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#FridayFavorites / Ornamental Things


I met Jessica at a Poshmark event a while back and recently she contacted me with her newest venture, selling jewelry for Chloe + Isabel in Brooklyn. We got together at the Barclay’s Center the other day (luckily before the craziness of the VMA’s) to check out her beautiful hand-picked collection from the company.

These mixed metal bangles were one of my favorite pieces of them all. Together, they create a gorgeous trio but they stand alone quite well, going with just about any outfit you put on. Even a friend of mine remarked on their weight. These pieces are surprisingly high quality with beautiful details (even the logos are a design well thought out) at costume jewelry prices. Check out her online shop here and if you want these, contact her directly!


I’ve also been obsessed with these E.Kammeyer wrap bracelets for a while now, as you’ve probably noticed. I just borrowed a bunch of these bracelets for a shoot this week and the designer, Emily, kindly included one for me to keep! She recently added these 18kt gold filled tassels to her collection. I can’t wait to wear this one nearly daily now, knowing that the gold color won’t fade.

I’m also excited to announce that E.Kammeyer is now being sold on one of my favorite online retailers, Open Sky. Check it out.


Speaking of ornamental things, I’m so excited to announce that for those of you that have been following my home decor adventures in my new Brooklyn apartment, this crazy light fixture that came with the place and was hanging over my dining room table is no more!

I fell in love with this chandelier I found at The Klaff’s that’s the perfect combination of industrial Brooklyn and vintage, which is my aesthetic apparently.

I’m sorry to disappoint that I won’t be having a party with the color light show, but not to fret, I still have two more that still need to be replaced. If you or anyone you know may want to be the proud owner of this, please contact me (

The Most Coveted Vintage Tee


The past couple of weeks have been dangerous being a stylist! I’ve been working on photoshoots where the collections have been totally my style and I’ve been shopping for the closest thing to my own style lately.

I had a client this week that asked for great vintage tees for their look book shoot, so I scoured one of my favorite resources in NYC, Buffalo Exchange. I scored some great ones, including this one that I found in the men’s section and ended up buying for myself. Even the male photographer on my shoot yesterday asked if he could buy this one from me and I told him that this was one I couldn’t part with just yet.

It was only fitting that I found this “NeMTV York” tee came in to my life during the same time as this past week’s MTV VMA’s in Brooklyn made us all nostalgic for the days of old school MTV when…dare I say…there were actually music videos (sorry Miley and YouTube).




top: vintage (found at Buffalo Exchange) | shorts and jacket: Lucky Brand | bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim | sunglasses: Ray-Ban | sneakers: Converse | jewelry: c/o E.Kammeyer (now on OpenSky!)

STYLIST TIP: Vintage tees look best and more sophisticated when they’re worn a bit more fitted and polished. Pair with a jacket, statement jewelry and a great handbag for best results. If you found the perfect tee, don’t be afraid to take your hopefully frugal find to the next level by cutting off the sleeves and making it more fitted by tying a knot in the back. If it looks too new, take some coarse sandpaper to the t-shirt for that perfect worn in look. Don’t forget to look out for stains before purchasing and give your “new” shirt a good washing before wearing!

White Wedding Blues…And Reds And Silvers


I went to a wedding of a good friend over the weekend and it happens to be one of 5 weddings I have in a span of 6 months, so I decided I needed to get creative with my wedding attire and reuse one in my closet rotation.

This frock that I scored at T.J.Maxx nearly two years ago was able to resurface with the help of new jewelry and a pop of colored shoes. It almost felt like a totally new look—especially when I was getting stopped in the bathroom about my dress and necklace.



dress and clutch: T.J.Maxx | shoes: Christian Louboutin | all jewelry: c/o Chloe + Isabel

(on Rachel) dress: Shoshana | shoes: J.Crew | bracelet: custom design for Nona E. Rose

STYLIST TIP: Freshen up an old dress or outfit in your closet with new shoes and accessories. No need to spend a lot to create a new look.

Shop for your own statement jewelry to update any of your old wardrobe and make it feel like new. I’m loving everything from this online shop from Brooklyn-based merchandiser that is selling pieces from Chloe + Isabel on her own online boutique.

