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Beauty Tips Before NYFW (One Week Away!)


NYFW is just a week away and whether you’re hustling in your heels to shows in Lincoln Center or just trying to get through winter, these tips from makeup artists I’ve worked with are great to have in your beauty routine to get ready.

1 – I’ve been using rose water for years as a natural deodorizer, but I recently discovered it’s amazing role as a toner/pimple healer! I totally broke out during my recent move and this little trick helped zap zits nearly overnight: 1 part rosewater + 1 part lemon juice and mix in spray bottle. Spray onto cotton pads and gently wipe onto face as a toner/mask. Then leave on—if you can tolerate the sting—for 15 minutes. Rinse off the remainder and cleanse face. The lemon juice rids of the bacteria while the rosewater heals and helps reduce redness.

2 – To be honest, I haven’t tried this yet, but I’ve been dying to. Celebrity makeup artist, Maria Scali, told me that the Clarisonic wand/system cleanses your face deeper than you could ever get at home and you will notice a difference. Even a friend of mine told me it works wonders after this little tip. I think I have to finally try this one!

3 – A couple of years ago, I asked a makeup artist on a shoot what he’d recommend for makeup that covered enough for my wedding day, yet won’t make me break out. He tried some by Cle de Peau on my face and I’ve been hooked since. I even bring it with me when I have to get my makeup done. It’s an expensive habit, but it makes sense that celebs are raving about this line, especially this concealer.

4 – My favorite beauty tip ever received was from makeup artist, Allison Brooke. While doing my makeup on a recent “Style Stories” video for Quarterlette, she said that the best way to find the right blush for you is to make sure it looks like the way you do when you get out of the gym or in from the cold. It should be natural. So I ditched my powder blush for this highly acclaimed cheek stain from Tarte (in “Flush” which seems to work on most people) and I’m never looking back…and now I look alive, even when I’m only running on a few hours of sleep.


How To Wear A Stylish Camera Bag

Dear Andi:
Any stylish suggestions for somewhat hefty cameras?
-Anita, blogger of Anita’s Feast, Switzerland

Isn’t that the eternal style dilemma? Trying to find something both stylish, yet functional isn’t always easy.


This bag by Chrome is the most functional of them all and perfect for the traveler type. It’s actually the one I gave as a gift to my hubby that loved to tote around our SLR camera and lenses while we go on adventures near and far. It’s even inspired him to take pictures for this blog because it’s so easy to wear with its cross body back-pack design. There’s even enough room for lunch!



This Jill-e camera bag is spacious enough for your camera and a plethora of lenses. It’s definitely a step up from the boring camera bags you find at the store you bought your camera at. Bonus: It’s reasonably priced for such a good quality bag at TargetOh, and it comes in red too!



I’m loving this camera bag by Epiphanie disguised as a playful chevron messenger bag. It fits more than just your camera and lenses, but doesn’t look like it.


Ona camera bag

If you’re willing to splurge, this Ona camera bag is your best bet. It has the protection for your camera, lenses and even room for your wallet, but it stylishly resembles a vintage Coach satchel.


Purse Blog camera bag

This incredibly cool monogrammed camera bag by Rebecca Minkoff, was featured on Purse Blog over NYFW last September and I’ve been coveting it since seeing among all of the bloggers it was gifted to. So until I’m gifted one (hint hint), I’m going to have to wait like everyone else to get one when it comes out this season so I can finally tote my bulky camera and lens around to all of the events this season!

Check out more of my suggestions below and let me know ( if you have any other fashion conundrums or queries.





1 – I stopped by my new favorite showroom, Red Light PR, in NYC and picked up some pieces for an editorial I’m working on, as well as some swag they gave to both myself, like this Tulle necklace, and for my assistant who loved his new Hoodie Buddie sweatshirt (complete with earbuds!), and even for my hubby, who scored a cool Nooka watch.

2 – It may be fah-reeeeeeeeezing here in NY, but it’s beginning to feel a lot like spring (sigh) in my office while prepping for this magazine’s spring fashion issue.

3 – I already shared with you one of my most favorite housewarming gifts from Mariel of the blog So What’s Bloomin’ and now this one from Mindy, the buyer at By Brooklyn, got me is another one of the most clever gifts. Just when I was stressing over getting all new stamps made for my address, this Paper Source stamper comes with a voucher to make your own online. It even has interchangeable plates if I want to change it for my business.

4 – I was nearly late to a shoot the other day thanks to lacing up these Fiorentini Baker boots (similar online) that look amazing but are not the most fun to put on. Ah, the things we do for fashion.


How To Do A Frame Wall

Whether I’m designing a set on a photoshoot to feel like a well-designed room or just styling my own home, I try to plan out as much beforehand as I can with sketches or even laying out items on a table or floor prior to the final look. It’s kind of like how you may pick out an outfit and throw it all on your bed to see how it looks together. It always help to visualize your ideas.

I’ve only been in my new apartment for a week now, but I’m one of those kind of people that needs to get it all done as soon as possible. This weekend, one of my priorities was hanging up pictures to make it feel more like home.

Now that I own instead of renting my place, every hole needs to be precise and it feels more permanent than before. That’s why when I designed this wall, I took my time planning and measuring.

You can try this easy trick too:

dearandi wall DIY

What you will need:
-picture frames (works best in the same family ie. color/shape/style)
-tape measure
-paper (newsprint is cheap and large enough to measure your bigger frames)
-xacto knife (for more accurate cuts) or scissors
-ruler and board (if using blade)
-painter’s or artist’s tape
-picture hanging nails

pic fram DIY dearandi

Trace each frame on the paper and cut out to the size of the frame.

paper for frames DearAndi

Label each piece of paper with the corresponding image in the frame (ie, my image of Brooklyn was labeled “Brooklyn” so I could remember what it was).

frame DIY dear andi

Put up each piece of paper in a formation that you like with either painter’s tape or artist’s tape (both will not damage the paint on your walls). I left 2″ in height and 3″ wide of spacing between each frame, but you can do it by eye as well. This helps visualize what your wall will look like before you put holes all over your wall and you can keep changing your mind. I left this up overnight to see if I still liked the formation—which clearly I changed my mind.

Frame Wall _dearandi

Finally, you can put up your frames on the wall. I measured the length of the wall and then marked the center, which is where I put the middle frame. Then, I measured the rest of the frames against that one. Be sure to measure for where the hook is on the frame, which may be up to a couple of inches below the top of the frame.

Now you can enjoy your gallery of pictures that you’ve curated and get ready for your friends to enlist you to curate their walls.


#FlashbackFriday / Vintage Vintage


Vogue, January 2007

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I’ve saved nearly every issue of Vogue for the past 6 years from one apartment to the next—and I’ve just unpacked the massive stack in my new place to keep the tradition going (for now at least).

I’m not sure why I can’t let go of them. Perhaps I will actually find the time to sift through them to find new inspiration from old images. Perhaps they will make a great coffee table one day. Whatever it is, I did happen to find this amazing page from exactly 6 years ago of vintage icons from decades past.

One great thing about all of the icons they chose was that their looks are all so timeless, despite the trends of the decade. DVF even looks like she stepped out of the Meatpacking District today.

Maybe we should take note for future generations referring to our style!


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