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My TV Debut + Hipknoties Giveaway!

dress: c/o Hipknoties // hanger necklace: c/o Gorjana Griffin // pom-pom necklace: c/o E.Kammeyer // belt: c/o Nona E. Rose (get one at a trunk show at Henri Bendel this week!)

video by Jonathan Prosper

I’m making my broadcast TV debut this week (eek! stay tuned!) so it was only apropos that I give you my styling tips via a video.

Also apropos for the season, one of my favorite new brands, Hipknoties not only generously gave me one of their garments to play with, but also asked me to give one of them to you. Happy holidays!

Just enter the giveaway below and tell us how you would wear your Hipknoties if you one this same garment that can be worn 30+ different ways. One size fits all, so everyone can wear it—so get creative.

Remember the more times you enter, the more chances to win. Good luck!
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{Travel Diary} Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


|ABOVE| Hipknoties dress (c/o) // Dolce Vita sandals // TOMS sunglasses // Scala hat found at TJMaxx // bag and jewelry via Sapa artisans

My final stop in intensely touring the entire country of Vietnam was Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon. It was a snap back to reality of my city life back in Brooklyn, as this is definitely the most globalized and populated city of Vietnam.

Unless we were in the tourist areas, crossing the street was by far the scariest experience—with Typhoon landslides being a close second. The motorbikes come from every direction and there are more of them than you can imagine. The good news is they’re usually going pretty slowly because of the congestion, but it makes it even more difficult when there are too many to get through. Shopping through the night market, I nearly got run over by a few weaving around pedestrians.

After 16 days of dressing somewhat conservatively because we were visiting temples and in more traditional regions, I was ready to beat the heat with less layers. This garment from Hipknoties that I wore for most of the trip as a scarf, I finally was able to make into a dress and feel like I wasn’t offending anyone.

There was definitely a more Western influence on fashion in this city with boutiques carrying H&M and Zara in them, as well as a Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin in the wealthier part of the city. Still, most women on motorbikes kept covered from head to toe to avoid sun exposure. Pale white skin is coveted as an ideal there, so I can see why. I wasn’t quite as adjusted to that heat like they were and ducked into coffee shops to cool off with some iced coffee during the days. After 3 hot days of exploring here, we were ready for an 18 hour flight home to recover.




[Travel Diary] Hanoi, Vietnam


The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind, while traveling from the North to the South of Vietnam. I wish I could have shared my experiences with you in real-time—aside from Instagram—but I wasn’t in any location more than a couple of days, as we toured through over a dozen villages/cities through a tour organized through VITOURS, by a family friend who’s native to Saigon.

I packed everything I needed for 16 days into a small carry-on sized suitcase and a carry-on tote, and made sure to only bring pieces that weren’t too valuable because we moved around so much, slept on a bus, boat, train, plane and of course, many hotels.

It was quite the challenge because I’m usually an over-packer and never travel without my laptop, but my nice camera and iPhone did make the cut. I was able to keep the packing to a minimum by the following ways:

-packing neutral colors that can be easily interchangeable in multiple outfits

-a small bottle of Woolite for hand-washing in the hotel

-packing pieces that can be worn multiple ways, like these fun pants (see below), which also can be worn as a romper and if you flip it around, a top. You can see how I styled it on Vagamundo’s site both ways

-packing comfortable, but versatile and not bulky shoes like these Birkenstocks that could be dressed up or down, Havaianas for the beach, Keens for hiking and TOMS for traveling

-scarves that could double as shawls, sarongs and even dresses

-minimal jewelry and accessories

The Vietnamese tend to not dress up, other than when the women where the traditional dress, an Ao Dai, but otherwise in the capitol city of Hanoi, anything seemed to go, though women were a bit more covered than the globalized city of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon). It makes sense to dress down when life revolves around work, drinking coffee, eating and getting around on a motorbike everywhere (literally EVERYWHERE). We hardly saw anyone walking on a mission, the way we do in NYC, probably because it’s too hot. The motorbikes lined the sidewalks to the point where you can hardly walk without bumping into one either parked or moving, and they fill the streets from every angle.

Crossing the street was no easy task in Hanoi, thanks to the packed streets and lack of traffic lights. Somehow it all works, like a school of fish, without any aggression and what seemed to be no accidents. It’s also common to see motorbikes carrying a family of 4 or even what looks like a truck should be carrying.

