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Natural Beauty Gamechangers


One piece of beauty advice I received recently may have changed the way I approach skincare forever.

My celebrity makeup artist friend, Maria Scali, told me that I need to hydrate and moisturize my skin to get rid of a recent bad breakout.


All those years that I spent drying out acne, apparently I was doing it wrong. Doctors, commercials and even magazines all tell you to use these drying products to zap those zits away, but apparently you could be making it worse.

Now my routine involves lots of moisture to balance out the zit “zappers” that can create dryness.

Here are some of my favorites at the moment:



The best toner you can use for a breakout may be in your own kitchen. Lemons have natural antiseptic properties, so they’re great at killing the bacteria on your skin. The only drawback is that they can be pretty harsh on your face.

Mix one part lemon juice and one part rosewater in a small bottle to balance it out. The rosewater calms irritation and redness that the lemon can cause. Lemons can also help rid of excess oil, but rosewater adds moisture back in. Maria warns, getting rid of those natural oils can actually make your skin more prone to clogged pores.


I asked Maria if acne treatments are okay to use then. She said she actually liked anything with salicylic acid in it because it is natural and encourages your skin cells to turnover more rapidly and prevents pores from clogging.

One of my favorite natural skin care lines, Juice Beauty, created this serum that actually hydrates your skin while treating blemishes with salicylic acid. I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks now and my breakout has calmed quite a bit and I’ve never seen my skin this smooth. If you’ve had serum-phobia like I have, this one will change your mind.


Speaking of the serum trend, this one is worth every penny if you’ve been battling acne scarring like I have for quite some time (Maria also recommended, but I was already on it!). It was created with medicinal herbs found in Korea, including a stronger strength of ginseng than can be found on this side of the world. The ginseng increases circulation, so it promotes cell turnover and as a result, the scars fade much more quickly than they would on their own. It’s also a bonus that it adds moisture to your face.

FirstAidBeauty_UltraRepairCream2_600Maria nearly disowned me as a friend when I told her that I was only moisturizing once a day because I was too afraid to clog my pores. She said I was actually clogging them more because my skin was dry. Who knew? She approved this moisturizer that I’ve been using because it is used by patients with eczema, so it should be non-irritating enough for someone like me.




Lastly, you can’t forget about your eyes when talking skincare. It’s the most delicate skin on your face so you can’t use a regular moisturizer. I’ve always used creams on my eyes, but now that I’m on the serum boat, I’m all about eye treatments like the one from Juice Beauty I mentioned recently and this one from Orico London. This eye elixir is so lightweight that it won’t cause any little bumps and it’s all natural so you won’t feel bad about it being near your eyes.

How To Get A Natural Instant Eye Lift + Giveaway!


I swear, I didn’t retouch the eyes in this photo.

Those are all mine and all natural…and bag-free. I can also attest that it was not like that just ten minutes prior.

It’s been a busy few weeks for me (hence the lack of posts around here) with traveling for a shoot and long days on other shoots that make me feel zombie-like when I get home. All of this work and lack of sleep has been evident in my under-eye area lately.

Luckily Juice Beauty sent me their brand new Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift, which is being announced today and launching for Earth Day, and came to the rescue. A plastic surgeon helped develop the product for the company, so the natural ingredients feel like they mimic an eye lift.

I’m usually wary about trying facial products on my sensitive skin and especially ones with a huge promise like this, but I fell in love with the organic and natural line already, and every product I’ve tried has been a winner in my book.


The Instant Eye Lift is a two-step easy process that only takes 10 minutes to do. I did it while getting ready the other day (that’s why I’m wearing this fashionable Restoration Hardware bathrobe).


The activator serum gets applied to the mask provided.


It becomes almost gel-like, probably because it’s made with algae, which is pesticide-free, unlike the cotton we normally use on our delicate eyes, and the sodium in it helps deliver hydration to your skin. After a few minutes it began to tingle and I could feel a refreshing sensation under my eyes.


Immediately, as I peeled off the eye mask, it felt like my skin was cooled, tighter and smoother. I couldn’t stop looking at my eyes in the mirror because they really did transform in just 10 minutes. I then applied their best selling stem cell eye treatment to finish, which uses fruit stem cells to reverse aging. You can see below what a difference it all made and it truly was instantly.

