For A Summer Weekend Getaway


I’m traveling a lot this summer and need quick go-to ideas for packing minimally and efficiently. Any ideas??

-Kate, NY

Dear Kate,

I’m in the same boat (no pun intended) and always feel like I need to pack everything…just in case! That’s why I always try to travel with items that play double duty.

1. This one piece swimsuit is not only adorable and totally on trend (yes, one pieces are in!), but it can double as a top if you throw a skirt or shorts over it.

2. A bag you can take from day to night is a must like this clutch.

3. I rarely travel on vacation without a hat because you can block the sun and can give you instantly a good hair day. This classic panama hat is both stylish and affordable.

4. Obviously you will need a weekend bag to carry everything, but it’s always a bonus when it can also be used as a beach tote, carry-on or even for a major shopping trip.

5. Sunglasses are an obvious thing to pack, but a classic aviator style pair of sunglasses  goes with everything and when you have a fun twist like colored lenses, it looks updated.

6. A jumpsuit can be worn from day to night with the change of shoes and a bag, but most importantly, it’s one piece to pack and you don’t have to think about matching it.

7. You’ll probably need to pack a beach towel and this one doubles as a beach blanket and scarf.

8. This hair styling product isn’t a double duty as much as it’s an effortless way to get great summery beach hair!

9. Like it’s grown up relative the jumpsuit, the romper is a great way to pack a day-time outfit without a thought, plus it also works as a beach coverup.

10. Sandals like these can be worn from day to night so it will save quite a bit of room in your bag.

6 Items You’ll Want In Your Closet For Confusing Weather


It’s finally starting to feel like spring around here in NYC—only a couple of months late—so I was so excited to start breaking out the warm weather gear.

At the same time. it felt like I completely forgot how to dress for this season, as we’ve been jumping from freezing winter weather to summer in a flash the past few years. It also doesn’t help that living in a city, I can’t just throw extra clothing in a car. I have to plan for 50 degree mornings, 70 degree afternoons and 60 degree evenings, like case in point with this outfit that took me from morning to evening.

In case you’re struggling with the transition and are like me, the Goldilocks of wardrobe (too hot, too cold), here’s a checklist of items you will need to get through the season until the sweltering heat kicks in:

→ A fitted denim jacket that’s not too long and just the perfect amount of worn in

→ A good pair of ankle boots that can be worn with a dress or shorts

→ A gauzy cotton scarf that is long enough to wrap around a few times

→ Peds (low socks that aren’t noticeable) to wear so it looks like you’re sockless, but your toes will be warm

→ A neutral and well tailored trench or lightweight jacket that matches everything

dear_andi_denim_jacket dear_andi_denim_jacket3 dear_andi_denim_jacket4 dear_andi_denim_jacket5

Mavi jacket (c/o) // Theory dress (similar online) // Rag & Bone boots // vintage Coach bag (similar) // vintage, Stella & Dot and etc… bracelets // Karen Walker sunglasses


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