How To Wear A Stylish Camera Bag

Dear Andi:
Any stylish suggestions for somewhat hefty cameras?
-Anita, blogger of Anita’s Feast, Switzerland

Isn’t that the eternal style dilemma? Trying to find something both stylish, yet functional isn’t always easy.


This bag by Chrome is the most functional of them all and perfect for the traveler type. It’s actually the one I gave as a gift to my hubby that loved to tote around our SLR camera and lenses while we go on adventures near and far. It’s even inspired him to take pictures for this blog because it’s so easy to wear with its cross body back-pack design. There’s even enough room for lunch!



This Jill-e camera bag is spacious enough for your camera and a plethora of lenses. It’s definitely a step up from the boring camera bags you find at the store you bought your camera at. Bonus: It’s reasonably priced for such a good quality bag at TargetOh, and it comes in red too!



I’m loving this camera bag by Epiphanie disguised as a playful chevron messenger bag. It fits more than just your camera and lenses, but doesn’t look like it.


Ona camera bag

If you’re willing to splurge, this Ona camera bag is your best bet. It has the protection for your camera, lenses and even room for your wallet, but it stylishly resembles a vintage Coach satchel.


Purse Blog camera bag

This incredibly cool monogrammed camera bag by Rebecca Minkoff, was featured on Purse Blog over NYFW last September and I’ve been coveting it since seeing among all of the bloggers it was gifted to. So until I’m gifted one (hint hint), I’m going to have to wait like everyone else to get one when it comes out this season so I can finally tote my bulky camera and lens around to all of the events this season!

Check out more of my suggestions below and let me know ( if you have any other fashion conundrums or queries.



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