I’m not sure how long it will last—we will see after a long week coming up this week—but this is definitely a product I will need for whenever I need to appear on camera instead of behind the scenes so I don’t have to sit around with cucumbers ineffectively on my eyes!


 top: Theory (at TJMaxx) // necklace: vintage and c/o Nashelle (similar online) // midi ring: custom by Sophie Hughes // earrings: Tom Binns (sold out, similar online)

You could win a sample* of the activator, eye lift mask, and stem cell treatment and try it out for yourself by entering below.

Otherwise, sign up to the Juice Beauty website for updates and 10% off your first purchase!

Remember, the more times you enter, the better your chances are. The winner will be selected at random based on entries and will be announced by 4/1. Good luck!

*Sample includes one time use of mask and treatment packet.

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Pretty Little Multi-Functional Things


top: Ted Baker // ring: Giles & Brother // compact: c/o Sulwhasoo


It’s thisclose to spring, right?

It doesn’t feel like it this week while I’ve been in Wisconsin for a photoshoot (no more snow!), so these floral pretty little things are giving me that seasonal optimism, knowing it’s just around the corner every time I pull them out from my purse.


powder compact: c/o Sulwhasoo (similar here too) // perfume pin: c/o Marc Jacobs Fragrances (similar ring here  and necklace here too)

As a stylist, I love anything that not only looks great, but is also multi-functional. Even yesterday, I picked up a necklace at an antique shop—because I have always had a bad habit of buying jewelry when I travel—and only for the reason that it can be worn maybe four different ways.

I can’t resist beauty products the same way. It makes me feel like it’s okay, if not proper, to apply them while I’m out when they look this good. There goes the “I have to go to the ladies room to powder my nose” excuse. Flaunt these beauties in public!


Artistry Makeup


top: Zara // vest: Aritzia // ring: Giles & Brother

One of the biggest perks of working in the fashion industry is working with some of the top people in the beauty business and picking up a few tricks and latest trends.

I had the privilege to work with NYC-based celebrity makeup artist, Rick DiCecca, on a photo shoot the other day. He happens to be the brand ambassador of the beauty line, Artistry, and it was like Christmas working with him, as he showed me all of the amazing new products he helped develop. Here’s some of my favorites in the line that you’re going to want for your own beauty arsenal:


This palette of eye shadows is probably going to be the most used thing in my makeup bag now. It has just about every flattering color for every occasion and season because it’s all pretty natural-looking and subtle enough that it compliments your face, rather than makes it look made up. I used the taupe color that is like the dream every-day shadow I’ve been looking for that doesn’t have all that shimmer business that makes it look like I’m wearing makeup.


I then used a skinny bent liner brush for the darker espresso matte color to line my lids. Trust me, this looks way more natural than pencil liner and is surprisingly easy to do.


The tawny hot chocolate color was perfect to add in the crease of my lids to create more depth, yet still look natural and compliment my light eyes.

STYLIST TIP: Warm colors like browns look fabulous on blue and green eyes and cool colors like purple and grey works great on darker eyes. Think back to the color wheel in your high school art class and use complimentary colors to bring out your eyes.


This face highlighter and bronzer may have sold out, but this similar one will do the trick.


Using multiple colors instead of just one blush will create more of a natural flush to your face. Rick added that you can blend together or use one to highlight and one to contour on your cheeks.


I’m a sucker for a good lipstick and my bag may carry about 5 at one time, but this one may be the only one I need. It’s not only subtle in color, but it doesn’t have that tacky and fake feeling like most glosses do when you put them on.


I then used a highlighter gloss to add a bit of sheen to the center of my lips, making them appear fuller than they actually are (did you know your lips shrink as you get older??).

The bad news is this duo gloss is sold out online (contact Rick if you want one), but for $16.50 each, you can get a few of them and these have a built-in mirror and LED light to help you apply them!


I apologize to my readers, but the giveaway has been cancelled, but both Rick and I promise there will be another one coming up soon, so please check back!



see more beauty tips from Rick on his blog!

