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Fit For A Queen (Good or Evil)

Emily Kammeyer and I trying on crowns from the Virgins Saints & Angels‘ “Once Upon A Time” collection crowns at Selima Optique in NOHO.

 Pieces from the Virgins Saints & Angels’Once Upon A Time” collection launched at Selima Optique in NOHO.

While on my way to see the king of fashion, Marc Jacobs, speak at the 92Y last night, I had the privilege of feeling like a queen for just a moment.

I stopped by the event at Selima Optique, featuring the launch of Virgins Saints & Angels’ fairy-tale-like collection for the new TV series on ABC called Once Upon A Time.”

The collection featured crowns, like the one I was eying like a little girl and ended up trying on in the picture above. They were more playing dress-up for grownups than Miss America.

There were also whimsical statement pieces, where every detail was thought out, like the signature apple you can see on the back of the cuff. Some of my favorite pieces in the collection were the spider themed pendants, which were so creepy, yet so cool.

The designers of VSA achieved their signature Mexican-inspired designs melded together with a dreamy fantasy world that make you feel like it’s okay to play make-believe and dress up like a princess…or an evil queen. Your choice.

What’s Your GIRLS Style?


Torn By Ronny Kobo jumpsuit

Winter Kate kimono jacket

MK Totem bag

Top Shop boots

Serefina bracelet


Black Halo for NM Cusp dress

Gorjana ring

Rebecca Taylor pumps

Coach bag


DV by Dolce Vita Dress

Gap cardigan

Alice + Olivia for Target bike

Bass flats


ASOS dress

Forever 21 belt

J.Crew bracelet

Modcloth bag

Seychelles flats

I think there’s a little of all of these characters in each of us, but for my own personal style I’m somewhere between all of the girls of Girls. Jessa’s free-spirited style mixed with a touch of Marnie’s polished taste is what I strive for in my wardrobe.

What girl are you?

The series returns with Season 2 on Sunday, January 13 at 9 p.m EST.



Blog Love From The City of Sisterly Love

Risa of

Lauren (second on left) of The Style Darling and founder of Philly Fabb

When you think of Philly, you tend to think of cheese-steaks, sports, history, and the city of brotherly love.

Pretty soon, you may add bloggers to that list. One of the biggest blogger success stories comes from Eat.Sleep.Wear.’s Kim, who hailed from Philadelphia as she gained popularity and recently made the move to Brooklyn (yea Brooklyn!).

Now you may be able to add REALLY RISA and THE STYLE DARLING to that list, as they are rising stars in the blogger world in Philly.

The adorable Risa of has real girl style that you’re going to want to take a cue from. She works in PR and definitely dresses the part, but when she’s off-duty, she shares lifestyle tips on recipes, hosting, and travels. Get your Pinterest button ready!

Lauren of is just as glamorous as her name suggests. As a makeup artist by trade, she has an eye for both beauty and fashion. I had the pleasure of attending the IFB conference in September and watch Lauren light up among the makeup and nail brand kiosks, as she received demos and freebies. This is definitely one to follow for tips and style, darling.

Discount For My Friends + Family (That Means YOU)

You may recognize some of this army candy from this past year and as you may know by now, I have a tendency to plug some shameless self-promotion for my jewelry line, etc… , on Dear Andi.

There, I did it again.

Well here’s another one: I just launched a shop on ETSY—finally after years of friends and customers asking me about it.

Now you can reap the benefits from my shameless plug: As a reader of my blog, I’d like to invite you to check out my ETSY launch and receive the friends and family discount by entering the code DAFRIENDSFAM at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase.

Click below and happy shopping!

#FlashbackFriday – Snake Eyes

Image from “Police Detective” circa 1956

Usually when you see those images from the 50′s and 60′s, they almost look like costumes from period shows and films like Mad Men, more than something you’d wear.

I found this image—which I’m tempted to frame—from a crime magazine lying around my apartment from the 50′s (yes, I hord all things vintage) and love that it doesn’t look like the typical images from that era. It’s somewhat rebellious in its style, looking like it could be someone today photographed in black and white.

At a closer look, even that bracelet is something I would wear. I’m currently obsessed with all things snake jewelry, as you can see by the snake necklace that I styled with for this shot. Now you can be obsessed too, as they are everywhere now. Check out the gorgeous snake bracelets below that I hand picked just for you.


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