The New Style Of Jewelry To Covet

gorjana bar necklace

necklace: Gorjana-Griffin

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the fast fashion trendy costume jewelry from shops like Baublebar, Topshop and even J.Crew, but there’s definitely a shift into more delicate and slightly elevated pieces when it comes to jewelry lately, even if you find them at costume jewelry prices.

These are pieces from my favorite indie jewelry designers (you may recognize from previous posts raving about them) that you’re going to invest in this spring and even to wear for years to come.

They may be simple, but they’re anything but boring. Of course, go ahead and layer them up this season.

sophie hugheslariat necklace: Sophie Hughes


k/ller collection

necklace: K/LLER Collection


ring: Maison Antonym


necklaces: Le Mos


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One Thought on “The New Style Of Jewelry To Covet

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I love dainty pieces. One of my favorite designers is right there in Brooklyn … Fay Andrada. Really beautiful mixed metals.

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