Survival Guide To Fashion Week (Or Just Busy Life)

Fashion Week (Or Just For Life) Survival Bag

1 – Serge Normant dry shampoo // 2 – Lavanila deodorant // 3 – Dr. Scholl’s
insoles // 4 – Mophie // 5 – Justin’s Almond
Butter // 6 – Burt’s Bees tinted balm // 7 – Alexander Wang

Whether you’re gearing up for New York Fashion Week coming up later this week or you’re just a gal on the go, these must-haves are essential for your purse. I tend to hit the shows and then to events without making a trip back home, so I need my bag to hold it all and get me through the day. From dry shampoo to liven my locks, natural deodorant that doubles as a fragrance, insoles to rescue my feet, an iPhone case to rescue my phone, a protein-rich snack to pick me up, and a tinted balm to reapply when I don’t have time to perfect my pout. Of course, this calls for a bigger bag.

The Skincare That’s A Gamechanger


It is believed that the body goes through internal changes every 7 years. I can attest to this, as my skin is completely different than it was just 7 years ago. I only had a few tiny white heads now and then and I could actually get away with little to no makeup.

To anyone that knows me well, knows that I’ve been battling skin issues like adult acne for a while. I tend to mask it well with makeup, but it’s been my biggest insecurity and I won’t be caught without it—even when I’m doing yoga! It’s only been in recent years and you name it, I’ve probably tried it. I noticed that cutting out dairy helps, but I have a weakness for pizza (hello, I’m a New Yorker!). As a result, I’m usually pretty wary of trying a new skin regimen, especially when it’s designed for aging skin. Somehow at my age I’m caught in between using drying products designed for teenagers and oily products targeted for older women.


Deborah, a representative for the Korean skin care line Sulwhasoo, invited me for a facial at Bergdorf Goodman to try out the line the other day. The brand has been around for 60+ years and was the first luxury herbal skincare line, made from natural ingredients from Korea that work from the inside-out, kind of like the philosophy of Eastern medicine like acupuncture. After years of battling with products that were stripping layers of my skin, I loved the idea that this would address the cause of my skin concerns.

She promised that she would find a combination for my skin type and after filling out a questionnaire about my skin and habits, it was concluded that the products would reduce any inflammation from existing breakouts while creating an even tone and targeting fine lines that are just starting to form.

After a recent breakout from trying new products, stress, eating pizza of course, and forgoing my usual juice in the morning for whatever pastry is offered at work, I was excited to try something that sounded so promising, though skeptical at the same time to try something that would aggravate it even more.


My aesthetician offered four scents to choose from, Ginseng, Pine, Apricot and Camellia, that would direct how she would conduct the facial. She told me to go based on instinct from what I smelled and I ended up choosing the one I would have thought I would like least, pine, which which meant I desired a more invigorating experience. She assured it would be relaxing at the same time.

She also offered me some green tea, which I thought had been sitting out too long, but I learned from her that green tea should actually be served at room temperature and only briefly steeped, as you can burn the fragile leaves and it’s more effective this way. I drank up and enjoyed a complimentary delicious macaron.

The facial itself was quite relaxing and while I was nervous that it was different from the facials I was used to (no steam or extractions), it felt incredibly gentle. My skin is extremely sensitive, so it was a bit red after and I asked for some tinted moisturizer after, which covered it all up.


We went over all of the products that are ideal for me and there were quite a few that sounded like they would help my skin in particular, but this is the first time I ever heard of a serum that is universal for all skin that unlocks skin’s protective barrier to help the other products work more effectively. Hey, if it works, I’ll try it.


They sent me home with a regimen of all of these products to try out for a week and Deborah told me to contact her if it wasn’t working out well. A few whiteheads seemed to surface after the facial and I was close to sending an email that I was scared to go further, but I decided to stick with it a bit longer. I’m glad I did because a week later, all signs of breakouts disappeared, my acne scars are fading, my pores actually appear smaller, my fine lines are hardly noticeable, my skin appears softer and glowing (according to the hubby), and overall it’s improved drastically in just a week!

PROS: smaller pores, smoother skin, natural, faded spots and lines, less breakouts

CONS: pricey, lots of products in regimen

Try these products out for yourself and go to Bergdorf to set up a consultation.

How To Get Insta Boobies


tee: James Perse (perfect tees for busts of all sizes!) // jeans: BDG // bag: Topshop // bracelet: PatchNYC // sunglasses and scarf: c/o George Gina & Lucy

Maybe it’s the New Yorker in me and the fact that I’m constantly around fashion models all of the time, but I’ve come to terms with being fairly flat-chested.

