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3 Ways To Have A More Earth-Friendly Wardrobe


Rag & Bone top and boots (via TJMaxx!) // H&M conscious collection pants // Free People vegan reversible tote // Karen Walker sunglasses (via Poshmark)

Happy Earth Day! Hope yours is fashionable and yet green at the same time. If you’re not into the idea of consciously shopping for things that contain soy, bamboo, and hemp, here are 3 ways you can unconsciously be eco-conscious:

1. Buy designs that are made from recycled materials.
Like the pants you see here from H&M’s Conscious Collection, the brand created a line of clothing that’s made from recycled materials. You can even donate your own pieces to be recycled and receive 15% your purchase.

2. Buy vegan-friendly goods.
While it’s tough to be a fashion lover these days and wear totally vegan clothing, there are easy ways you can incorporate these pieces into your wardrobe. This vegan tote from Free People looks and feels just like buttery leather, but you won’t feel guilty wearing it—especially when you see the price.

3. Shop on vintage / resale clothing or clothing swap sites.
When you buy things new, it’s not only hurting your bank account, but also the environment as well when you factor in the amount of waste and often poor factory conditions that goes into making a new garment.Try shopping on sites like SnobSwap, Bib & Tuck, and Poshmark (where I scored these second-hand Karen Walker sunnies for less than what’s in stores now).

dear_andi_earth_day_fashion_2 dear_andi_earth_day_fashion_3 dear_andi_earth_day_fashion_4 dear_andi_earth_day_fashion_5

My Secret Styling Weapon


Rag & Bone jacket and boots // Aritzia pants (similar) // Alexander Wang bag c/o // Stella & Dot spike bracelet

This is not a paid advertisement, nor is this prompted by anyone. I just wanted to share one of my styling secret weapons with you that I’m shocked that often when I share it with people in the industry, they tell me they never knew! Though, I guess anyone that knows me well, knows that this is not so secret.

Okay, ready for it?

It’s shopping at T.J.Maxx and Marshalls.

Yes, really.

I told my assistant the other day that I don’t think I could continue styling if these stores went out of business. It’s the only way that I can make my clients happy by getting more designer looks at prices that are within often tight budgets.

I was styling a video for Marshalls a couple of weeks ago and loved seeing the excitement of people going through the rack and checking out the prices for things they normally pay full price for.

Then, just last week, I managed to style a lookbook for a jewelry line that required a lot of looks with not a lot of money by shopping at these stores. Even the model bought one of the major designer dresses on clearance off of me for only $22! It was slightly too big on her, but I said for that price, it’s totally worth getting a tailor to take it in.

I also managed to score some pieces for myself in the process like the trench and boots you see here for less than half of the original prices! This may be the most dangerous fashion weapon ever.






In Case You Missed It…

Some of you may have slept through the segment that I styled—and added some of my styling tips to the script—as well as modeled in on The Better Show  with one of my favorite discount shopping sites, SnobSwap, this week because it was on in some areas at 5am, 6am and even noon for the non-locals.

Not to worry, you can catch my appearance here and let me know if you would wear these looks and which celeb style is your favorite!

Natural Beauty Gamechangers


One piece of beauty advice I received recently may have changed the way I approach skincare forever.

My celebrity makeup artist friend, Maria Scali, told me that I need to hydrate and moisturize my skin to get rid of a recent bad breakout.


All those years that I spent drying out acne, apparently I was doing it wrong. Doctors, commercials and even magazines all tell you to use these drying products to zap those zits away, but apparently you could be making it worse.

Now my routine involves lots of moisture to balance out the zit “zappers” that can create dryness.

Here are some of my favorites at the moment:



The best toner you can use for a breakout may be in your own kitchen. Lemons have natural antiseptic properties, so they’re great at killing the bacteria on your skin. The only drawback is that they can be pretty harsh on your face.

Mix one part lemon juice and one part rosewater in a small bottle to balance it out. The rosewater calms irritation and redness that the lemon can cause. Lemons can also help rid of excess oil, but rosewater adds moisture back in. Maria warns, getting rid of those natural oils can actually make your skin more prone to clogged pores.


I asked Maria if acne treatments are okay to use then. She said she actually liked anything with salicylic acid in it because it is natural and encourages your skin cells to turnover more rapidly and prevents pores from clogging.

One of my favorite natural skin care lines, Juice Beauty, created this serum that actually hydrates your skin while treating blemishes with salicylic acid. I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks now and my breakout has calmed quite a bit and I’ve never seen my skin this smooth. If you’ve had serum-phobia like I have, this one will change your mind.


Speaking of the serum trend, this one is worth every penny if you’ve been battling acne scarring like I have for quite some time (Maria also recommended, but I was already on it!). It was created with medicinal herbs found in Korea, including a stronger strength of ginseng than can be found on this side of the world. The ginseng increases circulation, so it promotes cell turnover and as a result, the scars fade much more quickly than they would on their own. It’s also a bonus that it adds moisture to your face.

FirstAidBeauty_UltraRepairCream2_600Maria nearly disowned me as a friend when I told her that I was only moisturizing once a day because I was too afraid to clog my pores. She said I was actually clogging them more because my skin was dry. Who knew? She approved this moisturizer that I’ve been using because it is used by patients with eczema, so it should be non-irritating enough for someone like me.




Lastly, you can’t forget about your eyes when talking skincare. It’s the most delicate skin on your face so you can’t use a regular moisturizer. I’ve always used creams on my eyes, but now that I’m on the serum boat, I’m all about eye treatments like the one from Juice Beauty I mentioned recently and this one from Orico London. This eye elixir is so lightweight that it won’t cause any little bumps and it’s all natural so you won’t feel bad about it being near your eyes.

How To Take The Jumpsuit Trend From Day To Night


jumpsuit: Zara // sneakers: DV Dolce Vita // sunglasses: Karen Walker // bag: c/o Alexander Wang // bracelets: etc… // booties: DVF (via TJMaxx) // clutch: Rebecca Minkoff // necklace: c/o Gojana Griffin

Happy tax day! Hopefully you’re getting money back this year, but if you’re like the rest of us, you’re going to need to get the most out of your wardrobe.

That’s where I present to you the most versatile spring trend of the season that you’ll want: The Jumpsuit.

It’s the easiest piece that you can take from day with a pair of slip-on sneakers and a handbag to night with some heels and a clutch.

That’s why it was a must when traveling this weekend. See how I quickly took my travel outfit to a dinner-ready look and try this trend at home.

dear_andi_jumpsuit1 dear_andi_jumpsuit2 dear_andi_jumpsuit3


dear_andi_jumpsuit6 dear_andi_jumpsuit5


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