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5 Styling Mistakes You May Be Making

Some of these may be no-brainers to you, but there are too many times I’ve seen these styling mistakes on the streets of the most fashionable city in the world. Here’s some of them:


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1. Not cutting the “x” thread on the vents of your coat or skirt.

I’ve been tempted to cut many of these on strangers in the subway, so I’m surprised how many people keep those threads on their new jacket or skirt. Manufacturers put them in to keep the vents together and in good shape for when they sell them, but they’re meant to be cut.

Just make sure to not cut the seam too! I had a friend cut more than the “x” after I lamented about this peeve of mine and she ended up having to return the coat!


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2. Not cutting off the self-belt threads on your dress or jacket.

Yes really. You don’t need them after they’ve kept the belt with the dress in the store. I cut them on photoshoots or at the very least, tuck them under the belt. It’s even better if you can swap out for a different belt than the matchy-matchy one that comes with it, but if you wish to wear the original belt with it, please do without these loops. (Just make sure you don’t cut actual belt loops!).


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3. Not getting your pants or maxi dress hemmed.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard petite women complain that they can’t find pants in their size because they’re always too long. Even us tall peeps have to get their pants hemmed sometimes. A good hem can make a pant or maxi look more expensive if it’s not dragging on the floor or pooling up around your ankles. If you get jeans hemmed ask them to keep the original hem!


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4. Not wearing a slip.

I know I sound like your grandmother, but really, every women should own at least a nude colored half slip. I keep half and full slips in nude and black in my styling kit as well (I get affordable options from T.J.Maxx and Target).

It would save you from so many of those embarrassing Marilyn Monroe moments when your skirt flies up and you have nothing but a thong on. It also prevents static cling against your tights in the colder months and I recommend wearing one because your skirt/dress may look OK in your mirror, but in another light, it could totally be see-through. Shapewear like Spanx is a great option if you want a little smoothing out while you get the coverage.

DearAndi_hem_above jacket

 image from Gabriele Colangelo on

5. Wearing a jacket that’s shorter than your dress.

Okay, you have about an inch or so that you can get away with this, but you usually want to avoid having your dress much longer than your coat unless you’re wearing a cropped jacket or a puffer coat with an evening dress. Even though the puffer with evening dress look has been pulled off on the runways and in editorials—but I don’t recommend it in real life.

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