Don’t get me wrong, a small size B cup isn’t the worst problem to have, but I struggled for years with push up bras, wondering when my chest would fill out to the rest of my female frame. Alas, they never did. I’ve been okay with that. I rarely have fit issues with my shirts and I can wear over-sized tops without looking frumpy. I never wanted a boob-job, even after working with models that have some pretty convincing ones. Though, a part of me always wondered what it would be like to be just slightly fuller in that area.


Then this came in the mail for me and I seriously thought about it.

It seems that boobs are back, especially with models like Kate Upton on the scene and “too skinny” models being banned from the runways during New York Fashion Week. I can’t tell you how many times in the last year that I’ve worked with models that I don’t need to add any padding or “cutlets” to their bras because they’re already filling them out—sometimes even too much. Clients actually have asked me to minimize models’ chests for the first time in my career as a stylist!

Normally, I wouldn’t try a product like this with such a claim that it’s “been proven to enhance breasts by 2 to 4 cm after 6 weeks of use,” but with all organic/natural ingredients, I figured it was worth a shot. It contains an “essential oil blend has been developed to increase circulation and have uplifting properties.” For $47, it’s way less than a boob job, so why not?

This natural bust and neck enhancing elixir by Orico London, which is basically a serum, has instructions to apply once every day and you’re on your way to a fuller, wrinkle-free chest. It tingled at first, and not long after I complained about achy boobs, similar to growing pains back in my pre-pubescent days, though I suspect it’s the natural ingredients causing them to be inflammed. I’m not sure if he was putting me on, but the hubby even said my chest looked bigger the next day. Whether or not it was true, I could feel something happening.

The claim on the bottle seems a bit promising, but if it just keeps my decolletage—the first area on your body to show signs of aging—young for a while, I’ll be good with that. After about a week of my nightly routine of massaging this into my chest (don’t get excited), I actually had to cut back to once every other night or so. I’m not sure if it was mind over body, but I felt like my bust was heaving and I needed to cut back before it grew too much. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

Defining Beauty (& The Only Time You May See Me Sans Makeup!)



Some may say the perks about being a fashion stylist would be the clothes—which I rarely get for free, occasionally I get a discount but more often it’s just a cruel tease to be around them all of the time—and the free lunch on shoots.

To me, the biggest perk is to learn so many gems of beauty wisdom from the experts I’m constantly surrounded with.

I found myself working with two of my favorites in the business the other day on a shoot in Brooklyn and getting a much needed hair makeover (and helpful tips) after the shoot from Stacey Keuhn and getting a lesson in makeup from the talented Mariolga Pantazopolous.

db cosmetics

makeup: c/o db Cosmetics // makeup case: c/o Tory Burch

Mariolga ran to her car after our shoot and grabbed these goodies for me from her new makeup line, db Cosmetics. She told me this was basically all I needed to add to my makeup regimen—and she was right.

Each product was carefully developed after years of her experience in the industry and all are named after inspiring women in her life from Frida Kahlo to even her own mother, so coming from someone who named her blog after her own mother, I was all ears (and face!).


She also told me that whatever I was using on my brows was not the right shade and showed me her brow color, which blended perfectly with my natural color. It’s tough to find a good brow color for very blonde hair, so I was impressed that possibly for the first time ever, I found one that actually matched. It also had fibers in it that glide on with a mascara wand, so it looks completely like your brows and not like you drew them on.


Next she taught me a makeup trick that’s going to change everything…ready for this…you should be applying your eyeliner looking DOWN into a mirror. Blowing your mind, right?

Mariolga demonstrated with the bent brush she sells on her site. You dip it into the pot of eyeliner, in my case a beautiful dark brown (that’s water resistant and will last all day!), and glide on while keeping the brush parallel to you eye line. After years of struggling with the eyeliner and brush combo, I think I’ve mastered it with this trick!


I have to say, while these tricks may have changed my beauty life, this cheek and lip product, Limitless, is my favorite of them all. She chose a trendy Radiant Orchid color for me, which perfectly suits my skin tones. Just a little of this stuff gave my face a whole new life like I’ve been perfectly flushed on this cold winter day.


Perhaps the only time I will post a picture of me without makeup on…well, except for a little db Cosmetics foundation in Arena 1942. Enjoy.