We took refuge at 6am, before the motorbikes come out for rush hour, and watched the streets crowd with food vendors and elderly practicing Thai Chi around the lake in the city center. It was the zen we needed in a city that makes much of New York look sleepy.


|ABOVE| French Connection top (old) // Vagamundo pants (c/o) // Birkenstock sandals // Hathamade bracelet (c/o) // Urban Outfitters backpack // TOMS sunglasses








|ABOVE| Zara dress // Winter Kate kimono jacket (old, similar online) // Scala hat (similar)

What I Wore + My Plea To Street Style Photographers


photo by Max Kopanygin for Kenton Magazine

top and pant: c/o Dana-Maxx // coat: Chaiken // hat: Albertus Swanepoel // shoes: Lela Rose for Payless // bag: c/o Cambridge Satchel Company // ring: Giles & Brother

I recently wrote about how fashion week had changed quite a bit since my first shows years ago. It’s beyond the prevalence of selfies—though Cara Delvigne even broke news that she took the first selfie video while walking down the runway at at the Giles show this week.

I’m talking about all of the crowds of street style photographers waiting for the perfect shot at Lincoln Center of a stylish show-goer. Sometimes about six of them will bombard one person at once and it can make an ordinary person like me feel like they’re a regular on TMZ. 95% of which, you will never see the photos of. What’s worse is that some of them direct you how to walk and tell you to stop…and wait…and when I count to three…

It’s rather surprising when they act like you’re okay with this and they never introduce themselves or tell you where the images will show up.

Luckily, some photographers have a bit more tact and will introduce themselves, ask if they can take a photo or two, tell you where it’s going, perhaps exchange a business card, capture you in flattering angles/lighting, and better yet, tag you in the images when it comes out (shout out to Statia Grossman for DailyCandy and Max Kopanygin for Kenton Magazine for doing just that).

Don’t get me wrong, I love that street style—posed or not—has become a thing so I can take note of what “regular” gals are wearing for inspiration, but here’s my plea to photographers out there:

Make it organic and always give credit where credit is due. We spend a lot of time to look this stylin’.

xoLiz // Dear Andi


photo by Emily Kammeyer

sweater: Joseph // jacket: Kaylee Tankus // skirt: c/o Dana-Maxx // tights: c/o Hipknoties // booties: c/o United Nude // hat: c/o Tracy Watts // bag: Rebecca Minkoff // ring: vintage

Liz_by_emily_kammeyer_2 Liz_by_emily_kammeyer_3

Liz_by_emily_kammeyer_4   Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 2.25.13 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 9.09.59 PM

3 Stylist Tips on How To Layer Like A Pro


coat and scarf: Zara // vest: vintage from Barney’s // blazer: L.A.M.B. via T.J.Maxx // sweater: Helmut Lang via T.J.Maxx // dress and leggings: c/o Hipknoties // gloves: Ralph Lauren // boots: Dolce Vita // bag: Rebecca Minkoff 

This never-ending cold is really putting a damper on getting dressed in the morning, right? If it were acceptable to leave the house with my plush Restoration Hardware floor-length robe on, I probably wouldn’t take it off after I showered.

The only way to get through the winter looking cute—especially such a brutal one like this one—is by layering.

I’m not just talking about throwing a jacket over a sweater. I’m talking clever styling tricks here people.

From beginner styling like wearing leggings as tights because they’re warmer, to advanced styling like wearing tights UNDER your pants and letting them peek out with heels on, you too can layer like a pro.


STYLIST TIP #1: Layer a blazer under your winter coat. It will add a layer of warmth and polish up your look when you take it off. Plus, it hides nicely under your coat, so no one will know until you take it off.


STYLIST TIP #2: Break out some of those dresses you reserve only for fancy occasions or for warm weather and throw a sweater over them. You may be pleasantly surprised that you created a whole new look out of your closet.


STYLIST TIP #3: If you have a furry or fun winter vest (NOT a down-filled vest) that you normally wear over a top but you can’t seem to fit any of your coats over your outfit without looking like you’re smuggling a person under there, trying wearing the vest OVER your jacket (also NOT a down coat). You may be surprised how good it looks and that people will think that it’s actually a part of your coat!


Throw on your winter accessories and go! Stay warm out there.

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