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Cleaning Out My Closet

1 – I finally am back in NYC after weeks of photoshoots in Boston, so when I got around to unpacking, I said buh-bye to summer.

2 – Break out those brooches this season to add unique touches to your looks. Check out some of my favorite brooch picks below!

3 – My new iron display stand I scored when Free People was getting rid of their old displays (for only $10!)—the perfect solution to store (and see) all of my arm candy.

4 – I finally broke out all of my fall/winter gear and stored all of my summer pieces. Less color, but more cozy!



Instastyle – Kickin’ Back

1 – jacket: Zara, top: AllSaints, jeans: J.Brand, bag: Rebecca Minkoff

2 – booties: DVF (from TJMaxx!)

3 – My favorite restaurant in Boston, Gaslight, in the South End.

4 – My new favorite spot in Boston, The Liberty Hotel, is the old prison turned into a hotel with jail-themed everything…it’s much swankier than it sounds.

Sorry to bore you with all of these images of my “Instaweeks” lately, but I came to Boston for what was supposed to be 2 days and it turned into 3 weeks of back to back photoshoots (5 to be exact!).

I thought you may be missing my “style candy” so I threw some in there, along with my new DVF booties—a TJMaxx score I came across while prepping for a job up here.

I also got to kick back (finally) for a fun night out in Boston for possibly the first night ever between shoots and escaping back to NYC. Boston’s not so bad after all. Though, I don’t think I fit in the scene with my black wardrobe.

You can take the girl out of NYC, but you can’t take the NYC out of the girl!


Instastyle – Reality (NOT Reality TV)

1 – One of my favorite places to shop for props for a home, Ikea

2 – My car was filled to the brim with shopping bags…and that was only day one of three of prepping both wardrobe and props. 

3 – In action at some of the most beautiful homes that I had fun creating scenes in.

4 – Flowers for propping take over my car. (Natural air freshener!)

When most people think of a stylist, they now associate it with the glamorous life of Rachel Zoe. In her reality TV series, The Rachel Zoe Project, she had an entire closet of wardrobe to work with for her clients each season and the biggest stress she encountered was finding the perfect dress for a client for the Oscars.

In reality—not reality TV—us stylists can wear multiple hats. While I have worked with and enjoy styling celebs, the bulk of my work is so much more than that. Each day can be totally different from the next, but when I work on a big advertising job like I did this past week for Keurig (aka, coffee “K-Cups”), there is more craziness to my life than Zoe dealing with Taylor fighting with Brad (you just have to watch the show).

From four wardrobe racks of clothing and a car-full of props, I created scenes for every season and occasion for people drinking coffee.

And no, I don’t have a closet of wardrobe and props in my apartment.


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