Sweater: Free People // Ring: Giles & Brother (gift from Emily)

Look, I’m on TV + The Secret To Easy Polished Hair

Liz Teich on WBAL NBC from Liz Teich on Vimeo.

dress and jacket: c/o MONaMOUR // lip color: c/o Mally Beauty


Someone recently told me that I always looked so polished (thank you!) and asked if I did my own hair and makeup for the morning show segments I’ve been on. Yes, I do. While I’m not big-time enough to have a personal hair and makeup artist to follow me around, I’ve learned quite a bit from the hair and makeup artists I work with and now have the tools to do it myself.

Not to get all infomercial on you, but you can too.


Believe it or not, this little handy tool from John Frieda by Conair has changed the way I style my hair. It’s actually made my getting ready time so much quicker. I now don’t have to  blow dry my hair as often and no matter what it looks like dry, this curling wand smooths it out and gives it some life.

Before you tell me you easier said than done or oh, but I’ll burn myself (which is exactly what this newscaster said to me off air), try it.

Take sections of hair and wrap around the wand, away from your face. The trick is to not curl too close to your head and make sure to leave a bit of hair free at the bottom for a more modern look.


This is my other great hair day secret. Coconut oil isn’t only great for smoothies to help you digest, but I keep a bit of it in a jar in my shower for a once a week hair mask.

Use only a nickel size of oil and you may have to heat up the jar to get it less solid. Keep this in your hair for at least 10 minutes and up to even a day if your hair is extremely damaged and dry.

The first time I tried this, I actually went out to dinner with it in my hair pulled back and it looked like I hadn’t showered in days, so I don’t recommend doing it for that long unless you really need it or are not going out in public! You may have to shampoo a couple of times to get it out, but guarantee that it will be the best hair mask you’ve ever tried—and eaten. Have a great hair day every day now!

4 Myths About The Fashion Industry And How To Fake It Like A Model


photo by Ehren Joseph

1. Models Are Like Barbies.

Just like Barbies would have to walk on all fours with those proportions, models in real life aren’t built that way. It’s true that models that are size 2 were blessed with tiny waists, but generally not much fat elsewhere for those curves you may see in when you’re browsing through catalogs and when you shop online—especially in the chest area.


Unless a model has breast implants (and I can totally tell when I see that), I’m often filling out their bras for catalog and e-commerce shoots with a range of what we call “chicken cutlets,” which are essentially like silicone implants but cost way less and are removable.styling_cutlets


2. Clothes Always Look Perfect On Models.

There’s a lot of prep that goes into making clothing look good like ironing, steaming, pinning, taping with Topstick, etc. to make it work for a shot you see selling the fashion. Even sometimes wrinkles are inevitable when models move around (linen is my enemy on shoots!), so sometimes I have to spray new ones with wrinkle releaser or they are even photoshopped out.


Try steaming your clothes before you wear them with this pro steamer or travel version or even try my favorite trick when I’m lazy, which is hanging your clothes in the shower to let the steam release the wrinkles.




3. Models Always Have Beautiful Thick, Full Hair.

Totally false. I can’t tell you how many times that models come in with their hair pulled back and there’s not much there to work with. Because their hair is styled so often, it can be quite damaged. Most of the time when you see gorgeous locks, hair stylists have spent an hour making that happen with a plethora of products—and most of the time with extensions and even wigs for African American ladies.


Try to deep condition your hair once a week (coconut oil is amazing for this). Also a thickening spray and dry shampoo like this one recommended by a hair stylist I work with when you style your hair will give it some life.


4. Models Have Perfect Skin.

No one is perfect. Yes, models are often close, but I’ve seen so many models before they sit in the makeup chair that aren’t. Not to sound like your favorite tabloid, but models are just like us. We all have our bad skin days. I was actually on a shoot years ago where the client decided to never hire the model we were working with again because she had a small breakout on her face! He only knew this because he saw her before she went into makeup.


Drinking water often is the best way to have model-like skin. Of course, many models don’t do this and you can see the effects even on their skin, which I’ve had so many makeup artists tell me that there’s nothing they can do to make it look better in that case. For breakouts or the inconvenient zit that pops up, a good concealer like this one make up artists swear by is key.cle_du_peau_concealer

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