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It’s funny that sometimes you don’t even realize it when something has inspired you. I recently styled a photoshoot and it wasn’t until after that I noticed that it had a similar background and muted tone to these images of my mother from probably the 60′s.

Today marks 22 years since the passing of my biggest inspiration, my mother. I feel fortunate to have had such a remarkable person to pass down her genetics, talents and even ideas.

For those of you who haven’t read the “about” section of this blog, you may be wondering why this site is called “Dear Andi” and not “Dear Liz.” It’s because like the advice columnist, Dear Abby—who’s name is actually Pauline Phillips—I have always looked to my experiences and what I have from my mother, “Andi,” for advice on life and especially on style. I’m also lucky to have formed my own experiences to share them with all of you (don’t forget you can always write to me for style advice and possibly be featured here!).

Speaking of inspiration, here’s some Pinterest-worthy images that I’ve been digging lately and maybe will inspire you too:


I discovered this fashion photographer, Shae DeTar, from one of my favorite blogs, The Glamourai and am in love with this unique dreamy painted over photograph style. I may need to paint over all of my styling work now.


As you probably saw from this post, the Gaultier show was to die for and the head pieces have the wheels turning in both mine and my accessories designer friend Emily Kammeyer’s heads.


I can’t get Rag & Bone’s ss14 beauty looks out of my head this season. The simplicity of the orange lip and slick center part somehow seem so fresh against a palette of black, white and pastels.

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 8.21.54 PM

I’ve been coveting this NOLA and Brooklyn based showroom’s wallpaper from Flavor Paper for a while now, but can’t decide on which one I want for what wall in my apartment. Now my favorite local gift shop, By Brooklyn, is selling their throw pillows with the same patterns, so it’s less of a commitment with the same cheeky patterns.

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  1. Anonymous on March 11, 2014 at 6:44 pm said:

    Lovely. Especially the thought about your Mother. Andi!

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