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New Work Alert: Style Scout


Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam

Helena Glazer TJMaxx

Helena Glazer of Brooklyn Blonde (with model Jakenna)

Amy Creyer TJMaxx

Amy Creyer of Chicago Street Style

Check out some recent work that I styled for videos for a major company with some major bloggers, who are now some of my favorites that you should follow!

Weekend of Celebrations #Instastyle



  1. dress: Carmen Marc Valvo / earrings and clutch: vintage / shoes: Christian Louboutin
  2. dress: Suno NY (from Eva Gentry) / jewelry: etc… / shoes: gift from Ramshackle Glam

This weekend was filled with celebrations for me, between a good friend’s wedding, celebrating my birthday at my favorite spot in NYC, The Wayland, (a bit early, but everyone is away on my actual birthday), and then Mother’s Day.

With this whirlwind of festivities, I first forgot my camera battery and then there was a huge thunderstorm with a flash flood warning, so the camera gods were not in my favor. These Instagram/selfie shots of my party style are better than nothing!



STYLIST TIP: Never settle with a garment off of the rack. I got great deals on both of these dresses, so it was okay with me that they didn’t fit perfectly—I could make it work. A trusted seamstress that I work with completely reworked the first dress from the inside-out, when no other tailors would touch the delicate design. It cost me $100 and some homemade cookies, but it was a $700 (I spent 1/7 of that!) dress that could have looked cheap if it didn’t fit well. The second dress just needed the shoulders taken up, which cost me $20 and made it fit perfectly. If a dress costs a lot, then make sure that the alterations can be done on existing seams, so they are not going to be a fortune.

Happy Mother’s Day!


“Andi” circa 1960′s and me a bit more recently.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there. Hope you inspire your children as much as my mother, the namesake of this blog, has inspired me. Enjoy today—you deserve it.

Got Gatsbified #Instastyled


On me:

dress: Betsey Johnson (old) / necklace: c/o E.Kammeyer (on sale on for a limited time!) / earrings: c/o Beth Lauren / bracelets and pin: vintage / shoes: Topshop (old)

On Emily:

dress and shoe clip worn as a pin: vintage / headpiece: custom E.Kammeyer

Shoe shot:

vintage on Emily, Topshop on me, Armani on Trevor

I was only able to get photos of my Gatsby transformation last night via iPhone, but I just had to share with you.

As you can tell by yesterday’s post, I’m getting pretty excited for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby to come out today and what better way to get ready for the release than to get all dolled up like Daisy for the World Masquerades Gatsby Spring Ball hosted last night at the trendy venue, Le Baron in Chinatown.

Here are some of my tricks to how I got “Gatsbified”:

- This tutorial thanks to Lauren Conrad and the Beauty Department helped get my long hair to look like a flapper’s.

- Along with that how-to, I probably used about 30 bobby pins in my hair just to keep it in place. Make sure to match your hair color, so if you’re blonde like me, use these pins instead of the traditional ones. Same goes for very dark hair.

- I also used these u-shaped bobby pins—a trick I learned from working with hair stylists on shoots—to keep the up-do actually up.

- The drop waist of my dress made people ask if it was actually vintage. A similar looking dress will help you achieve that 20′s glamour.

- Pile on the pearls and bling.

- Look for art deco inspired jewelry like the E.Kammeyer necklace or Beth Lauren earrings I wore.

- Add a fun headband like this one in your hair to complete the look. I actually used a vintage belt and pinned it into my hair.

Gatsby Style


1.  J.Crew

2. Kenneth Jay Lane

3. Parker

4. Milly

5. French Connection

6. E.Kammeyer

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been anxiously awaiting Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby since it was first announced and after a few delays, it’s finally out in theaters on May 10th.

Whether it’s nods to the 20′s through beaded, fringe, feathers and other Art Deco details, it’s so easy to incorporate the fashion inspired by the movie this season. How are you going to Gatsbify your wardrobe this spring?

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