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Instant Pro


I’ve loved my lovely lifestyle blogger friend Risa of Really Risa‘s photos ever since I first discovered her site. She admitted to me that she didn’t know much too much about photography, but she recently got a 40mm pancake lens for her camera and it makes her look like a pro. Well, I trust her taste, so I had to try it for myself.

Check it out some of the photos I took while wandering around the beautiful and famous Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn for the first time over the weekend.








top: c/o Modern Lux / jacket & jeans: Zara / shoes: Seychelles / sunglasses: Warby Parker / bag: c/o Gentle Fawn / bracelets: c/o Twistband, c/o E.Kammeyer, etc…

style photos by Joshua Boccheciamp, all other photos by me.

STYLIST TIP: A good leather jacket is worth the investment and will last for years. It can instantly make any outfit cooler (while keeping you warmer as we transition seasons), including a cocktail dress in the evening. My favorites always come from Zara, as the prices are reasonable and the quality is stellar. 

Pop Art

MOMA sculpture garden

Anytime my two loves of fashion and art combine, I want in.

I went to the opening day of the Claes Oldenburg show at the MOMA last weekend and while he’s usually known for his sculptural interpretations of every day objects of items like a hamburger and toy gun, the work I appreciated the most were the sculptures of everyday clothing.

Check out my preview below and see how I was subconsciously dressed for the show.



jacket & jeans: Zara, top: James Perse (at Marshall’s), shoes: Converse (at TJMaxx), scarf: Urban Outfitters, belt: Nona E. Rose, bag: Barney’s, earrings: BaubleBar, bracelets: BaubleBar, Hathamade, etc…,  sunglasses: Blue Planet

STYLIST TIP: Love the look of Converse and other casual kicks but hate how your feet feel when you’ve been walking all day in them? I put these in all of my shoes and I can go all day in them!

Claes Oldenburg converse

Claes Oldenburg shoes

Claes Oldenburg sculptures

Claes Oldenburg at the MOMA

Claes Oldenburg: The Street and The Store , Claes Oldenburg: Mouse Museum/Ray Gun Wing at the MOMA Now through August 5, 2013


Spring In Bloom


Yesterday was the first day that it finally felt like spring here in Brooklyn. The trees are starting to bud and the tulips beginning to bloom. People in my neighborhood were peeling off layers and some were even prematurely breaking out the tank tops and sandals. I decided to transition a bit more slowly.

After running some errands like stopping by one of my favorite shops, By Brooklyn to drop off my designs, my good friend Mariel of the DIY/lifestyle blog, “So What’s Bloomin’?” (no pun intended there…maybe in the title of this post) came by to pick up a piece of furniture that doesn’t quite fit in our new place. It was gorgeous out so while the guys were doing the heavy lifting, we decided to play around with the camera and enjoy the weather.


DSC_0261  DSC_0267

top: BDG (similar) / jeans: Free People (similar) / bag: c/o GENTLEFAWN / hat: MINT by Goorin (at Urban Outfitters, similar) / sunglasses: Warby Parker / beaded necklace: c/o Vanessa Mooney / other necklace and bracelets: etc… / boots: Report (at Marshall’s) / lipcolor: c/o By Terry in So Flamenco

photos by Mariel

Let’s Get Physical


Contrast to popular belief, I’m not the most athletic person. Sure, I can do a headstand and chaturanga like it’s no one’s business in yoga, but ask me to run a mile? I would rather eat dirt.

I worked on some athletic wear shoots for clients like Reebok and New Balance recently and was so impressed at how athletic the models are. I was out of breath just chasing the fitness models to make sure their wardrobe looks good while they’re so active (I go through packs of Topstick tape on these shoots!).

While it’s a challenge for me, it’s really a challenge for the models to look good while the creative directors are shouting at them to do 30 more reps. They’re authentically working up a sweat, but somehow they keep cool under the pressure. Take a look at some of the work below…









Reebok mens work out wear Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 10.47.27 AM

New Balance images shot by Conor Doherty

Reebok images on banner images shot by Todd Dionne,

(all styled by me, props on New Balance by Mari Quirk)

3 Things You Should Follow [Shameless Plugs]

1. You should follow the site BKSTYLED. springfashion_spread91

I’m a little biased not only because I live in and love all things Brooklyn and because they featured my jewelry all over their spring fashion shoot like this etc… “Gatsby” necklace made from vintage chandelier pieces (sold at Minerva’s Owl, price upon request at, but this new site it totally on it. There’s so much creativity flowing in this borough and you should check out what’s going on here before it hits the rest of the world soon.


2. You should follow @WearDidYouGo on Twitter and

Mariel of the blog SoWhatsBloomin’ and I have been sending each other pictures of random items of wardrobe that we find lying around while we’re walking around the city or our travels for over a year now, along with funny made up stories of how they got left there.

Eventually this got out of hand and we came up with the Twitter/Instagram account of @weardidyougo so we could share these hilarious clothing missed connections with all of you. Now you can follow these sartorial stories and even come up with your own. Email us at with your own and we will tag you in a post if we like it!


3. You should follow my closet on POSHMARK.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 12.02.28 PM

If you’re not already on Poshmark, you’re going to want to be. I’m selling an overflowing IKEA bag worth of my designer and vintage wardrobe and at ridiculously low prices. Be sure to stay tuned for when I host my own Posh Party on May 2nd!

Be one of the first to join and use the code HXEZC to get $5 credit!


It feels difficult to post about fashion after the tragedy in Boston yesterday, but I suppose the show must go on. As you may know, while my home is in NYC, a piece of my heart is in Boston, as I have many clients there as well. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in one of the greatest cities in the world during this time. You’re a tough city Boston, please stay safe.

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