New Work Alert / Fall Fashion Report







Produced by: Lydia Santangelo

Photographs by: Bob Packert

Wardrobe Stylist: Liz Teich of Anchor Artists

Shot at: Blantyre, Lenox

Hot air balloon provided by: Worthington Ballooning & Berkshire Balloon Excursions

Hair Stylist: Michelle Lee, Salon Eva Michelle

Makeup Artist: Susan Donoghue, Ennis Inc.

Assistant Stylist: Olivia Linville of Anchor Artists

Assistant Producer: Mary Elizabeth Loncich of TESstylist

Photographer’s First Assistant: Buck Squibb

Wardrobe Interns: Constance Smith, Shenai Williams, Kayla Buchs, all of Anchor Artists

Production Intern: Julia Fachetti of TESstylist

Assistant Hair Stylist: Jennifer Ng of Salon Eva Michelle

Models: Carolan Fleer of Click Models, Michelle McHugh of Dynasty Models

I’m so excited to announce that probably my most favorite editorial I ever had the opportunity to work on was finally released online (out on stands this week).

Nevermind the fashion for a second, but can we talk about that hot air balloon—which I got to fly in and then was relieved to be on the ground after the operator announced to “bend our knees and brace for impact”?

Can we also talk about the gorgeous estate that we shot in, where my butler (!!) delivered us Fed Ex slips on a silver platter?

How I had a beautiful cottage just to myself, my assistant and about 6 racks of clothing for a couple of days?

I also have to mention that estate kindly provided all of our meals in the VIP wine cellar. The production assistant and I joked how we should break into singing “Day-O” from the famous scene in “Beetle Juice,” as we all sat around the large dining table among candelabras and giant crystal goblets filled with water.

It’s jobs like these that make me so grateful to have unique experiences while I’m working.

Now back to why you’re here. The fashion! This one for Improper was also one of the largest editorials I’ve styled with about 20 different looks and over 40 different designers/showrooms/shops that I worked with. The fall fashion issue is always the biggest issue of any magazine, so I was prepared with more wardrobe and accessories than you can imagine—and many more looks styled as well. Can you tell we had fun with the mid-century trend that was all over the runways for fall? From the nipped waists, full skirts, and menswear inspired fabrics, I don’t know about you, but this makes me ready for fall!

See what else ended up making the cut here.

#FridayFavorites / Fashionable Things That Aren’t Fashion

New York Fashion Week is just weeks away, so before you get sick of me taking strictly fashion for a while, I thought I’d give y’all a break and talk about some of my favorite fashionable things this week that are not…wait for it…fashion. Enjoy these #FridayFavorites and let me know what you think of them.



This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Ball jar and like a good Brooklynite, I’m celebrating. The company released a vintage style blue edition of these all purpose jars. I just picked up a pack and am using them to carry my iced coffee in the morning and even store nuts and dried fruit. You can get them here from K-Mart for just $10 for a pack of 6… and join me for the next “Secret Cool Things In Brooklyn” meeting. Just kidding. My friend Lindsay swears I attend those.


Speaking of all things cool, I hereby declare the indie song of the summer “Psychic City” by Yacht. This song will make you forget about “Blurred Lines” and that Daft Punk made a comeback this season. I guarantee we will see models strutting down the runway to the Portland-based electro-pop duo,  Yacht at New York Fashion Week coming up. Even Marc Maron just interviewed the founder of this group on his podcast, WTF this week. If you haven’t been listening to these beats yet, I apologize that you will have a bubble pop sound in your head for weeks, but you won’t regret it.


Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 11.21.07 PM

Okay, well I guess this is kind of fashion-y, but I’m excited to share with you that Fohr Card has featured me as one of the select blogs to follow and get inspired by during Fashion Week s/s 2014! For those of you that aren’t familiar with Fohr Card, it’s basically a resume of stats that companies can look up to see a blog’s followers and influence. It’s a powerful tool that’s now being prevalently used in the industry and I’m pretty honored to be in the spotlight on there among some major sites at the moment.

View my Fohr Card here and sign up if you have a blog yourself and if you’re a company in fashion, let me know if you would like to work together!

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