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Falling for Nona E. Rose

Nona E. Rose Fall/Winter 2012 collection, styled and photographed by Liz Teich.

I’ve known the designer, Rachel Sax, of Nona E. Rose for nearly 15 years, since we met both studying fashion and art at RISD for a summer…before going to college together and becoming sorority sisters [insert joke here].

I love that I’ve watched her style develop over the years and now she’s become one of the most creative and fashionable people I know. She’s channeled that energy into her work over the years and most recently in her collection of belts—all made in NYC—inspired by vintage designs under the namesake of her stylish grandmothers, Nona E. Rose.

You may be sick of me talking about this line, but I’m a huge fan—and apparently I’m not the only one. Most recently, it got picked up by Henri Bendel and featured in numerous publications and blogs (other than my own!).

I felt so honored when Rachel came to me to not only style, but also photograph her latest collection. We gabbed over coffee while had fun playing with her vintage style, yet fresh pieces.

Lucky you. You can also enjoy the benefits of knowing Rachel and get 20% off on my picks from Nona E. Rose!


Instastyle – Behind The Bridal Scenes

1 – This over-the-top bow design from an indie bridal designer, Firas Yousif, was a show stopper at his fashion show, but sadly did not make it into the Boston Weddings Magazine spring/summer 2013 issue. Stay tuned for the 7 gorgeous gowns that did!

2 – Our talented prop stylist, Kara Butterfield, dreamed about throwing together an impromptu wedding in the studio. Though she said she’d probably opt for something less revealing than this short Marchesa number.

3 – My assistant, Erin Murphy, and I guarded this sapphire beauty with our lives (and an employee from Long’s Jewelers), as it cost around $98,000!

4 – These Christian Louboutin kicks from Neiman Marcus were to die for (or to dye for) maybe for the non-traditional bride.


Featured Favorite

When Marshall’s hired me to style the Ambush Makeover segment on Good Morning America recently, I was fortunate enough to work with the fabulous TV host/stylist/lifestyle expert, Alison Deyette, who of course had amazing taste.

She immediately eyed what I was rocking on my arm candy, the etc… braided watchband bracelet, and not only wore it on camera, but she then featured it on her blog’s “Friday Favorites” this past week.

I feel so honored that someone that’s regarded an expert in the industry with years of experience was loving my own repurposed vintage, as well as eco-friendly designs, that she regarded as “eye-catching.”


Vintage Andi Friday – Bridal Costume

Your favorite stylist, circa 1980′s (can you tell by that makeup?)

I’ve been styling Boston Weddings Magazine all week—and working on it for about a month now actually—and with Halloween approaching, this image of me dressed up as a bride one Halloween is only apropos for this week’s Vintage Andi Friday post.

After working with about 30 bridal gowns and a zillion bridal accessories—some of which costing more than my life—I have to give my mom (a.k.a. “Andi”) kudos for pulling my costume off so well. She purchased a communion dress from a thrift store and probably made my bouquet and veil.

You can’t see the velcro kicks in this picture, but I’m sure they really tied the look together.


Boots To Fall For

Lately I’ve been getting asked quite often what boots do I think are worth investing in for the fall. While I usually say that you can’t go wrong with a high shaft boot from a good quality brand like Frye that will last for years, there are just so many good, affordable ones out there now!

Which boot will you fall for?



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