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How To Wear Your Status Scarf

Dear Andi:
I was gifted a beautiful #Hermes scarf a few years ago and have no idea how to wear it! What are some not so preppy ways to style it?
-@ALabonne in Brooklyn, NY

I’m with you on this. I’m all for showing off that status scarf, but without looking totally preppy.

Check out this QWIKI below that I made for you that may give you some fun ideas on how to wear your scarf. All of the options look great when you layer with a blazer or trench—especially the bow version, which looks so Parisian to me.

If I was gifted a beautiful Hermes scarf, I’d wear it each way, every day! Enjoy.




Stylist Obsessions / April Soderstrom Jewelry


My latest obsession is this eye-catching jewelry line by April Soderstrom. I pulled all of the pieces you see here for an editorial shoot last week and I’m incredibly bummed that they got nixed because they are absolutely stunning. I couldn’t resist sharing them with the world in some way!

April, a former top constant in the Miss Massachusetts pageant, knows exactly how to make designs that will stand out in a crowd. She creates pieces that both beauty queens and ladies who want to be in the spotlight. You can see her love for art and culture reflected in her designs—especially in these unique creations from her spring collection.

The only drawback is I’m not sure how I could pick just one of these gorgeous investment pieces for my wardrobe. Sigh.


Behind The Scenes Qwiki!

Play the Qwiki: Behind The Scenes on Boston Magazine

I can’t show you all of the fun things we shot for Boston Magazine‘s spring fashion shoot until it comes out later this month, but I can share with you a sneak peek of it.

We shot in a gorgeous botanical garden—luckily indoors when it was only about 20 degrees out—so between that and all of the spring merchandise I pulled from designers’ showrooms in NYC and boutiques in Boston, we felt like we were all on location somewhere tropical.

You also get a 2-fer (like a sweater and a button down shirt sewn together) in today’s post because you not only get a first glimpse of this fashion shoot, but you also get to be one of the first to check out QWIKI before they officially launch soon.

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the cool new video app!



#FlashbackFriday – Vintage Bulgari



Bulgari Snake-Bracelet Watch in Yellow Gold with Emeralds And Diamond 

As you already know from this recent post, I’m a big fan anything snake jewelry. The year of the snake is coming up on February 10th for Chinese New Year, so I’ve been on the hunt to sneak in some for an upcoming editorial.

I came across this amazing piece from Bulgari so inquired about it. Sadly, I found out this one is from 1975 and is locked away all the way in Rome in the company’s archives.

Well, at least we can drool over this image for a while…


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