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Say Goodbye To Dear Andi…



…and say hello to

Dear loyal readers,

After over 3 years, I’ve decided that it’s time to say goodbye to Dear Andi.

The name had quite a bit of meaning to me at the time my blog launched. I was unsure of the direction of my career and I found my mother’s journals with all entries beginning with “Dear Andi” on it, and thought “that’s it!”

But “Dear Andi” was cute. It was an idea. It was something I didn’t think would turn into what it did, when fashion blogs were just on the cusp of becoming a thing. “Dear Andi” has also reached its peak.

And now it’s time for time for the next phase of my blog life; aligning my blog with what I do for a living as a NYC fashion stylist living in Brooklyn. Which brings us to “The Brooklyn Stylist.”

While it’s a new beginning, it’s going to be more or less a natural transition with similar posts like:

-my *realistic* personal style

-my insider look into the fashion industry

-my travels, as well as my stylish life in Brooklyn

-and of course, I’m still here as your personal stylist, answering your style dilemmas.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the future of The Brooklyn Stylist brings and to seeing you over there. (and on social media at my name, @LizTeich).




All Eyes On This New Eyewear + Your Cheatsheet For The Perfect Frames


ON EMILY | head over to Accessories Gal to see what she’s wearing.

ON LIZ |  vintage mens top via Context Clothing // Gap belt // James Jeans (yes, the flare is back!) // Rag & Bone boots // Rebecca Minkoff clutch (similar online) and necklace (c/o) // E.Kammeyer bracelet (c/o) // Chloe +Isabel bracelet (c/o) // etc… bracelet // Stella +Dot bracelet

All glasses by Felix + Iris (c/o)

When it comes to anything new in fashion my good friend Emily and I are the first to want to try it out—or at least know about it (ie. I love the new gaucho pant trend this season, but my dad told me I looked like I belonged on the short bus last time I wore them, so I will continue to admire from afar!).

The new glasses brand called Felix + Iris contacted me with their new eye-wear collection that just launched last week that may revolutionize the classic pair of glasses and I couldn’t wait to be one of the first to try their system out.


I know you’re probably thinking, I’ve seen things like this before, but hear me out; you’re going to find the glasses that were meant for you. You may even fall in love with two pairs.

Here’s why:

-They send you a free at-home try-on “Fit Kit” 4 pairs based on your preferences, coloring, your face shape and even your lifestyle, so they’re completely tailored to you.

-A marker is included in the kit to mark your pupil in the glasses to get an exact measurement for the perfect fit. No more prescription glasses headaches!

-The glasses are beautifully crafted and all stylish, yet classic styles—nothing wild or crazy.

-If you’re not thrilled with what you get, they have a no-questions-asked return policy that allows you to ship your glasses back for free, for a full refund.

-The prices are flat-rate and totally affordable for glasses (no middle man here!).


I usually have trouble finding a good pair of glasses that look good on my oval/long shaped face and with my fair skin and blonde hair, so when I find a pair, I stick with it for a while. My face shape looks best with wider and more angular frames to balance out the long, curved shape of my face. I also told them that Emily has a similar shape face, but more angular so surprisingly some worked better one one of us than the other.


We definitely had fun trying all of the glasses on together and seeing what works best on each other.

felix_and_iris_2 felix_and_iris_3

WAY too much fun.

felix_and_iris_4 felix_and_iris_5

I think these were our favorites on each of us. Head over to Emily’s blog and see what else she chose and check out my top two below and let us know what you think. Which would you choose?


The “Butler” glasses in tortoise?


or the “Morgan” glasses in blue/wine?



STYLIST TIP: balance out your face shape with your glasses by going with the opposite of your face shape.

Ο // Round: Most angular shapes flatter your face. Stay away from round and over-sized glasses, which will make your face appear rounder.

[] // Square: Glasses look great on your face, but avoid anything too boxy or wide, and stick with the complete opposite to work with your shape.

♥ // Heart Shape: You can wear just about any shape, but stay away from the cat eye shape or else it will exaggerate your features.

() // Oval: Lucky you, most shapes work well on your face but anything over-sized and too long or narrow will not work well with your face shape.

Fall Shopping…at Target!


My Altuzarra x Target shipment came 4 days later than scheduled, but it was worth the wait. According to my friend Emily, if you order through Net-A-Porter it comes right away, but I was just happy to get the few items I wanted before they all sold out online on the launch day last Sunday and according to Racked, it was slim pickings here in Brooklyn’s Target, as per usual.

I must say out of all of the Target collaborations, this had the most upscale looking pieces, with well thought out details and nothing too over-the-top recognizable from a block away, making it the best bang for your buck.

I also opted for pieces that weren’t as recognizable as say the “Boom” tops that 3.1 Phillip Lim collection, that way folks around NY and on my shoots don’t ask me if it’s from Target, which I actually had someone as about my REAL 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli *cringe*.

Between what I purchased and hearsay from friends and family, below are the items that seem to be the best you’ll get for less—and hopefully after a few months you won’t have people stopping you to say, did you get that from Target?




Altuzarra x Target top and boots // Aritzia pants // Zara vest (similar) // Goorin hat (similar) // Mansur Gavriel bag // Hathamade necklace // E.Kammeyer wrap bracelet (c/o) // Maison Antonym ring (c/o)

What To Wear When You Don’t Know How Fancy The Occasion


H&M eco collection dress (similar below) // Loeffler Randall heels // Nila Anthony clutch // vintage necklace via Ifinder Antiques // Maison Antonym ring (c/o) // Gorjana rings

The last time I went to a sweet 16, I think I was actually 16, so when I was invited to a cousin’s soiree for just that occasion, I was dumbfounded as to what an adult wears to this sort of event.

