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Hello Brooklyn!


It’s funny when you try to get someone that lives uptown down to Brooklyn from the day. They may reluctantly trek down to the borough—often kicking and screaming—as though you were dragging them out of the country for a quick trip.

It wasn’t far off from that when I suggested for a cool photoshoot location my graffiti wall backyard, as seen here, to the Upper East Side based photographer, Damon Hall-Booth. He never comes down to my neck of the woods, which happens to be one of the trendiest spots in the world at the moment. (#Humblebrag). Now, after this shoot, he found himself shooting down here a couple of weeks later.

Brooklyn has gotten a bad rep lately for just being full of hipsters and strollers, but there’s really a big fashion scene here, as evident by designers like Alexander Wang and Dior showing their collections here. My ‘hood even now has a Barney’s, Intermix, Rag & Bone and soon to have a J.Crew.

Speaking of mixing hi and lo fashion, it was important to me to feature both local indie designers, big designer names and of course more affordable pieces, as that’s what Brooklyn fashion is all about.

ABOVE | Zara hat, top and skirt, E.Kammeyer bracelet


ABOVE | Deivie top // Marc Jacobs // Vans sunglasses // stylist’s own ribbon


ABOVE | Topshop top // Zara skirt // Urban Ears headphones


ABOVE LEFT | Deivie dress // Zara bag | RIGHT | Deivie top and skirt


ABOVE | Topshop top and jacket // Rosin hat


ABOVE | See By Chloe dress // White Chocolate jacket // stylist’s own necklace


ABOVE | T by Alexander Wang dress // Topshop sweater // ASOS socks // E.Kammeyer earcuff


ABOVE LEFT | Adidas x Topshop jacket // K.Belo swimsuit // Brian Lichtenberg hat |
ABOVE RIGHT | vintage Prada jacket // K.Belo swimsuit // Adidas x Topshop pants // ASOS backpack

PHOTOGRAPHY |  Damon Hall-Booth
STYLING | Liz Teich
HAIR/MAKEUP |  Ashley Rike
MODELS | Maria & Nathalie of Frame

What A Difference Some Paint Makes


When you have a wall that looks like this in the backyard of your home, it’s pretty cool for all of maybe 5 minutes. Then when you live with it for a year and realize that your Brooklyn backyard graffiti probably contributed to why you got a good deal on the apartment. It was great for a fashion shoot I hosted and styled (above), but right after I decided it needed a makeover.


I debated for the past year whether to paint another mural over it, but my trip to New Orleans really inspired me, as well the walls of the East Village restaurant, Edie & The Wolf (above). I wanted a weathered oasis that seemed as though it naturally faded over time.


What a difference some paint makes, right?

Here’s how I did it:

- 1 coat of Benjamin Moore outdoor primer paint

-2 coats of Benjamin Moore in Vintage Vogue with thick rollers and extenders

-2 light coats of the two paints mixed with a textured roller in all different directions. Focus more in the areas that would get weathered the most.



I also painted the back wall with chalkboard paint for a different look to pull in the black of our dining set.

Stay tuned for more of my home improvements as the journey of being a new homeowner continues…

The #SummerSentials


Jonathan Adler sent me this sunny and fun beach tote and asked me what my summer essentials are that I’ll be filling it with.

Here they are:

1 – Obviously a stylish beach towel is necessary. Of course it’s got to look good, but it also has to be big enough to lay out on, as well as soft! I found this one at TJMaxx for way less than most beach towels I’ve seen and it checks off all of my beach towel criteria.

2 – An over-sized floppy hat like this one that Helen Kaminski gave me to rock all summer. I love the dramatic size of it and bold colors that will be sure to get noticed. Bonus: it adds extra sun protection that I need for both my fair hair and skin!

3 – A great mix-and-match two piece courtesy of the vintage Brazilian inspired swimsuit line, K.Belo, will be heavy on rotation this summer. The vibrant colors will match my tote perfectly and the optional straps can be taken off to make it a bandeau, so I don’t get awkward tan lines (not that I get much darker than my usual pale color!).

4 – Every girl needs a pair of inexpensive but stylish sunnies for the beach. I’m not risking my expensive ones to the elements of the sun, sand and travel, so these sunglasses from Vans will protect my eyes and still look cool.

5 – I don’t wear flip-flops anywhere other than the beach or pool, so these are actually my only pair currently and I do live in them in the summer. Havaianas are like the standard of flip-flops and they make ones that don’t make you feel like you’re on spring break.

6 – I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like I don’t smell totally fresh after a few hours at the beach, so I discreetly carry around deodorant in my bag just in case. This deodorant by LaVanila was given to me to try out and I’ve been using this brand ever since. It gives you a pretty vanilla fresh scent and it’s all natural, so you won’t feel bad about reapplying every time you run to the bathroom (as long as your bathroom isn’t the ocean!).

7 – Sugar by Fresh is one of my go-to lip colors for summer because it’s a light lip color, one step beyond chapstick, it’s natural so you won’t be eating chemicals all summer, and it also has SPF15 in it so you won’t come back from the beach with burnt lips…trust me…it’s the WORST!

8 – I avoid using sunblock on my face, as my skin’s extremely sensitive, but I burn quite easily. I love this tinted moisturizer from Jane Iridale for summer because it’s SPF15 and water resistant for 40 minutes! Not to mention, it makes me look flawless at the beach.

9 – For the rest of my body I use Neutroegena Ultra Sheer sunblock. Sunscreen is something I don’t mess around with because of my fair skin and family history of skin cancer. I may not be out tanning all summer, but I’ll have amazing skin (no wrinkles!) thanks to this strong stuff. It also doesn’t make me feel greasy or like Casper, the way some sunscreens do.

10 – Lastly, I never forget to pack a quick snack in case my friends and I are too hungry to wait, like Justin’s Almond Butter packets to nosh on.

Want to come to the beach now? What’s in your #SummerSentials? Leave a comment below or show me and Jonathan Adler on Instagram!


3 Ways To Wear A Tee Unapologetically


I’m a big t-shirt and jeans kind of gal, but I’m not normally a fan of tees with sayings on them. It can come off as cheesy and immature. Sorry to all of those who wear them, but to me, they’re better off as Instagram comments than on your clothes.

At the same time, Milly gave me this tee and I surprisingly couldn’t resist.

I love wearing it to brunch on a Sunday, as I did here when I was in Philly this past weekend, because not only is it a funny statement when you’re trying to wash away the previous night with a large cup of coffee, but it’s just an effortlessly fashionable top. It also happens to be soft and comfy which are bonuses, but can look more chic than your average tee when done right.

Here are my tips to making your tee more fashionista-ready:

1. Dress up your tee with tailored pieces like a blazer, dress pants, or tucked into a skirt.

2. Roll the sleeves for that cool girl look.

3. Give it a messy tuck by tucking in the front and pulling out the sides.

Now you’ll be sayiing, “sorry I’m not sorry,” as you wear your tee to events you wouldn’t have otherwise.

dear_andi_milly_tee2 dear_andi_milly_tee3 dear_andi_milly_tee4 dear_andi_milly_tee5 dear_andi_milly_tee6

Milly tee (c/o) // Zara jacket and bag // Levi’s shorts // Birkenstock sandals // Gorjana rings // E.Kammeyer wrap bracelet (c/o) // etc… bracelet //  Karen Walker sunglasses // Julep nail polish

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