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What To Wear As A Wedding Guest For ALL Weddings This Season



I have a few weddings to go to this summer and need dresses that I can not only wear to the wedding but possibly recycle and wear to another. One is a beachy wedding, so I’m thinking a maxi but I don’t know where to look. Please help!

-Diane, Queens, NY


Dear Diane,

Ah, wedding season. It’s the time where we all scramble to find the perfect dress that you may only wear once…5 times if you’re lucky that people haven’t caught on thanks to social media these days. I’m not sure why we torture ourselves and spend hundreds of dollars on a dress that’s hardly worn but shelling out $200 on jeans that you’ll wear every week seems crazy.

You’re actually not the only one that’s been asking me where to get a dress that’s unique and you’ll want to wear again and again. Of course you all know I love my sample sales and discount stores, but I’m not opposed to shopping online in the comfort of my own home where I can try on the dress in MY lighting with my own shoes and accessories.

I put together some of my favorite dresses this season at all price ranges, but mostly ones that won’t break the bank. You’ll be ready for every kind of wedding with these dresses below and some can cross-over to other categories, so when you dress it up for black tie and dress it down for a beach wedding with your shoes and accessories, it will look less like you’re wearing the same ol’ dress.

You can also shop through my stylist picks on the toolbar above. Consider this your private boutique!



Casual Daytime Wedding Attire

1 - Ann Taylor dress // 2 – Alice and Olivia dress // 3 – Milly dress // 4 – Peter Jensen dress


Wedding On The Beach

1 - Diane Von Furstenburg maxi  // 2 – Cameo dress // 3 – Clover Canyon dress // 4 – Blaque Label dress


What To Wear To A Cocktail Attire Wedding

1 - Lela Rose dress // 2 – Bec and Bridge dress // 3 – Kate Moss x Topshop dress // 4 -  Clover Canyon dress


What To Wear To A Black Tie Wedding

1 – Jenny Yoo gown // 2 – Alice and Olivia gown // 3 - Parker gown  // 4 – BCBG gown

6 Items You’ll Want In Your Closet For Confusing Weather


It’s finally starting to feel like spring around here in NYC—only a couple of months late—so I was so excited to start breaking out the warm weather gear.

At the same time. it felt like I completely forgot how to dress for this season, as we’ve been jumping from freezing winter weather to summer in a flash the past few years. It also doesn’t help that living in a city, I can’t just throw extra clothing in a car. I have to plan for 50 degree mornings, 70 degree afternoons and 60 degree evenings, like case in point with this outfit that took me from morning to evening.

In case you’re struggling with the transition and are like me, the Goldilocks of wardrobe (too hot, too cold), here’s a checklist of items you will need to get through the season until the sweltering heat kicks in:

→ A fitted denim jacket that’s not too long and just the perfect amount of worn in

→ A good pair of ankle boots that can be worn with a dress or shorts

→ A gauzy cotton scarf that is long enough to wrap around a few times

→ Peds (low socks that aren’t noticeable) to wear so it looks like you’re sockless, but your toes will be warm

→ A neutral and well tailored trench or lightweight jacket that matches everything

dear_andi_denim_jacket dear_andi_denim_jacket3 dear_andi_denim_jacket4 dear_andi_denim_jacket5

Mavi jacket (c/o) // Theory dress (similar online) // Rag & Bone boots // vintage Coach bag (similar) // vintage, Stella & Dot and etc… bracelets // Karen Walker sunglasses


Why You Will Be Dressing Like A 90′s Teen This Spring


I recently took inventory of the new items in my closet and was surprised to see that everything in my spring wardrobe looks as though I am reverting back to my childhood.




What’s next?

Pacifier necklaces, swooshy track suits and Hypercolor tees. Just kidding, those better not make a comeback. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, trust me these were all VERY cool back in the day).

I’m already seeing scrunchies, daisy print dresses, and other not so fashionable items returning to the trendy stores. *cringe* Instead Adidas Shell Tops and baseball caps actually look quite chic this time around when worn with minimal and modern pieces.

What do you think of these trends returning and what would you want to see back in style? Leave your comments below!


dear_andi_sporty_sneakers3 dear_andi_sporty_sneakers4


Rag & Bone blazer // James Perse tee (TJMaxx) // Laundry hooded jacket // Sam & Soni pants // Adidas sneakers // Zara hat // Alexander Wang bag (c/o) // Nashelle necklace (c/o) // etc… gold bracelet // E.Kammeyer wrap bracelet

5 Ways How To Wear Overalls (And Still Feel Like An Adult)


I normally live by my stylist sister’s motto of “if I wore the trend the first time around, I probably shouldn’t the second time around!” I felt the same way when I saw that overalls were making a comeback this season.

It brought me back to the days when we emulated the style of TLC and wore them three sizes too big with one strap down and an equally baggy t-shirt probably with some Looney Tunes character on it. What were we thinking?

It also brought me back to my OshKosh-B’gosh days when I had a pink corduroy pair and a doll with the same pair to match. I didn’t want to feel like I was reliving either period of my youth when I saw this trend hitting the streets this spring.

I had these thoughts until Mavi sent me their lookbook and spotted a pair of overalls that actually looked good and made me forget about the first couple of times I wore this trend. How could something that made me cringe look so cute?

dear_andi_mavi_overalls2 dear_andi_mavi_overalls3 dear_andi_mavi_overalls4

photos by Renata

C & C California top // Mavi overalls (c/o) // Alexander Wang bag (c/o) // Tracy Reese shoes (similar) // Zara jacket // Karen Walker sunglasses // Gorjana hanger necklace (c/o) and rings // etc… custom long necklace and bracelets // E.Kammeyer leather bracelet (c/o) // Stella & Dot bracelet

These are 5 ways to wear overalls without feeling like a kid:

1. Look for a slimmer cut with a skinnier leg, which is more flattering.

2. Cuff them and show off a little ankle so they don’t make you appear shorter.

3. Elongate with a little heel.

4. Keep it simple, like with a basic tee.

5. Top it off with a sophisticated blazer or leather jacket

New Work: Lazy Morning At The Milliner


I’ve been meaning to check out the new inn in beautiful Hudson, NY called The Milliner, which the most impressive couple I know, Shannon Greer and Charlotta Janssen recently rennovated from an old milliner factory to a place that I didn’t want to leave. I almost didn’t when Shannon recently asked me to style a shoot up there and I got to trade the city life for the country life for a couple of days with a fun crew. Check out the “Lazy Morning” we shot on a gorgeous day upstate.

140506_lingerie_test_milliner0099 140506_lingerie_test_milliner0203 140506_lingerie_test_milliner0444  140506_lingerie_test_milliner0987 140506_lingerie_test_milliner1394 140506_lingerie_test_milliner1494 140506_lingerie_test_milliner0469 140506_lingerie_test_milliner1674 140506_lingerie_test_milliner1800


All lingerie by CLO // flower crown by me

photography // Shannon Greer

Styling // Liz Teich

Hair & Makeup // Ashley Rike

Models // Amanda Montoya, Brock Gloor, and Dioji the D.O.G.

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