I got a phone call from my mother-in-law while I was in the parking lot saying, “I hope you dressed up because I didn’t get the memo and I’m way under-dressed.” It turned out it was fancy like a mini-wedding-style. The girl of the hour wore a white gown and had a court of girls in adorable bridesmaid style dresses.

My motto is always it’s better to be slightly over-dressed than under-dressed, but when in doubt, wear something you can dress up and down. This H&M dress I scored is something I’ve worn all summer to dinner with friends dressed up with heels and then dressed down as a tunic with boots.

Also when in doubt, keep it simple. I know you’ve heard tirelessly about the LBD (little black dress), but there’s a reason why it’s so popular. It’s easy an versatile. Add a clutch, heels and a couple of accessories and you’re good to go. We solved my mother-in-law’s wardrobe woes by taking off her belt, swapping to heels and throwing her scarf over her shoulders as a shawl. Insta-fancy!



dear_andi_lbd_3  dear_andi_lbd_5


Find a dress that can be your go-to for dressing up and down:


{TRAVEL DIARY} Why Madison Is The Next Brooklyn + 5 Must-See Things To Do There


John & Jenn jacket via Shopbop’s store, “Bop” // Aritzia tee // Zara jeans // DV Dolce Vita shoes // Mansur Gavriel bag // Ray-Ban sunglasses // Stella & Dot bracelet // all other jewelry by etc…

You may have noticed that I had fellow fashionistas Deja and Emily covering this past NYFW for me for Dear Andi and you may have also noticed a lot of my instagram posts about cheese curd and other notable Mid-Western things.

When I told people I was styling back to back photoshoots for Lands’ End over in Wisconsin for couple of weeks, they seemed to feel sorry for me for leaving the excitement in New York. Little did they know that I was having fun exploring my new home away from home, Madison—filled with history, artisanal food and some of the best shopping around.

Here’s what I found and should give you reason to check out this surprisingly hip and fashionable city:



1. The Farmers Market

Every early Saturday morning, the downtown square gets transformed into possibly the biggest farmers market I’ve ever seen with over 200 vendors surrounding the capitol building. I stocked up on a bag of fresh fruit for the week that beat any produce I’ve found in New York and sampled more cheese curd than I ever imagined. Most of the surrounding restaurants source from these nearby farms and the locals seemed to do all of their grocery shopping here.





2. The Wisconsin State Capitol Building

Modeled after the DC capitol, but 3 feet shorter, it’s a less hectic and beautiful way to take in all of downtown Madison. The interior’s ornate details are well-preserved and you can climb up to the top to observe a 360 view of the city (and pose casually in front of it like I did).



3. Biking/Walking/Running Along The Lakes

It’s not what you picture when you think of Wisconsin, huh? Insanely fit folk exercising along the water, but Madison was filled with some of the most athletic people, including those competing in the Iron Man competition while I was there.

Grab a B-Cycle from the city’s bike sharing program (similar to New York’s Citi Bike) and cruise along the city’s surrounding lakes.




|ABOVE| Iona


|ABOVE| Good Style Shop

4. Shop ‘Til You Drop (or spend all of your earnings)

When I wasn’t spending all of my earnings at the Lands’ End company store in Dodgeville, I had a little spree in Madison—especially at Shopbop‘s brick and mortar location, Bop, where you can score designer clothes that were used on their e-commerce site at a discounted prices. Also not to be missed were Iona, which carried some of my favorite indie designers like K/LLER, Catbird, Raquel Allegra and Timo Weiland, as well as the gorgeous men’s shop, Context, where I wanted everything for me, including a vintage shirt that I ended up buying. Vintage seemed to be prevalent in the shops, but the Good Style Shop seemed to be the one that specialized in it. Even with half of their inventory out for a show the weekend I popped in, it was still packed with good vintage finds.


5. Eat Your Way Through The City

Of my two weeks in this city, I spent most of my time there eating it seemed. You can’t blame me once you check out some of the best restaurants there, which rivaled some of the best in my own foodie neighborhood in Brooklyn. This is perhaps why all of the locals work out so much.

Merchant is my go-to spot (which locals told me is the most “Brooklyn-y” of all there) because you can’t go wrong with any of the food, the half priced bottles of wine on Wednesday nights and those fried cheese curds will win you over if nothing else.

Some of the locals raved that Grampa’s is the best pizza in the Mid-West and I scoffed, being a New Yorker I know my pizza, but they were right. It was better than most in New York even. The spicy pizza with honey is special and my favorite was a make-your-own version topped with truffle oil. Vegan and gluten-free options make this place one of everyone’s favorites.

Sardine (pictured above) was how brunch should be. Overlooking the lake, this fish-centric cuisine was is one of the top restaurants in Madison because of its culinary masterpieces made from locally sourced ingredients and its old school, well designed atmosphere in the raw space of historical Machinery Row.

Graze is like one of those Portlandia sketches where you can find out where every ingredient came from and the menu will direct you to one of the many local farms the restaurant sources from, it’s that local and fresh, down to even the beer menu.

Tornado Room is one of those spots that transforms you to another era as you sip on a martini at the bar (highly recommended) lined with wood paneled walls and cozy nail head adorned leather bar stools. If you’re a carnivore, the steaks are said to be a treat, but the wedge salad and fish dishes are also equally raved about.

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