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2 Ways Shop With Me This Week!

Whether you’re guilty of being in need of last minute holiday shopping OR you just need to treat yourself to something after a long year, you’re going to want to shop with me this week.

Here are two ways that you can get some unique finds and hang with me at the same time.

Liz Teich of DearAndi on PoshMark App

1. Posh Party with me!

You may have heard me wax poetically about my obsession with the Poshmark App, but in case you haven’t, it’s my favorite way to make sure that both my closet and items I’ve saved from photoshoots stay fresh.

Poshmark just got “up close and stylish” with me on their site, so check out why I love Poshmark so much and more about me.

Then you’re going to want to download the FREE app from iTunes and start selling from your own closet. Why not sell them to someone who will give them a good home to make room for pieces you’ll actually wear…and especially when it’s as easy as snapping a photo with your phone!

Speaking of which, tonight is the perfect time to try it out because Poshmark is letting me co-host a “Posh Party.” Log onto the app and see my picks to shop from.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 2.08.19 PM

What: Poshmark “Total Trendsetter” Posh Party

When: Tonight at 10pm EST / 7pm PST

Where: From the Poshmark App on your phone…from anywhere!


2. Shop one of my favorite brands and meet me!

You may have also heard me go on and on about my favorite belt line called Nona E. Rose. The NYC based designer is featuring her designs at a special holiday trunk show tomorrow at the famous Henri Bendel.

What: Meet me at the Nona E. Rose trunk show

Where: Henri Bendel New York
712 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019

When: Wednesday December 18th from open until close (meet me from 9-5pm)

 Stay stylish and I’ll see you there!

Gift Ideas From Your Favorite Stylist & Fashion Expert

Learnvest Gift Guide

When freelance writer and former editor at Seventeen Magazine, Jane Bianchi, approached me to share my 3 gift ideas for the fashionista, I was thrilled to accept the challenge. Then I realized I could ONLY pick 3 items and they had to be at $25, $50, and $100 price points.

Man, was that a challenge.

My best advice when giving this holiday is to give a gift that the person receiving would never splurge the money on, but will use all of the time.

Despite being a fashion stylist, I actually rarely give the gift of clothing unless I know for certain the person will love it. It’s always tricky when dealing with what you think is someone’s personal style and their fit.

Check out my one-size-fits-all gift picks for this season, as well as other industry experts picked in this article.


This Will Change How You Shop


Do you ever fall in love with something when you’re shopping online and say, “Oh man, I should wait until this goes on sale to get it” and then by the time it goes on sale, you’ve completely forgotten about it?

The new site, Rack It Up is literally going to fix this problem and change the way you shop.

As you probably know by now, I’m always looking for the best deals for my closet, my clients and even my readers, so when Ali and Bri of Rack It Up told me about their brilliant site, I had to sign up and start “racking.”

Now they featured me and my closet below as a “trendsetter” of the moment. Check it out…


Try it out for yourself…


It’s that easy.

You can follow the items I’ve hand picked and racked here or rack up your own closet and get alerts when those pieces get marked down.

Happy racking!

STYLIST TIPS:  There are things you can also do to get additional discounts when shopping online. Here are a few…

  • Clear Your Cache Sites you shop on may track your visits through cookies. When you go to your browser preferences and clear your history or cache, then it will think you’re shopping there for the first time. Some sites often give discount codes for first time customers!
  • Don’t Hesitate To Add To A Shopping Cart Sites want to entice you to complete that purchase, so they may e-mail you an discount offer to come back and complete your purchase.
  • Take The Surveys Check your receipt when you make an in-store purchase. Often stores ask you to take a quick online survey and will give you a discount on your next purchase online.

Clothing Swap With My Closet Right Here!

Liz Teich invite on Bib and Tuck

What’s better than shopping from a stylist’s edited closet?

Swapping your clothes for new pieces from said closet!

That’s where Bib & Tuck comes in. You can essentially “bib” or sell your designer and unique pieces that are just taking up space in your closet and you can let someone else “tuck” them in exchange for virtual “bucks” that let you buy from other closets on there, including well edited ones from famous fashion designers, fashionable editors, designers, and even stylists. Basically it’s like a never-ending clothing swap with your most stylish friends.

Brilliant, right?

In my first week on there, I tucked a pair of Nanette Lepore culottes that I only wore once because I realized I’m not actually a size 0. I then got some bucks to score a pair of Lanvin sunglasses.

Picking up what I’m putting down here? Try it for yourself and start swapping with me.


Bib and Tuck featured closet Liz Teich

While you’re there, check it out…Bib & Tuck featured my closet this week and interviewed me on everything from my first crush to products I can’t live without.

Follow @bibandtuck on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to find out who’s closets they’ll be featuring next. Maybe even yours!


I’m Famous In Brazil!


Rag & Bone blazer // Vanessa Mooney necklace (c/o) // Beth Lauren necklace (c/o) // etc… bracelet

photo by Ehren Joseph // makeup by Maria Scali


Check out my cover and interview for EVA Magazine in Brazil (hopefully you can read Portuguese) that just came out!

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