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My Style Spirit Animal


My personal style tends to reflect my mood and maybe it’s the Gemini in me, but one day goes from downtown New Yorker with a bit of a rock’n’roll vibe, to totally laid back bohemian. The one consistent thing is that I’m a sucker for flowy fabrics that make me feel like I can dance around like Stevie Nicks. Perhaps, she’s my style spirit animal.

There’s something freeing about putting a kimono sleeve on and feeling the movement of the fabric. It just feels more “me” than putting on a tight, body-con top. It’s not for everyone though. I recommend finding your own style spirit animal by emulating an icon’s style that feels the most like you and your inner spirit.

Who (or what) is your style spirit animal?


dear_andi_clothing_spirit_animal_2  dear_andi_clothing_spirit_animal_4 dear_andi_clothing_spirit_animal_5 dear_andi_clothing_spirit_animal_6


Alpinestars cocoon cardigan (c/o) // Cotton Citizen tank (c/o) // Joe’s jeans (c/o) // J.Crew hat (this one direct from the manufacturer, but sold at J.Crew too) // Birkenstock sandals // vintage necklace and bag // Lilla Designs bracelet (c/o) // Maison Antonym double ring

How To Wear White


White isn’t always the easiest color to wear and it tends to have a bad rep. I hear and have been guilty of some of these excuses:

1. It stains easily.

2. It looks terrible on fair skin.

3. It makes me look fat.

4. It looks like a uniform.

5. It’s boring.

It’s all not true and so I found this summer, as I boldly tried a white pant for the first time since, well, spring break in Cancun.

Here’s how I can debunk these myths above:

1. Bleach is your best friend when it comes to wearing white. Dilute it in your washing machine and let the water fill about a 1/4 of the way and THEN add your whites to the wash and wash like normal. Stains are no longer an excuse, especially if you treat them right away.

2. Case in point, above, this is false. Yes, white looks amazing on dark skin because it pops, but if you ground your whites well with accessories and makeup, it won’t wash you out.

3. I honestly avoided wearing white pants because, I always didn’t want to look wider by wearing a light color on bottom. The trick is a monochromatic look of the white on white like this will create longer lines and not draw attention to one section of your body.

4. Fit and again, accessories can help solve this.

5. Clearly it’s not. It’s a great basic pallette to get creative with the rest of your look.

Have fun and let me know how you wear white in the summer.


dear_andi_white_on_white_2 dear_andi_white_on_white_3 dear_andi_white_on_white_4

Alexander Wang top (old) // American Apparel bandeau bra // Siwy jeans // Iro shoes // Karen Walker sunglasses // Nila Anthony clutch // Gypsies & Debutantes bracelet // E.Kammeyer bracelet (c/o) // etc… bracelet // Rebecca Minkoff necklace (c/o)


I’ve Got The Blues


It’s always a bizarre experience when someone shops for me, as I’m always styling others and not used to getting styled myself.

The Blues Jean Bar recently took this challenge and had their personal stylist send me a package of tops, jeans, and accessories tailored to my preferences and based on my personal style, as she could see by this blog.

The result? Dangerous!

Seriously, there was a whole box of goodies to try on sent directly to me including this tee, jeans and sunglasses. It was shopping without leaving home. You keep what you want and only get charged for that, and you send back the rest with a pre-paid shipping label provided. Easy as that.

The best part is that I discovered new brands that I never would have known about like Fidelity Denim, Henry & Belle jeans, and The Elizabeth Chronicles—which I of course love the name of that one!

You can try out The Blues Jean Bar (BJB Express) yourself and if you mention DEAR ANDI, you will get 20% off anything you keep!

dear_andi_blues_jean_bar_2  dear_andi_blues_jean_bar_4 dear_andi_blues_jean_bar_5 dear_andi_blues_jean_bar_6 dear_andi_blues_jean_bar_7


The Elizabeth Chronicles tee c/o The Blues Jean Bar // Fidelity jeans c/o The Blues Jean Bar // Vans sneakers // TOMS sunglasses c/o The Blues Jean Bar // Lilla designs zipper bracelet c/o The Blues Jean Bar // Rebecca Minkoff bag // Gorjana necklace // Rebecca Minkoff necklace (c/o) // custom made necklace by me // Maison Antonym ring (c/o) // Mally lipstick (c/o)

What To Wear To Just About Anything


Like a true New Yorker and possibly thanks to being in the fashion industry, I’m always gravitating towards anything that comes in black. It just feels more like me and it’s just sooooooooo easy. When I’m dressing models all day, the last thing I want to do is wear anything too fussy for myself and black just goes with everything (yes, even navy and brown!).

I ended up grabbing this dress here and another one in black from the Rag & Bone sample sale recently because a little black dress (or LBD) is timeless and can be worn to just about any occasion, so the cost-per-wear makes it more worth the splurge.

For me, it’s important that I can wear something to work and then dress it up, like I did here for an impromptu party.

STYLIST TIP: When searching for the perfect LBD, look for these 3 things…

1. QUALITY. Fabric and construction is key for your dress and it will automatically look more elegant as a result.

2. FIT. Look for darts sewn into the dress or where everything falls. If the fit isn’t perfect, see if your tailor can make it work.

3. DETAILS. Look for unique details that make your LBD different from everyone else’s LBD, like the mesh panel seen here, or maybe it’s an interesting cut or neckline. Whatever it may be, make sure you feel comfortable in it, as that will make or break your look!

dear_andi_black_and_white2 dear_andi_black_and_white3 dear_andi_black_and_white4 dear_andi_black_and_white5

Rag & Bone dress (sample sale…similar here and here) // Iro shoes // Zara bag // Gorjana hanger necklace (c/o) // Chloe + Isabel beaded bracelet (c/o) // Stella & Dot spike bracelet // all other jewelry, custom made by me or vintage // Essie nailpolish


Happy Hour Shopping!

Vagamundo Sale

As you probably know by now, part of what I love about being a stylist is that I get to discover new brands and unique finds get them before everyone else does…and of course, share them with you so you can do the same.

One of my best kept secrets, as you may recall from all of my mentions on the brand is called Vagamundo. My friend Brandy designs and sources from around the world and brings unique pieces back from her travels. She’s in town from her travels (and from her new shop in Chile) this Thursday and we are co-hosting a trunk show together in NYC.

Please join us for Happy Hour, and round out your summer wardrobe with must-have Vagamundo pieces, and perfectly-paired etc… modern vintage jewelry, which is having a MAJOR sale at up to 75% off retail prices!
Hosted by one of my favorite photo studios in NYC:

DUNE STUDIOS @ 121 Varick St

6pm – 9pm
If you can’t make it, shop for Vagamundo online and be sure to check out how some of the pieces can be worn multiple ways, like how I styled them in the lookbook!

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